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Feb. 19th, 2007 12:36 pm
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Some of you might know, some of you might not but... tomorrow is [ profile] ficlette's birthday. As we share far too many fandoms and OTPs together, I've been forced to launch the week of love for her birthday.

Day 1 -

Title: You Can't Always Get What You Want
Pairing: Dom/Evi, Dom/Billy
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 370ish
Warnings: angst
Summary: Dom doesn't know what to think about things. He's satisfied except for that small gnawing hunger in his belly

Dom doesn't know what to think... )
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Author:[ profile] wook77
Pairing and Fandom: RPS: Monaboyd-ish
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 1226
Warnings: mentions of het, angst, overuse of the word cliché, some swearing
Summary: There were times that Dominic Monaghan thought his life was like a movie – a poorly scripted movie filled with shite dialogue and plenty of clichés.
Disclaimer: Not only do I not know any of the people mentioned in this story, I do not own any of the lyrics or clichés mentioned. No offense is meant and no profit is made.
A/N: For the [ profile] 2lineschallenge. Many thanks to [ profile] shanalle for hosting this! Also – many huge thanks to my betas [ profile] why_me_why_not and [ profile] ficlette. Any remaining mistakes are my own.

My two lines were:

this is taking a toll, the way the story unfolds
not the picture perfect movie everyone would've saw

-beyoncé, ring the alarm

There were times in his life… )
As always, I'd love to hear what you think! Concrit welcomed with open arms!
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Seven Sins table for [ profile] 7_deadly_sins_ and my Monaboyd Pairing.

Table )
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In honour of "Fuck Work Friday" - [ profile] anael requested comment porn. As I've not been able to write a decent sex scene in about a month... I wrote something not very porny but here it is anyway.

My first toe-dip into Monaboyd. All concrit will be gracefully accepted.

One last time... this is RPS - Billy Boyd/Dominic Monaghan... I don't know these people and I mean no harm to them with this. It's only my own pervy fantasies and, really, this isn't very pervy anyway.

Quiet moments, like right now... )
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It's RPS Rec Wednesday at [ profile] wendy's journal so go rec any RPS you'd like. I've seen popslash, j2, punkslash and now monaboyd.

Of course, the monaboyd recs were from me and I'm going to post them here as well. These are just a quick look through my bookmarks of what I've read lately and really really enjoyed.

Recs )
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Ok, folks... I couldn't resist.

Today is Billy Boyd's 38th Birthday. In honour of this momentous occasion - I'm giving you a couple of photos.

billeh barefoot )

billeh in his pants )

Happy Birthday, Billeh, even though you'll never see my post... have copious amounts of snoggage and smex with Dommeh and make this wook a happy camper.

I'm off to read porn in honour of his birthday. How are you all celebrating the day that the world was gifted with this sexy Scotsman?
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Ok - promised update about the LOTR Ringers event yesterday...

and so I made an arse of myself )
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I, like everyone else on my flist basically, signed up for [ profile] merry_smutmas but considering that I'm the 95th person to sign up and that there are probably going to be another gadzillion people signing up, I highly doubt I'm going to get picked to participate.

That's ok though cause the next thing I'm signing up for is [ profile] hp_springsmut and one of the valentine's exchanges (probably [ profile] corvidae9's [ profile] hpvalensmut.

I want to write for me for now. Haven't done that since February, really.

I'm writing Monaboyd instead of X-men slash for the Friday Fuckfest or whatever it is that [ profile] anael and her evil enabling cohorts of doom have decided it was but it will probably be posted on Saturday or Sunday. *woe* and fails at deadlines.

Am going to a Ringers event tomorrow. Meeting people for breakfast and then watching all three movies back to back. Found one girl who reads/writes Monaboyd but not on lj (that's changing under my influence) and we shall perv together.

Ok - a real update on my life - I've been going to the gym really steadily for two weeks, watching what I eat, not really cheating or anything (ok, so I had some french fries and a vanilla frosty :P) and how much weight have I lost? NONE! I've GAINED a sodding pound. This is complete bullshit.

This post was generally pointless, wasn't it?
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They say you aren't someone in fandom until you're plaigarised.

I'm not sure if I'm someone now or not... since I've recently been accused of plaigarising.... myself. That's right. MYSELF! ARGH, fuckwit.

Moving right along from that frustrating situation... My life is gone. As in... I've had 2 hours of sleep in the past two nights and the reason for this is all [ profile] why_me_why_not's fault. She recently rec'd a WIP that was monaboyd. (listen to me dropping terms like I've been using them for forever)

Monaboyd= Dominic Monaghan/Billy Boyd. That's right, peeps, RPS. You may now start mocking me as I have mocked so many others for reading RPS. I've been reading it almost straight except for breaks for things like the toilet, that 2 hours of sleep, writing my hd_365 and driving to and from work. (Notice I didn't mention eating breaks cause I haven't really eaten in two days either) Expect a rec list soon.

How's everyone else? Anyone excited about Lumos? Just think... this time next week, [ profile] wildegirl_05 and I will be either watching strippers, getting shitfaced, sitting by a pool or some other such activity. Everyone is welcome to join us, of course.

Still haven't sorted out the sleeping thing yet as [ profile] wildegirl_05 has been sucked into her own RPS world. *pokes*

If you want to meet up with me at Lumos, comment here and I'll give you my mobile in a screened comment or you can email me or whatevah. If you want to stalk me, please to be making sure that you're Dominic Monaghan first, otherwise, I already have more than enough stalkers.

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