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Title: Giving Chase
Fandom: Assassin's Creed (Revelations Compliant)
Pairing: Yusuf/Original Character
Rating: Mature
Wordcount: ~4000
Warnings: Minor Revelations Spoilers
Summary: When Gudada trusted the wrong man in Constantinople, little did he know that he would meet Yusuf Tazim.
A/N: Written for [livejournal.com profile] yuletide for [livejournal.com profile] mjules as a quickie that turned into something more. She asked for Yusuf with a Roma man and I couldn't resist the idea of it. Set pre-Revelations.

Giving Chase )
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In 2011:

I lost Clancy, one of the best dogs you'd ever want to meet.
Cisco had malignant mouth cancer that required $3000 to pay for two surgeries and tons of care.
I still have Cisco.
I still have Nala who is in end-of-life pain management and has reached the "every day with her is a blessing" stage.
I still have Kuka who has thyroid failure.
I had a savings account.
Which I lost because of Cisco's mouth cancer.
I wrote a little. Very little.
Work was awesome before it wasn't and still remains on the not-awesome side though it's getting much much better.
I did my first "solo" termination (as in the only one stating, 'you're fired' rather than standing there and nodding severely).
I read 125 new-to-me books and watched 52 new-to-me movies.
I stopped going to school.

In 2012:

I will be moving into town and out of my mother/sister's house.
I will be quitting Fry's.
I will read at least 50 new-to-me books.
I will watch at least 50 new-to-me movies.
I will actually post my reviews to said books.
I will lose 15 pounds.
I will write an original novel.
I will have more of a social life.
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Some [livejournal.com profile] yuletide recs from me:

Quill from Assassin's Creed. This was my gift and oh man. Srsly. It's so good. It's got a lovely timeline and a wonderful Salai. Leonardo da Vinci is lovely in this. It's so well-written and deserves much more love than it's received.

Anyone else playing Glitch? It's an awesome game and if you're playing, let's be friends...

Fic from Glitch: A Glitch in Time is an evolution of Glitches fic and it's brilliant. So witty and in keeping with the feel of the world.

A Giant Baker's Dozen fleshes out the world of Glitch and the Giants. I loved this so much.

Dead Like Me: Sisters in which George gives Reggie a surprise on her 21st birthday. It's a great fic that shows an awesome grasp on George.

Hollyoaks: Love is a Doing Word with John Paul and Keiron in it. The Keiron is especially lovely. I'd forgotten how much I loved these characters until this fic.

Sons of Anarchy: Passions in His Heart, Reason in his Mind has an AWESOME Juice in it plus an amazing Chibs. It's a great fic from a fandom that deserves more fic.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Logan/Remy) which is my first slash ship and oh man. These fics. The Gambler has an amazing Remy in it. He's so freaking blase and impish. Then there's Low Life which also has an awesome Gambit in it who is completely at his wit's end with himself and his altruism. Love it.

Brent Week's Night Angel Series: Escape from It All is a treat featuring Viridiana Sovari and oh man, the fact that there's fic from this book series is awesome but to have such a great take on Viridiana? <3<3<3xabillion

And leave a comment for the authors, yeah? They worked hard, especially my gifter for Quill. When I saw my name pop up on the pinch hit list, I was all OHNOEZ but this fic, gah, awesome.


Dec. 10th, 2011 11:01 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] slashcast is looking for your fandom new year's resolutions. Instructions at the post on how do it!

Episode 25 is available for download. It's the Holiday One episode where we talk about all sorts of things like Fandom Giving Back, an interview with Astolat about Yuletide and plenty more. Go forth and download.
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I like to do the Fandom Stocking thing so here's mine:

1.) Comment on everything you read/view and like during the holiday fests season, especially. It's a busy time right now and lots of people (me included) are frantically trying to finish shit up. A comment is golden, even if it's on an old piece of fanwork(s). Give a gift and pass it on.
2.) Did you know that $5 will feed 50 dogs at your local shelter? Leave a Donation somewhere for me. Look through your pantry and clean it out to give to the local food bank. Donate to your local animal shelter. Clean out your closets and give to your local homeless shelter. Buy a coat for someone and donate it. Buy blankets and donate them.
3.) Make me a cool icon or fanmix or upload your favorite holiday song and share with me why it's your favorite song. (Darcy the Dragon by Roger Whittaker and Emmanuel by Janis Ian are my favorites)
4.) I won't turn down Amazon.com gift cards. Or Bestbuy.com or Thinkgeek.com
5.) Hold the door for someone. Take an extra moment to say 'thank you' and 'you're welcome' and 'please'. This is one of my biggest pet peeves so you'll be giving me a gift by not being a dick.
6.) Write me a random fic. Or draw me art.
7.) Paid time for my LJ would be lovely.
8.) Give to your local library. They're all hurting for dollars. Even better than giving, check to see what their LGBT section looks like and donate some LGBT books that they can use.
9.) I wouldn't turn down any of the more recent The Editors albums. I need "Papillon", "You Don't Know Love", and "In This Light and On This Evening".
10.) I wouldn't mind some LGBT books either. Say, "Hero", "The Obsidian Man", "Masks Rise of Heroes", "David Inside Out", or "Boy Meets Boy".

Because I'm too lazy to do a new poll - here is my poll for Christmas/Holiday cards from last year. Feel free to sign up for one this year. I love sending them though they'll be cutting it close to get there for Christmas. I have about 60 boxes of cards so help me clean out my stash. I promise I won't show up at your house unless you invite me. EDITED TO ADD: If you don't plan on sending, that's cool! I love sending them so please don't worry about reciprocating! Also, if you're international, I don't much care, I'll send international.

I love getting cards, too, so if you have my address already, please send me one. I missed all the polls due to work. If you wanted to send me one, could you link me to your poll? Danke!
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So a friend of mine has a cat that she loves dearly and it needs some medical care so I thought I'd boost the signal. details are at the blog post that's all about getting Hermione the 9 year old Siamese cross the medical care that she needs. The LJ person that is blessed with Hermione is [livejournal.com profile] paranoidsistah who rocks.

A quick story about her. See, I went to NYC to visit [livejournal.com profile] midnitemaraud_r. [livejournal.com profile] paranoidsistah didn't know me from Adam but she joined up with a bunch of the NYC HPfen to make me feel really really welcome even if she did eat chicken feet at the place we went to eat. We talked comic books and all sorts of things. First time I'd ever met her and she made me feel like a lifelong friend. She volunteered to do a ton of stuff for me when we only ever had that one meeting in common. You don't find friendly amazing people like that every day.

I would donate but, in the past two weeks, I've spent over $2,500 on Cisco for malignant intermediate mouth melanoma treatment (with another 500 bucks of testing bills coming) so I don't have the funds. What I do have is the time to write a few fics. So, if that's an impetus to get you to donate to the Hermione Fund, then leave a prompt here or email me at wook77@livejournal[dot]com with your proof of donation and I'll write a fic for the first five people that comment/email. Size of the fic is dependent on the size of the donation. Hermione needs about five hundred bucks worth of care right now so any little bit helps.

If you'd rather have really really shitty artwork, I'm willing to do stupid artwork for you, too. Keep in mind that I'm a really awful person that can't even make a stick figure look like a stick figure but I'll do it to save a cat.

Normal disclaimers apply - I prefer to write in fandoms that I've written in before with pairings that I've written. I won't write hardcore kinks that I haven't written before unless your donation is amazingly huge. I will write snippets out of fics that I've written before as outtakes/befores/afters.

/signal boost
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Dear Yuletide Gifter Person,

Let me just start with this - I'm really looking forward to what you are going to give me, just like I'm certain you're looking forward to what you're about to get.

It's my first time not requesting Mark Wahlberg-related fandoms. So, um, keep that in mind as you go through the next few bits. FYI: contains spoilers for Assassin's Creed Revelations )


Oct. 18th, 2011 09:51 pm
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Rant ahead.

I love Warrior's Cross by Madeleine Urban and Abigail Roux. I really really do. I love it so much that it is one of the few m/m books I go back and re-read. Often.

However, I don't know that I can read it again after I noticed something in my most recent re-read. spoilerish discussion that includes discussion of puppies and puppy habits )


Oct. 13th, 2011 09:30 pm
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Hey, slashcast! Did you know you can still download it? Plenty of awesomeness on Being Multifandom. Plus, I talked with [livejournal.com profile] tripperfunster and [livejournal.com profile] rubytuesday5681 about their multi-fandom experiences. You can listen to us discuss how we keep up, our craziest fandoms (me? Bible. Dude. Bible. What the hell) and more. Plus, the interview is brilliant with [livejournal.com profile] cjmarlowe is fantastic.

So go forth and download! Then, let us know what you think.
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I think fandom has lost one of its best people. [livejournal.com profile] shouldknobetter was an amazing person who was always witty, funny, supportive, friendly and willing to go WAY beyond the call of duty for everyone he met.

The first time I met him, I was completely shitfaced slightly intoxicated and, within 10 minutes, he was insisting on walking me to my hotel room so I got there safely. We talked about working for non-profits and animal rescue and accounting and everything and anything, every con we went to, we'd meet up for at least lunch somewhere during the convention. We'd talk about other things, more personal things that I'm not going to talk about here, but I'm going to miss those conversations so much.

And now he's gone and I know a lot of people are mourning for him but there are plenty of people that don't know how awesome he is and I think that's a shame. I think that if you had ever gotten a chance to meet George, you would've immediately loved him. He lurked at the edges and he was so quiet that it was almost too easy to overlook him. We'd have a room party and he'd end up on the edges but he was there, a constant and friendly presence.

Others have better stories about him, ones that don't involve a very drunk and loudmouthed bitch named wook but I just wanted to add in my own two cents on the fact that fandom is missing a giant heart that was one of its best.

So, George, I hope you're at the most amazing convention of all time right now and you're looking at us and wondering when the fuck we're going to show up and hang out with you again because you're having an amazing time of it.
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For the fourth year, I'm participating in the Southern Arizona AIDSWalk. If you wanted to donate, please go here. Any little bit helps. This year, your donations are going to support free HIV/AIDS Testing to everyone that comes to the event and wants to be tested in addition to expanding their version of Meals on Wheels for AIDS patients in Southern Arizona.

I'm on the team of one of my friends, Team Ti-To, which is named after her father and a family friend. Her family friend passed from AIDS while her father has been living with HIV since 1997. We're a small team and hoping a few more people from our circle of friends join us so all your support would be appreciated.

This is my first year of not walking with one of my dogs. Unfortunately, my dogs are simply too old to walk 5k. It's going to be weird not having to stop to pick up dog poop and almost get run over.

Anyway, shameless pimp to get you to donate here to help HIV/AIDS patients in Southern Arizona.

And for those in the area - if you were thinking of walking/attending/volunteering, please let me know! I'd love to connect with you!


Sep. 24th, 2011 09:34 pm
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To get back into RPing, I joined an Original Character RP. It's been awesome so far. I highly recommend playing in it. Every person has been extremely friendly and welcoming.

| Rules | FAQ | Application | Cast & Wish List |

More info here )
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Rather than fixating on how stressed and annoyed I am, how about a celebratory post?

DADT has been repealed! WOOHOO! About damned time! Plus, Someone I know just got married. I love that they timed it so that as the repeal went into effect, they were getting married. Couldn't happen to nicer people, as far as I'm concerned. I'm only sad cause I think this means that the person I know is moving to Sierra Vista and I won't see him as much any longer.

Same Sex Couples will be available in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Considering how much I love Star Wars and I love Bioware, this is great news as far as I'm concerned. I'm disappointed that it'll be add-on content but if that add-on content is free, well, that'll be awesome. I'm curious how it'll work if I have the add-on content and someone else doesn't - will they see my same-sex partner and/or acknowledge that relationship? Or can people still have the gay blinders on and not see any same sex relationship? Inquiring minds want to know.

I pre-ordered Assassin's Creed: Revelations, finally. I also pre-ordered Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. I hated the other Elder Scrolls game I played but, I'm voting with my wallet and supporting games that have equality in them.

I was following the #yesGayYA hashtag and reading all the various and sundry. So I bought about 20 books from a list that was put on [livejournal.com profile] cleolinda's post. Lee Wind has a ton of great books listed. I've already made arrangements with the library system here that, when I'm done, they'll be very happy to take the books off my hands and put them into circulation. Can't ask for more than that from the librarians since they're not allowed to buy any new books right now because of budget cuts. They can, however, use donated books. So I'll have to be gentle with them.

Which leads me to my question for all of you - what are your favorite "traditional published" books featuring gay characters? Can be young adult, fantasy, romance, sci-fi, whatever. Just not an e-publisher since I read so many of those already. I ask for any of them because, for as much as I want to see more LGBTQ characters in young adult, I want to see them in regular fiction, too. And in fantasy. And in romances on the shelf, under the "romance" filing rather than the "LGBT" section. So to help with that, I'll continue voting with my wallet and showing publishers that I will buy LGBT books. Lay your recs on me, oh great and wonderful Flist!
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I find dolls creepy. I wish people would lj-cut them or something because, seriously, their dead eyes just staring at you creeps me right the fuck out. Add in when people dress them up and take them out as if they're actual babies? *shudders*

Speaking of LJ-cuts... I defriended a bunch of people lately for sheer insane assholeness.

I hate people who think it's a-ok to blame the victim of rape/domestic violence/etc because they stayed in the situation. Here's a hint, when someone's beating the shit out of you but it's not a choice the victim is making because they don't think they have a choice. So get the fuck off your high horse, you fucking cuntrag doucheface bitches and shut the fuck up about shit you don't know fuckall about. Until you're constantly ducking the punches and listening to a repetitive litany of your faults and how you'll never get out of there and you don't deserve any better, you don't get to talk to me or anyone about how it's their choice so they're complicit in their victimization. I repeat - you don't know fuckall about how it happens and how it feels to be stuck there. Instead, you're just a bunch of misogynistic little speshul snowflake womenhating assholes who happen to be female. And, yeah, maybe a bit of pent-up hostility there.

I also defriended a few people that decided that it's awesome to be into slash but how dare anyone want marriage equality or to have gaybashing as a hate crime. Fuckers. So you think it's hot when two guys/gals go at it but Lord Forbid if they want to be treated as equal humans, eh? And... off the flist.

What is up with the insanity and lack of empathy/sympathy/humanity lately?
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So my problem employee left which is awesome. The best part, though, is she left me with much lulz had. She gave me a card, stating "I'm sorry that you thought I was a bad employee and did not reach your performance requirements. You are really unhappy and I know that you have a hole in your heart and I think that Jesus can fill it. Please visit [list of churches and websites] to help you fill the hole in your heart that you're suffering from." So, lol. Those two sentences were RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER OMG LOL. Obviously, the only reason that she didn't reach my crazy high performance requirements of "let me know where you're at on a project" and "cut checks in a timely manner" was cause I didn't have Jesus filling a hole in my heart.

I bit the bullet and signed up on match.com. I'm certain it will be as lolarious as okcupid for crazy people telling me that they want me to be their sexual slave and service both of the married couple and carry their children. (Yes, I've gotten multiple emails similar to that) Plus, I can only hope that match.com sends me old men in nylon granny panties posing all luridly. (why yes, I've gotten that, too)

I'm writing something that will feature the disclaimer of "I am not responsible for the google image search results should you choose to google the apparatus used in this fic".

I'm rather addicted to this song (link goes to youtube). It was featured on Sons of Anarchy and I love it.

My [livejournal.com profile] ac_bigbang fic was submitted, only a day late, and I've got three awesome pieces of artwork for it. The mod was amazingly laidback and full of helpful communication about deadlines and such. the [livejournal.com profile] biowarebang mod did the same and I really enjoyed participating in both of those fests. I like laidback mods who keep in communication with people. I guess I'm kooky that way. You can find the fic here.

It's really really hard not to judge Republicans by the Tea Party asshats lately. Like, seriously, people? Rick Perry kills a shitload of people and you cheer? He's not only put an innocent man to death based on faulty science but he then fired the investigators and you think that's a reason to cheer? And THEN to cheer about killing someone without insurance cause they're in a coma? Really? You'd kill him? So then you supported Terri Schiavo's husband in his quest to end Terri Schiavo's life, right? You totally supported him on ending a coma patient's life and didn't side with the parents, then, right? UGH. Hypocritical assholes cheering for bullshit things. Awful Christian of them, isn't it?

Until the fandom wank post, I had no idea that Michael Fassbender suffered from domestic violence-itus. I feel sort of gross for finding him attractive, now. Dammit.

Final note - people. Seriously. STOP WITH THE INCREASING YOUR RATING DUE TO "mild homosexuality". That suddenly put a fic to "Teen" to "Mature"?! Oh fuck you. I'm not reading your fic just because of your asshattery. Which pisses me off as it sounded mildly interesting and it's in a fandom that barely ever gets fic.
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Yo! Multi-fandom flist members - I'm looking for people that want to talk about being multi-fandom and what it means to them for [livejournal.com profile] slashcast.

All I'd need from you is:

1.) About an hour of your time
2.) You'd have to have access to Skype
3.) Be willing to go on record and have people listen to your voice.

Comments are screened to this post if you're interested in talking with myself and a few other people about being multi-fandom.

If you aren't willing to go on record, maybe you have someone that's multi-fandom that would be. Feel free to mention this to your multi-fandom flist members, as well.

It'd be more of a chat with multiple people. I'd be willing to send out the list of questions beforehand if that would make you more comfortable with the discussion.
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I've seen quite a few good movies lately and I've enjoyed them but, I don't really have a lot of thinky thoughts as to why I liked them, for the most part.

For example, Captain America, the First Avenger was brilliant and poignant and lovely. Plus, lots of exploding things and muscles and an evil character and bombs and stunts and a kickass chick in it and Tommy Lee Jones. But I don't have deep thoughts over it. I just really liked it. 10 out of 10

For the Bible Tells Me So is a documentary about the Bible and what it has to say about homosexuality. It takes a look at literalists versus those that interpret the Bible. It features families that are very religious and how they cope with having a homosexual child in their midst. It's got commentary from Archbishop Desmond Tutu in addition to Dick Gephardt and others. I really felt for Tonia Poteat, especially. Her family has this weird dichotomy of the "hate the sin, love the sinner". Her father is a self-important asshole, IMHO. It made me think about my own spiritual path and my own views of the Bible and religion. 10 out of 10

Hunger with Michael Fassbender was very good if quite disturbing and deep. I was expecting to think about it afterwards and I definitely got that. It's worth watching. 10 out of 10

Centurion with Michael Fassbender was fairly awesome. Etain was kickass awesome. I didn't expect much out of it as I hadn't read any reviews and I hadn't really cared about the story. I originally started watching for Michael Fassbender so it surprised me that the story captured my attention as much as it did. 10 out of 10

The Ninth Legion was another that I hadn't expected much out of but, since I'd just watched one 9th Legion movie, I thought I'd watch another. It was fairly slashy, had some interesting moments and was fairly decent. I went in with low expectations, mainly because it had Channing Tatum. He's pretty but I don't expect him to act. He did a decent job of it. It's not a movie that will change the world with its plot, acting and script but it was a fun movie to watch. 10 out of 10

Tangled was also fun. I've been watching a lot of movies that are mainly brain candy and this filled that need. I really enjoyed the movie but I don't really have any other thoughts than "bwee, fun" for it. 10 out of 10
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For [livejournal.com profile] womenlovefest and I asked to talk about Isabela from Dragon Age/Dragon Age 2.

Isabela has no pants. Isabela needs no pants, Day 1. (Realistic Relationships)

For those not in the know, Isabela is not only the most kickass chick in Dragon Age/Dragon Age 2, she's also one of the very rare characters of color. She's uninhibited, speaks her mind, unapologetic, feminine, upfront, violent and amazing.

For the first day, I thought I'd link to the vid of her sex scene in Dragon Age 2. Not because it's the sex scene but because it shows a lot of her personality.

(and, in case the embedding doesn't work - here it is.

She's also the hardest person to friend and to romance in the game, IMHO. She's such a strong character that you really have to work for it, whether you're playing as a male or a female. Words don't work and neither do gifts. You have to show her through actions. I found that to be extremely realistic, the most realistic romance in the game (again, IMHO and YMMV).

I get wordy and spoilers for the game )

The rest of the days will be much less wordy and much more squee-filled.
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Yanno, I did this entry of what makes me hit the backbutton really, really fast when it comes to fanfic. I feel like I should do one on professionally published works, as well. For example, referring to one of your main protagonists as "a slice of chocolate cake" because he's a black man. Really? Was that necessary and/or appropriate? The book sounded awful anyway (plus, no excerpt) but that "slice of chocolate cake" was just the icing on the fail cake (yes, bad pun, sorry :().

Interviewing continues for the open position. Recent applicants/interviewees included:

a.) the man telling me that he doesn't waste his time on "that Star Wars crap" (um, dude? You're staring at a picture of Wedge Antilles and you're sitting in an office currently filled with "that Star Wars crap"). He's much smarter than that because he likes chess but only plays against people that have a lower skill level than he does because he hates to lose. He also told us his previous boss was out to get him and constantly setting him up for failure and that he likes to snoop through other people's desks so that he can see what they are and aren't doing.

b.) the lady with the see-through shirt where I could see her bra. No thanks, I really do not need to see that. Plus, she then admitted that her animals are not fixed, that they run around the neighborhood adding to a pet overpopulation problem and then giggling about it. You do know what we do here, right?

c.) The lady who called me up and demanded an interview and then cried on the phone when I told her that she wasn't qualified. Please don't cry. That really makes me uncomfortable. I'm sorry that your years of working on building calculators doesn't qualify you for an accounting position but building them and using them are not the same thing.

d.) The guy who wants to be a wilderness guide, knows how to ride horses in two different styles and just got certified for remote wilderness survival. None of that relates to accounting. Just because you know which bugs to eat (yes, that was on his resume) doesn't mean that you'll be able to accurately determine which accounts to charge expenses to.

Ugh. Hiring. I keep hearing that there are tons of people looking for jobs. Why can't I get qualified AND non-crazy ones. They're either not-crazy and not-qualified or qualified and crazy.

So, interviewing continues, obviously.
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Clancy, you were the best bud a girl could ever ask for. I'll miss you. We all will.

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