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I started back at Fry's though I called out on Saturday. There were multiple reasons:

1.) My ankle hurt like a bitch.
2.) On Friday, my ankle was swollen enough that the skin looked about to split.
3.) I'm fucking tired.
4.) Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention.

so I went to the Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention and had an ZOMGAMAZING time. I'm really going to get into the costuming. I went to all sorts of panels on prop development and building along with character development and costuming. I've been writing out what my character would be all about. I think she's going to be a bounty hunter - fairly western in her gear, kick ass with a love of shoes.

It tailors in to a friend's (the one that went with me) character sheet of an airship pirate. We've decided that the story of our airship is a team of bounty hunters that fund themselves, in their "off time" as pirates. We met up with a bunch of Tucsonans that want to do more steampunk stuff so we're thinking of getting an airship team together.

I bought a new corset from an amazing company called "Damsel in this Dress". If you need a corset, I cannot recommend her enough. The entire thing was handsewn by her family members off of one of her designs. It's super amazing and can actually be worn as a vest in addition to a corset, all depending on the tightness of the lacing.

I saw a Steampunk Furry cause, yanno, why just pick one (as someone on twitter said)? I was super creeped by the Furry (because he had a giant schlong, srsly) but then, later on, we saw the person inside the costume walking around without the head on and omg. OH EM GEE. The person was like TWELVE. Had to have been under 18 and walking around with a giant FURRY SCHLONG OH JESUS MY EYES AND BRAIN.

My friend, M, and I are also looking to take leatherworking classes because we fell in love with all the various things that people made out of leather there. The prices were freaking ridiculously crazy, though, so I want to learn how to make my own pieces.

If you like steampunk, have you seen The League of S.T.E.A.M.? They do webisodes of them hunting supernatural creatures. One of them had a steam-powered holy water gun. Another had a "baby electric eel" powered stun gun (all right, the baby eels are a 9volt battery inside but whatever, pretend here ppl).

Finally, I bid on a vid at [livejournal.com profile] help_nz and got an AMAZING video for my small donation. find it here and please tell the vidder how awesome she is. She used You Give Love a Bad Name from Bon Jovi and omg, she timed everything so freaking well. akd;lfa;sdlfj I LOVE IT!
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