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Holy shit, I haven't done a real introduction since 2007 (here though I've obviously edited since then).

As I get new friends from the H50 Friending Meme, I thought I'd update to a new introduction.

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Now tell me about you!
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Welcome new friends *waves*.

As I've gained so many new friends, an introduction to moi )

So I'm going to go with [livejournal.com profile] kaalee's suggestion and split the resolution and make it 50 books and 50 movies. I will be posting reviews as I go. If you have books or movies you think I should check out, feel free to list them here. more about this )
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Hi! I, err, just noticed that I went over the 100 friend mark recently and I, err, didn't notice it.

So, to friends old and new - Welcome! I thought I might give a brief introduction/re-introduction.

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That's a brief overview of me and now for the rest...

Tell me about yourself... anything you think I might be interested in, anything you're proud of, anything that you want the world at large to know.

The offer: I will write a drabble in any of the fandoms listed (caveat: if you want a pairing, it will be restricted to the above listed pairings... sorry) to anyone that has me friended and requests one by May 19th. Reply here by giving me a pairing and either a line that you want included or a prompt. (ie: Carth/Revan at a catina on Tatooine. Canderous with the line "The bigger the gun, the happier I am" included) Please realize that they will be drabbles and unbeta'd.

(err, yes, I am bored at work, why do you ask?)
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First, hello to all my new SW friends from the Star Wars Friending Frenzy. Welcome to my journal.

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