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Some [livejournal.com profile] yuletide recs from me:

Quill from Assassin's Creed. This was my gift and oh man. Srsly. It's so good. It's got a lovely timeline and a wonderful Salai. Leonardo da Vinci is lovely in this. It's so well-written and deserves much more love than it's received.

Anyone else playing Glitch? It's an awesome game and if you're playing, let's be friends...

Fic from Glitch: A Glitch in Time is an evolution of Glitches fic and it's brilliant. So witty and in keeping with the feel of the world.

A Giant Baker's Dozen fleshes out the world of Glitch and the Giants. I loved this so much.

Dead Like Me: Sisters in which George gives Reggie a surprise on her 21st birthday. It's a great fic that shows an awesome grasp on George.

Hollyoaks: Love is a Doing Word with John Paul and Keiron in it. The Keiron is especially lovely. I'd forgotten how much I loved these characters until this fic.

Sons of Anarchy: Passions in His Heart, Reason in his Mind has an AWESOME Juice in it plus an amazing Chibs. It's a great fic from a fandom that deserves more fic.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Logan/Remy) which is my first slash ship and oh man. These fics. The Gambler has an amazing Remy in it. He's so freaking blase and impish. Then there's Low Life which also has an awesome Gambit in it who is completely at his wit's end with himself and his altruism. Love it.

Brent Week's Night Angel Series: Escape from It All is a treat featuring Viridiana Sovari and oh man, the fact that there's fic from this book series is awesome but to have such a great take on Viridiana? <3<3<3xabillion

And leave a comment for the authors, yeah? They worked hard, especially my gifter for Quill. When I saw my name pop up on the pinch hit list, I was all OHNOEZ but this fic, gah, awesome.


Dec. 10th, 2011 11:01 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] slashcast is looking for your fandom new year's resolutions. Instructions at the post on how do it!

Episode 25 is available for download. It's the Holiday One episode where we talk about all sorts of things like Fandom Giving Back, an interview with Astolat about Yuletide and plenty more. Go forth and download.


Oct. 13th, 2011 09:30 pm
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Hey, slashcast! Did you know you can still download it? Plenty of awesomeness on Being Multifandom. Plus, I talked with [livejournal.com profile] tripperfunster and [livejournal.com profile] rubytuesday5681 about their multi-fandom experiences. You can listen to us discuss how we keep up, our craziest fandoms (me? Bible. Dude. Bible. What the hell) and more. Plus, the interview is brilliant with [livejournal.com profile] cjmarlowe is fantastic.

So go forth and download! Then, let us know what you think.
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For the fourth year, I'm participating in the Southern Arizona AIDSWalk. If you wanted to donate, please go here. Any little bit helps. This year, your donations are going to support free HIV/AIDS Testing to everyone that comes to the event and wants to be tested in addition to expanding their version of Meals on Wheels for AIDS patients in Southern Arizona.

I'm on the team of one of my friends, Team Ti-To, which is named after her father and a family friend. Her family friend passed from AIDS while her father has been living with HIV since 1997. We're a small team and hoping a few more people from our circle of friends join us so all your support would be appreciated.

This is my first year of not walking with one of my dogs. Unfortunately, my dogs are simply too old to walk 5k. It's going to be weird not having to stop to pick up dog poop and almost get run over.

Anyway, shameless pimp to get you to donate here to help HIV/AIDS patients in Southern Arizona.

And for those in the area - if you were thinking of walking/attending/volunteering, please let me know! I'd love to connect with you!


Sep. 24th, 2011 09:34 pm
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To get back into RPing, I joined an Original Character RP. It's been awesome so far. I highly recommend playing in it. Every person has been extremely friendly and welcoming.

| Rules | FAQ | Application | Cast & Wish List |

More info here )
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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] emmagrant01 at Announcement! :-D

Woohoo! Wait until you see what's coming :D
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You have until March 26thETA:Looks like I got the date wrong. You have until March 30th[/eta] to get your bids in at [livejournal.com profile] help_japan.

Here are my offerings:

Star Trek Cross Stitch 1 and Star Trek Cross Stitch 2. Any pairing of cute little Star Trek guys accepted from TOS, TNG and/or AOS. This means that if you really want TOS!Mirror!Spock with 2009/Reboot!Kirk, you can have it.

Care package from Arizona.

Postcards for a year. If anyone on my flist wins this auction and/or anyone mentions to me that they saw my offer, I will make these postcards into an epistolary fic. Only fandoms/pairings I've written before (no snarry).

Fic of at least 1k.

And to boost the signal, my braintwin, [livejournal.com profile] elanorofcastile is offering:

- Wisconsin gift box
- HTML betaing
- Local Wisconsin wine selection

Help Japan

Mar. 13th, 2011 04:07 pm
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I've just completed my listings for [livejournal.com profile] help_japan. If you are interested they are:

Star Trek Cross Stitch 1 and Star Trek Cross Stitch 2. Any pairing of cute little Star Trek guys accepted. Kirk/Gorn anyone?

Care package from Arizona.

Postcards for a year. If anyone on my flist wins this auction and/or anyone mentions to me that they saw my offer, I will make these postcards into an epistolary fic. Only fandoms/pairings I've written before (no snarry).

Fic of at least 1k.

Also - IDK who gave me paid LJ time anonymously but I love you for it and if you feel like revealing yourself, I'd love to say thanks personally. <3
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I started back at Fry's though I called out on Saturday. There were multiple reasons:

1.) My ankle hurt like a bitch.
2.) On Friday, my ankle was swollen enough that the skin looked about to split.
3.) I'm fucking tired.
4.) Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention.

so I went to the Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention and had an ZOMGAMAZING time. I'm really going to get into the costuming. I went to all sorts of panels on prop development and building along with character development and costuming. I've been writing out what my character would be all about. I think she's going to be a bounty hunter - fairly western in her gear, kick ass with a love of shoes.

It tailors in to a friend's (the one that went with me) character sheet of an airship pirate. We've decided that the story of our airship is a team of bounty hunters that fund themselves, in their "off time" as pirates. We met up with a bunch of Tucsonans that want to do more steampunk stuff so we're thinking of getting an airship team together.

I bought a new corset from an amazing company called "Damsel in this Dress". If you need a corset, I cannot recommend her enough. The entire thing was handsewn by her family members off of one of her designs. It's super amazing and can actually be worn as a vest in addition to a corset, all depending on the tightness of the lacing.

I saw a Steampunk Furry cause, yanno, why just pick one (as someone on twitter said)? I was super creeped by the Furry (because he had a giant schlong, srsly) but then, later on, we saw the person inside the costume walking around without the head on and omg. OH EM GEE. The person was like TWELVE. Had to have been under 18 and walking around with a giant FURRY SCHLONG OH JESUS MY EYES AND BRAIN.

My friend, M, and I are also looking to take leatherworking classes because we fell in love with all the various things that people made out of leather there. The prices were freaking ridiculously crazy, though, so I want to learn how to make my own pieces.

If you like steampunk, have you seen The League of S.T.E.A.M.? They do webisodes of them hunting supernatural creatures. One of them had a steam-powered holy water gun. Another had a "baby electric eel" powered stun gun (all right, the baby eels are a 9volt battery inside but whatever, pretend here ppl).

Finally, I bid on a vid at [livejournal.com profile] help_nz and got an AMAZING video for my small donation. find it here and please tell the vidder how awesome she is. She used You Give Love a Bad Name from Bon Jovi and omg, she timed everything so freaking well. akd;lfa;sdlfj I LOVE IT!
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Humanity has officially jumped the shark.

embedded video under the cut ) If anyone ever shows up in that, I want photographs.

auction 1 and auction 2 for cross-stitched Star Trek characters for [livejournal.com profile] help_nz. They look cute framed! If someone on my flist wins one of these auctions for over 25 american bucks, I'll toss in a fic* with it. *of pairings/fandoms I've already written with the exclusion of Snarry because I love you, DJ, but I don't love you that much :P

I'm also offering a a care package from Arizona.

Fry's did not go well. My ankle hurts.

I'm going to the wild wild west steampunk con this weekend (at least, Saturday). It should be amazing. Where better to have a steampunk convention than at an authentic wild west filming location that also features the train from in that awful Will Smith movie of the same name?
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Pima County might be on to be the 51st state? wut wut. LOL I love my area. See? Arizona isn't full of crazy asshole Republicans. There's funny Democrats down here!

my thread at [livejournal.com profile] help_nz.

H50 Friending Meme is still going on.

As for me - my older sister was visiting from Philadelphia this past week. We ended up heading to the Tucson Rodeo, which was a blast. She left today. She was surprisingly awesome while here.

I've been doing a lot more public speaking on employee engagement and motivation to a ton of organizations. I have 5 engagements booked in March and four in April. IDK why people find it hard to engage their employees. If you make it fun and you actually, oh IDK, TALK TO YOUR EMPLOYEES, you could probably get them to care more. Two of the engagements in March are for non-profit healthcare places that serve the under-privileged. I don't mind helping them but my advice is so simple that I feel dumb taking up their time for it.

What I really want to know is when did I suddenly become an expert that people are turning to? Like, seriously? When did this happen? How did this happen?

I start back at Fry's on Monday night. I honestly do not know how long working at Fry's will last as I've enjoyed my time away from there so much. I like having more free time. My wallet hates me but my sanity doesn't.

I'm really happy that Kovalev is back with the Pens. Personally, I think he's talented, got mad skills and he's hot. Plus, he did the game winner tonight so who am I to say that he shouldn't be there? I just miss Malkin *sad face*.

I have H50 fic to post tomorrow once I go through it one more time.

I miss my car. I haven't seen Thunder since December 6th and I was supposed to get him back over a week ago. Poor bb is all alone and hurt. (See picture here if you don't know what I'm babbling about...) I miss him so much not just because he's my car but because I'm tired of borrowing my mother's car. I want my own.
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I've signed up for [livejournal.com profile] help_nz here.

They won't be long fic(s) but I'm willing to negotiate depending on how high the bidding goes.

my offering )

Yes - this includes HP. Yes, this includes expansions on anything that I've previously written (including that awful abandoned WIP that shall go unnamed).

You have until Monday night at midnight (I'm assuming EST) to get your bids in.
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Since the last round of prompts didn't strike your fancy, how about some of these?

Holmes/Watson Modern-day Holmes. Modern-day methods, dealing with today's justice system, etc. How is he without the constraints of Victorian etiquette? I will love anyone who does this muchly.

Or how about:

Kirk/McCoy XI: Gangster AU

Or how about:

Chekov/Sulu XI: Let's reverse the fanon cliche - Chekov has to take care of Sulu when something happens to Sulu.

Or how about:

Harry/Draco Both Harry and Draco are Aurors and partners at work. They insult, argue and pretend to hate each other, but are devoted to their job. They make a great team together but it's not the same when they slowly fall in love.


Merlin/Arthur Post-Lady of the Lake. Merlin is still devastated and brokenhearted. Merlin still goes on with his daily routine and asks if Arthur has ever been in love. While Arthur has been interested in Gwen, he knows it can never happen. They talk about the topic of love, what they want, and realize a lot more about each other than they knew. Deep friendship turns into something more. Secrets are revealed. But the heart's desire is finally satisfied.

Claiming Posts will be open from February 12th, 2010 (at 12:01 am EST) until February 17th, 2010 (at 11:59 pm EST).

[Rules/Regulations] [Fandoms: #-C] [Fandoms: D-H] [Fandoms: I-R] [Fandoms: S-Z]
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[livejournal.com profile] slashfest opens for claiming tonight at 12:01am EST! Have you guys popped over to take a look at some of the prompts? There are some really awesome ones. (And none of the below are mine as I believe in pimping other people's prompts)

Por ejemplo:

Star Trek: Bones/Kirk XI: Prohibition era AU: Jimmy Kirk runs booze for the moonshiners from the north Georgia mountains. When a run goes bad, Dr McCoy find him in his practice patching himself up. Smut encouraged but not required.

Or, if that doesn't tickle your fancy:

Star Trek: Kirk/McCoy XI: McCoy's seriously injured on an away mission and Jim is forced to allow the aliens to save Bones' life, but at the cost of his current memories. He won't know who Jim is or even remember anything from before his marriage ended in divorce.

Hey, if Star Trek isn't your thing, there's some really good ones in Sherlock Holmes.

For example, this one has been around since I took over [livejournal.com profile] slashfest over FOUR YEARS AGO

Sherlock Holmes: Holmes/Watson Reminiscing over the memoirs and mementos of a lifetime spent well.

Srsly? That's such an easy, open prompt! Surely there's some creative people on my flist that can fulfill a prompt waiting around for about five years!

But, if you'd rather fulfill a more recent prompt:

Holmes/Watson WWI AU. They are the best of friends (and maybe already lovers) but the war rips them apart. Bonus for internalized homophobia, the horrors of war, family secrets, and love letters (burned, cherished, unsent, discovered by the wrong people, whatever). Character deaths, violence, sex, unrequited love, melodrama, and shamelessly epic romance all okay!

Interested yet?

BEFORE you make your claims, please remember that the due date is May 22nd, 2010 at 11:59PM EST.

Claiming Posts will be open from February 12th, 2010 (at 12:01 am EST) until February 17th, 2010 (at 11:59 pm EST).

[Rules/Regulations] [Fandoms: #-C] [Fandoms: D-H] [Fandoms: I-R] [Fandoms: S-Z]

With over 100 fandoms represented in over 450 prompts (from Bleach to Merlin to Harry Potter to Star Wars to Boondock Saints to Departed to the Bible), I'm fairly certain you can find something to inspire you. Why not pop over and take a look?
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w00t! [livejournal.com profile] slashfest is here for another round!

For those new to my flist, what is [livejournal.com profile] slashfest? Well, let me tell you! It's a request a prompt/claim a prompt fest where slash and femmeslash rule! You don't have to claim to make a request and you don't have to make a request to claim one. I've been the mod of this shebang for way too many years (I think it's been 5?) and omg, I love and adore this fest. So many awesome prompts already there (we have about 360 outstanding prompts from previous rounds) and so many more to come.

You can make up to three requests this weekend! Only caveat is that you can only make one request per pairing. Thus, you cannot make 3 Kirk/McCoy requests but you can request Kirk/McCoy, Harry/Draco and Kirk/Chekov or whatever.

Requests posts will be open from February 5th, 2010 (12:01 am EST) through February 8th, 2010 (11:59 pm EST).

Helpful links:

[Rules/Regulations] [Fandoms: #-C] [Fandoms: D-H] [Fandoms: I-R] [Fandoms: S-Z]

So now's the time to make that request in any fandom for any slash or femmeslash pairing! Don't see a fandom listed? It's cause nothing's been requested in it so don't let that stop you! I'm looking at you Star Trek peeps, especially!

To really get a good idea how this whole thing works - take a look at the Rules/Regulations.

I've got the best helpers in the world standing by to take your requests starting at 12:01am EST TONIGHT!
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Everything I Needed to Know About Life, I Learned From Sesame Street (and Mister Hooper)

Sesame Street's anniversary makes me grin and shake my head and realize that I'm getting old. I grew up on Sesame Street. To really get an understanding of how much Sesame Street, 3-2-1 Contact, Electric Company and Mister Roger's Neighborhood meant to me, I need to explain where I grew up and what little exposure to the outside world I had.

I lived out in the middle of bumfuck. We had 20 acres, most of which went back to woods with deer that would walk around our orchard looking for fruit. We had a garden that was a few acres big and we, for the most part, grew all of our veggies and fruit. We made our own jelly, canned our own tomatoes and I cannot tell you how awesome it was to steam up our own asparagus.

My driveway was half a mile long and we owned a snowplow that broke more often than it worked. We lived in a huge dip in the road and that dip resulted in me, literally, walking uphill both ways to school. In the snow. My walk to the school bus was over a mile long. One year, for Girl Scouts, as part of our environmental awareness campaign, we had to count the cars that drove past a major intersection near our houses at rush hour. I had 3. All day. For sitting at that intersection for 4 hours.

So all this is to say that there's a reason we only got three stations, the local ABC affiliate, the local NBC affiliate and PBS. Cable? HA! We would've had to pay for the poles to go down our street and our driveway!My family and I devoured the PBS because it was either that or movies (rented from the nearest movie rental place that was a 30 minute drive away and was a mom-and-pop store) as far as young children went. We watched everything. 3-2-1 Contact was huge in our house. I learned about electricity and helping others and science. Mister Roger, on the other hand, scared me. It had something to do with the changing the sweaters and the shoes. IDK, my little kid brain was weird. Or, god, Captain Kangaroo. That show ROCKED.

But, by and far, the most popular show in my house was Sesame Street. I remember Gordon, Luis, Maria, Linda, and Bob. I remember signing along with the songs and dancing about as Big Bird and Oscar taught me about caring and sharing. I remember learning a bit of Spanish and that pinball routine where they taught you to count. (and I might still sing it) here is a link and you'll be singing it for hours afterwards. It's addictive.

I remember learning about death when Mister Hooper died (offscreen) of a heart attack. I remember my mum and dad sitting down with my older sister, my older brother and me and talking to us about how sometimes, when people get old, their hearts give out. I remember crying and wondering where Mister Hooper was because who was going to run the store and sell paperclips to Bert if Mister Hooper wasn't there.

I just rewatched it again and, I'm not ashamed to admit, I still teared up and sniffled.
Moar on Mister Hooper and Sesame Street )

What's your favorite episode of Sesame Street? What do you remember from it? What's your favorite muppet?

my favorite are mostly embedded below )
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I rather fail spectacularly as a friend. That being said -

There is a cool auction/donation thingy happening over at [livejournal.com profile] aoifene's LJ to help support Australians in need for the bush-fire recovery. For every $25 bucks you donate to one of the organizations listed, you get earrings. For fifty, you get an amazingly beautiful bracelet.

I'm, obviously, going to strongly urge everyone to donate to any and all animal care organizations out there. I can't force myself to pimp the Red Cross due to their anti-gay men position (coupled with their misappropriation/misspending of funds after Sept 11) but there are plenty of great organizations on the list. Go check it out and if you have the cash to spare, donate and get something in return!

I've not read my flist in about a week other than some journal entries linked to me via email. I've been wrapped up in my own circle of memememememememememe. Mum's still in hospital. Work sucks. Dogs are misbehaving (why yes, I would like to come home and not have to clean up dog pee, thanks muchly). Am starting to fray emotionally. I'm looking at the flist and just, sorry, but it's overwhelming right now.

I've deadlines for shit (and by deadlines, I mean, I'm well past the original deadlines. I've scrapped a 9k work as it just started to suck.

So, um, what's new with all of you?
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I did promise more [livejournal.com profile] slashfest pimping.

[Rules/Regulations] [Fandoms: #-C] [Fandoms: D-H] [Fandoms: I-R] [Fandoms: S-Z]

A few "random" requests -

Harry/Draco They're only casual meetings. Except when they're not. Which is every time. (Find it here)

Dean/Seamus Post Hogwarts. Dean and Seamus wake up together (and naked) after a rough night none of them can remember. They question the people at the party and figure out" what happened, accepting it but... later (maybe months later after they have an established relationship), they find out it was all a joke from the twins. ;) (Find it here)

Bob/Frank Bob goes to see one of Frank's Leathermouth shows and reaps the benefits of post-show, adrenaline-charged, aggressive Frank backstage. Established relationship would also be a plus. (Find it here)

Jared/Jensen Jared gets a tattoo and Jensen gets off on it. OR! Jensen gets a nipple piercing and Jared gets off on it. OR! Both! (Find it here)

James/Sirius Sirius can't fly nearly as well as James can, so James takes him up for a magic carpet broomstick ride. A whole new world, indeed. (Find it here) (also - can I just say that I'd love to see artwork for this prompt? oh man :D:D:D:D)

Go forth and claim and fulfill! You know you want to!
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[livejournal.com profile] slashfest opens tonight! Technically - 12:01 AM EST September 12th, 2008. With a deadline of November 1st, you've got plenty of time to write this AND your holiday exchange fic!

[Rules/Regulations] [Fandoms: #-C] [Fandoms: D-H] [Fandoms: I-R] [Fandoms: S-Z]

There are some absolutely amazing requests out there in soooooo many fandoms.

There's also a metric shittonne of awesome Harry Potter. Don't believe me? Here are some of the ones waiting for you to write them.

The following request has been around since Round III and I don't have any clue why it hasn't been claimed. It's an awesome simple request -

Sirius/Remus Marauder-era pranks, something involving the Map.

I know how much you Snarry folks like AUs... Take a look at this one that just so happens to have been around since before I inherited this comm -

Harry/Snape On the verge of defeat, Voldemort disappears - taking his most trusted servent with him - Severus Snape, lover of one Harry Potter. All efforts to locate Severus have failed. Five years later, Severus is back.

Calling all Harry/Ron peeps -

Harry/Ron Harry realises how many times Ron has actually been there for him, and Ron realises the lengths he will go for Harry. Late-night quidditch practice leads to hot making out on a broom.

The best Harry/Draco request out there cause it's mine and it's looking for a good writer -

Harry/Draco There must always be a Stubby Boardman. When the current Stubby Boardman gets killed (however you wish), he grasps the nearest warm body to pass on the secrets of Stubby Boardman ... that body just happens to be Draco. (ie, sort of like the Dread Pirate Roberts from Princess Bride but Stubby Boardman instead).

Snack! We even have Snack (and yes, I'm looking at you, [livejournal.com profile] themostepotente)!

Snape/Sirius Two years after Voldemort's demise Sirius gets out of the Veil, and has to ask Snape for help for...something. No kinks other than mild BDSM - no non-con, dub-con.

We've got ASS!

Albus Potter/Scorpius Malfoy The boys had a brief romantic relationship in school, but parent(s) (your choice which) objected and sent the one away to another school. Fast forward to five years after graduation and an article in the paper announcing the engagement of one of them to a prominent witch. The other is devastated and tries to stop the wedding from happening. Your choice whether it works out. No Albus, Scorpius, Harry or Draco death, please.

Snupin. Yes. We even have Snupin.

Snape/Lupin Lupin is captured by DEs at Severus' request. Implied previous relationship from the first war a plus, so is dub-con.

To help you go get these requests - Harry Potter Crossover Requests and Harry Potter Requests

So go take a look for your favorite fandom! (and yes - I will be pimping random requests throughout the claiming period so this isn't the last you've heard of me!)
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Resolution Reviews – First Batch for 2008 – 7 movies, 4 books –

Ratatouille )

6 out of 10

The Simpson's Movie )

6 out of 10

Eastern Promises )

5 out of 10

Stardust (movie) )

10 out of 10

Stardust – Neil Gaiman )

10 out of 10

Dragonlance – Dragons of Autumn Twilight (animated movie) )

11 out of 10

Balls of Fury )

9 out of 10

Pirates of the Carribean 3 )

7 out of 10

Plum Lucky – Janet Evanovich )

10 out of 10

Captain's Fury – Jim Butcher )

7 out of 10

Morning Light – Catherine Anderson )

3 out of 10

I'm in the middle of the first book for [livejournal.com profile] fandom_reads so I will probably write my review after the discussion opens there. You have until February 15th to read Persepolis and join the community to get to discuss it with the rest of us. Join before then and you'll get a chance to pick the next book, too! They don't all have to be serious or anything.

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