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Terminus :D. I flew home this morning and a;dlfj;dlfjkad;flj oh my god.

Last night, I had a lot to drink. Like alot alot. It was fun and I hope I didn't annoy anyone with my rambling ways but the squee was definitely flowing. I woke up this morning and, well, I'm sort of dumb in the morning so I thought it'd be a good idea to make myself puke so I wouldn't fly with alcohol in the tumbly. This plan failed. Miserably. Instead, all I did was end up feeling queasy and gross. Is this what you guys get when you get hungover? If so... epic fail, body, epic fail. I think I shall consider this my first hangover ever. I ended up taking a taxi to the blue line station and then riding the El in. Once I got to nap on the El, I felt fine :D.

I friended as many people as I could remember and I can only hope that if I forgot you that you:

a.) forgive me for forgetting
b.) friend me anyway so that I can friend you.

ETA: Terminus Friending Meme (omg. what do I put here? I was the loud one that kept drinking all weekend? wait. don't answer that :P)

Also - [livejournal.com profile] autumnlecroix is made of suck and crotch. I've nicknamed her lecrotch and there is a reason for that :P.

[livejournal.com profile] anathema91 and I will be hosting the "Fandom - Claim Your Tits" photo gallery. We took lots of tits and ass shots. Oh yes we did.

I needed a button that said "I am the Deamus Get Together". But I did con beg solicite some Deamus artwork. Oh yeah, no shame for getting the Deamus. I figured everyone else was adding mucho H/D and Snarry art so I had to represent for the Deamus. We need a Deamus get together at Azkatraz.

I want to do a bunch of panels with people. One on RPGs, one on Best Mates and Homoerotic Subtext and adlfk;adf;lj Lots.

At Terminus, I went to a few panels that made me boggle.

The Fandom Wank panel was dry and boring and BLERGH. Too many quotations, not enough knowledge.

The Questionably Queer panel was very interesting. I disagreed with the one presenter that there was an opportunity in the books for Dumbledore to mention that he was gay to Harry but, all in all, very interesting.

I got a major ego check from [livejournal.com profile] accioscar when she looked at me during one of the drabbling rounds and asked "do you write?" Ouch.Burn.

Terminus photos will be trickling in though. I just need to get them uploaded. I was supposed to go in to work but my flight was delayed just EEEEEEENNNNOOOOUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHH that I can skip it. Sweet :D

Better wrap-up to come. For now? Nap.

ETA: Anyone know how I should treat a swollen leg that will not stop swelling? My left leg started swelling on the plane and I've had it elevated since I got home but it still aches and hurts and is swollen liekwhoa. Should I wrap it with an ace bandage or something?
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I know, I know... stop talking about how sick you are. BUT, I went to the doctor's yesterday (actually, I went to the CVS Pharmacy Minute Clinic) and I have to say that it was a great experience. The nurse practicioners (god, I know that's spelled wrong but I can't figure out why) were really sympathetic and caring and lovely. They listened (which is something that hasn't happened at a doctor's office in like a billion years for me) and they focused on making it better and not trying all these stupid new tests or drugs. I was in and out in less than 30 minutes. They walked the prescriptions over to the pharmacy for me and put a rush on them with the nurse saying, "look at that poor girl, let her get some sleep already!" and gestured towards me. I had my meds in 10 minutes and there were 7 prescriptions so all in all, really really impressed. (though not so impressed with almost 100 dollars in copays for medications. The cough suppressant was 30 dollars to me and a 130 to my insurance. What the fuck is in a pill that causes it to be that much money? Liquid gold?)

Best part is that they participate in my insurance and they're treated as a primary care physician and NOT as an urgent care center (even though they keep urgent care hours and policies, like walk on in and get treated) so my copay was only 20 bucks instead of the 50 bucks I was facing. I highly recommend them. Without insurance, my visit would've been 70 bucks. The clinics get a very high YAYES recommendation from me. Would totes see them again.

Turns out that I have - an ear infection, a sinus infection, an upper respiratory infection and pink eye. I'm off of work until January 3rd. Nurse recommended that I eat lots of fruit but not bananas as they have something that will make the pink eye worse or something.

So see? I'm not just whiny for no reason. I have reasons. 4 achy annoying painful reasons. I'd be more than happy with the snuffles if the cough and the pink eye would go away.

Funny scenario last night - I woke up in the middle of the night coughing and choking. Went to take a drink and dumbass me didn't turn on a light. SOOO, I ended up spilling my full glass of water all over me, my pillows, my blankets and my bed. I was laughing and wheezing and coughing and choking and tears were streaming down my face. Maybe you had to be there.

Went to bed early last night as I just don't see the BFD about New Years. It feels just the same today as it did yesterday so why the fuck should I care? The only thing that I care about is that it is now tax preparation season for me and that, my friends, blows monkey chunks. I have to kick it into high gear and get all sorts of crap done for vendors and employees. *blech*

I did end up writing one thing, now to find a couple of hours to fix it from the beta comments and get it posted. Considering it's a gift for someone, I really need to get my ass moving.

Did anyone do anything cool for New Years?


Dec. 3rd, 2007 07:02 am
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Before I head in to work (sans shower due to this fic), you all simply must go read the story I received at smutty_claus on journalfen. War Wounds which is Neville/Lavender. OMG, I'm aflail. I requested the pairing on a lark. To be honest, I needed a third pairing in my request and, after scrambling, I thought, huh, well, Neville/Lavender then. This story is post-DH and is simply made of win. The way that the mystery author has characterised Neville and Lavender, the way they deal with their insecurities and the scars (SCAR LICKING, did I mention it had scar licking?) and Neville's sudden-ish popularity, everything about this story is made of win.

They're not perfect in the story, they're real. Neville isn't hung like a horse and Lavender isn't so amazing that she might as well be a Veela. The sex is fumbly first time and it's brilliant, absolutely brilliant because it's hot just the way it is.

There was even a quick cameo mention of Seamus!

This author totally hit all of my favorite kinks (and, dude, I was only expecting like one of them let alone almost all of them). Heck, she/he even hit my secret kink of handholding! This is just absolutely brilliant beyond words and takes me straight into flail mode.

Please go read and tell the mystery author how much you love it!

Dude, I've been getting so lucky on festfics! I'm not sure what I did to deserve all the shiny but whatever it is, I really want to know so I can keep it up. This is, at least, two in a row! Last time was Observances by [livejournal.com profile] acromantular and now this one! I cannot wait to find out who this is so I can shamelessly fangirl them.
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The universe is smiling upon me and I think it's because I got rid of soooooo much crap!

I had the perfect drive in where everyone was being courteous and letting people out into traffic and/or merge into the lane. No one was hopping from lane to lane or anything. I went through 5 construction zones and how many were pains in the ass? NONE!!! *does happy dance*

Thank you to whomever spoke to the universe and asked them for a good day and/or to stop wook from bitching on the flist.

*does happy dance some more*

Then!!! THEN!!! We have two new players at [livejournal.com profile] nothing_goldrpg - A Fleur and a Neville! SCORE!!!! *casually mentions* We still need a Ron and a Peter and a bunch of other characters so feel free to apply!

(I'm seriously bouncing in my chair at work cause it's just THAT good of a day)
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Smutmas assignments just went out and excuse me for this but...


Just too unbelievably wonderful. I had one person I really really really wanted to write for and I got that one person and just OMG YAYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Happy Birthday, Robin!

(and err, *squee*, *giggle*, Thank God, *BWEE*. /cryptic but OMG thank the maker)

(oh and yes, I am at work at 7:30 in the morning on my day off and I've been here for over an hour now but that's ok because the news that caused the squee and giggle make it tolerable because otherwise, I wouldn't have found out this news until really late tonight so I much prefer to find out this morning)

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