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I'm trying not to be overly dramallama-y about this but... at work today, I was almost hit by a car.

As I was walking back from the main location to the secondary location (where my office is), I was walking past all these parked cars when, suddenly, one cranked its engine, slid into reverse and slammed backwards while I was directly behind it, about a foot and a half away from the bumper when it was parked. I leapt backwards and landed wrong on my ankle, sending me plummeting to the ground while the asshole car slammed backwards almost into another car and then sped away. The other car's driver very kindly got out of his car and helped me to stand up but, off to the doctor I go as I think I ripped that overactive tendon as I have extremely sharp pain in my ankle every time I step in the same vicinity.

It happened so fast. The car wasn't even turned on when I started to walk behind it. One and a half steps later and the car was coming at me rather fast (especially as it wasn't even started a step and a half before) and I was jumping backwards and trying to get out of the way.

I limped back to my office, as I felt fine at the time but about halfway there, the pain crept in. So I sat at my desk and cried for a good ten minutes. Came home and had a massive bowl of pretzel ice cream from Blue Bunny. Which, by the by, is rather medicinal as I got rid of most of the want to cry feeling. I'm still shaky and freaking, four hours later.

My hands have all these little cuts from the gravel where I landed, bouncing and skidding across it.

The worst part, though, is that my nephews are visiting this weekend and expecting me to be able to play with them. They've been asking for months if my ankle was all better and if I could please play lightsabers with them. That's what really gets me. I can barely walk right now. How am I supposed to run around after 5 and 7 year olds?

I freaking hate that fucker that made the left in front of me. I really really fucking hate him.
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Pima County might be on to be the 51st state? wut wut. LOL I love my area. See? Arizona isn't full of crazy asshole Republicans. There's funny Democrats down here!

my thread at [livejournal.com profile] help_nz.

H50 Friending Meme is still going on.

As for me - my older sister was visiting from Philadelphia this past week. We ended up heading to the Tucson Rodeo, which was a blast. She left today. She was surprisingly awesome while here.

I've been doing a lot more public speaking on employee engagement and motivation to a ton of organizations. I have 5 engagements booked in March and four in April. IDK why people find it hard to engage their employees. If you make it fun and you actually, oh IDK, TALK TO YOUR EMPLOYEES, you could probably get them to care more. Two of the engagements in March are for non-profit healthcare places that serve the under-privileged. I don't mind helping them but my advice is so simple that I feel dumb taking up their time for it.

What I really want to know is when did I suddenly become an expert that people are turning to? Like, seriously? When did this happen? How did this happen?

I start back at Fry's on Monday night. I honestly do not know how long working at Fry's will last as I've enjoyed my time away from there so much. I like having more free time. My wallet hates me but my sanity doesn't.

I'm really happy that Kovalev is back with the Pens. Personally, I think he's talented, got mad skills and he's hot. Plus, he did the game winner tonight so who am I to say that he shouldn't be there? I just miss Malkin *sad face*.

I have H50 fic to post tomorrow once I go through it one more time.

I miss my car. I haven't seen Thunder since December 6th and I was supposed to get him back over a week ago. Poor bb is all alone and hurt. (See picture here if you don't know what I'm babbling about...) I miss him so much not just because he's my car but because I'm tired of borrowing my mother's car. I want my own.
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Many thanks for your good wishes yesterday, I needed them this morning!

This hearing was regarding the December 5th accident when a driver from a local transport company decided to make an unsafe lane change, cut me off and then slam on his brakes on a green arrow. Considering he was so close to me that I couldn't even see his license plate, there was no way for me to stop and, thus, I hit him, totalling my poor poor Eclipse.

Anyway, so the cop shows up and asks what happens. He spent about a minute talking to me before spending 10 minutes talking to the other officer that showed up about how she was getting off shift in 9 minutes and how she wasn't "doing no damned paperwork". He proceeded to then spend about 15 minutes talking to the other driver, at one point saying "women drivers, what can you do?". (yeah, he went there)

Then he cited me for failure to control my vehicle to avoid an accident. Which, bullshit. So I went to court at the beginning of January to have a hearing to determine if I could have a hearing (yeah, you read that right). It was deemed allowable and today was the hearing. The officer showed up and started waving about his giant cock of doom with a bunch of "in my 25 years of experience" and "statistics point to". So then the judge asked me about my side. I asked for the video tape from the camera at the intersection. Turns out that the cameras have never been turned on and will not be turned on in the foreseeable future.

Anywhhoooo, I told the judge what happened, mentioning that the other driver crossed a giant divider that should've functioned the same as a concrete divider Gandalf-style "YOU SHALL NOT PASS". Judge asked me if I mentioned this to the police officer and I told her that he'd spoken to me for less than a minute before doing the citation. She asked him about the investigation and then, before I could say anything else (ie, BULLSHIT on his investigation. He didn't do ANYTHING he said he did), she said she was ready for her ruling.

Not only did she dismiss the charge but she also cautioned the police officer to do a more thorough investigation in the future before wasting the court's time. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D AND I didn't even have to tell her about his "women drivers" comment! So all charges dropped and my insurance will not go up as this is not a chargeable offense to me as the court officially decided on that. :D

Still, I'll be driving like grandma as soon as I get my car back. I have a feeling, from his infantile reaction to the ending (he slammed his hand against the table and the swiped his papers off the desk before stomping to the door), that he'll be looking for me.

Under the cut is a picture of my poor car :(

Mah Poor Thunderlicious )

And since it's been requested - under this next cut is an x-ray picture of my ankle with the pins in it. Considering I faint at the sight of blood, I have to say that this isn't all that gruesome.

Mah Poor Ankle )

So yeah. Today wasn't a bad day. Plus, it was super productive if just because I wore heels for about an hour and a half today. It was AMAZING even if it hurt eventually.

I just wish it wasn't so cold. My ankle aches so bad with the cold. It topped out at 34 today here in AZ. No thank you.

Who else watched the Penguins game tonight?! Dude. Brett Johnson is my hero! I ♥ him so much. Freaking goalie fight, man. It was literally two hits - Johnson hitting DiPietro and then DiPietro hitting the ground. AHAHAHA AWESOME

ETA: It's already on youtube God I love the age of the internet. I could watch that all night.
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I spent yesterday in a round of awful errands. First up was waking in a panic as my sister's dog fell out of the car and my mum freaked. So, after getting him in the car, again, then dressing, then taking hiim to the vet then bringing him home, I got the joy of the DMV.

I needed to get a salvage title so the insurance would give me the money to fix my car. (remember that, it's important...) So I go to the DMV and the lady behind the counter explains to me that I have to get my car inspected to get the salvage title. To get the inspection, my car has to be fixed. This prompts me to explain that to get my car fixed, I need the salvage title. She didn't get it. So I went through the whole thing - to get my car fixed, I need the salvage title. To get the salvage title, I need an inspection. To get the inspection, I need to get my car fixed. But to get my car fixed, I need the salvage title. She finally gets a clue and, after an hour, finds out that she can override the issue that is causing this whole clusterfuck. The issue? Well, 7 years ago when I registered my car, turns out that someone didn't enter "15" in one of the data entry areas. That's it. That was the entire issue. Salvage title in hand, I then proceeded to make the mistake of asking for an updated driver's license. Back to the end of the line I went and, 1.5 hours later, left the DMV.

Only to journey to the post office where I made my third attempt to mail off my final Cross-stitch for the [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti auction. Turns out that Australian post really doesn't like me. $35.50 later, it's on its way to Australia. Hopefully it makes it there. I also mailed off a package for my sister.

Then I went to the bank where I made a deposit for my sister.

Then I went to the grocery store for my sister.

In there, I also went to the doctor's office and got some scans done. I get home, crawl into a bed for a well-deserved nap to replace the sleep my sister's dog cost me and... my sister wakes me up to "say thanks" for running her errands for her. MOTHERFUCKER. Less than half an hour of a nap. She then couldn't understand why I was pissed off about it. WTF?!

Anyway - tomorrow, I have my court appearance for when I got cited when a dude cut in front of me after making an unsafe lane change and then slammed on his brakes on a green light. (Coincidentally, the accident causing the visit to the DMV)

If all things go correctly, I get my car back in two to three weeks. My luck says that it takes longer than that.
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I've watched more tv in the past two weeks than I have in six years. I'm sort of televisioned out. How do people watch this all the time?!

Anyway, I'm walking sans crutches but with boot. A boot that weighs about a gadzillion pounds. I took my first few steps without the boot today and almost faceplanted but, still, it's coming.

I got the police report regarding my accident and the cop did ZERO investigation. Like, literally, no investigation other than to record our insurance information. Which means that the asshole that made the left in front of me did not get cited. Why the fuck do we have cameras up on every fucking red light if the police NEVER look at them?! What a motherfucker. I hope he gets downsized in the next round of cuts to the police officers here in town. I can't think of a more deserving dickface to get downsized.

Which also means that I have to contact a lawyer as my insurance wants me to assume 50% liability. Well, fuck that sideways, no fucking way. Plus, they're dragging their feet on getting the medical claim STARTED. Yep, you read that right - the medical claim hasn't even been started which means that the $65,000 surgery I had is now up in the air for payment. The ambulance company billed me $1100 for taking me 10 minutes to the hospital. There was a charge of $200 for mileage. WTF. It's seven miles down the road!

Anyway, to step away from ranting, I'm feeling better. Still randomly falling asleep at awkward moments. I feel like a 90 year old man.

I'm working from home so much less vacation time spent for this stupid ankle and chest pains. Plus, I get to watch movies while working. How sweet is that?!

I got a Kindle for Christmas. Now if only I could get wifi to be able to use the thing cause I didn't get the 3G version.

How was everyone else's Christmas?
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My life is a soap opera. On December 5th, I had a minor accident, making my record 10 car accidents not my fault. Basically, some dude attempted a left turn from the straight ahead lane right in front of me. Only, instead of continuing his turn, he stopped dead. On a green light. Fucker. So I dented my hood. Got a call today from the shop that it's been at since that the adjuster FINALLY came out and wants to total my car. I cannot afford to do that. UGH.

But it gets better. I was in a rental since 12/5. However, on Monday night, I had ANOTHER car accident. This one totaled my rental car. I was heading west in the straight-ahead lane when a fucker made a left turn in front of me. I had the rightaway but he decided to tag along on a dude that was cutting it really close. I was going about 45 mph and ended up with a broken right ankle, a broken middle toe on my left foot, major chest pains, bone bruises on all my ribs and my sternum, a torqued right hip, a torqued right knee, a torqued right wrist. My hips are also shredded from the seatbelt.

I need surgery on my ankle, which I find out tomorrow how bad my surgery will be. I will either need a pin, a plate, or a plate AND a pin. I basically broke my tibia where the little stickyout bit on your inner ankle is. I spent 7 hours in the ER on Monday and liveblogged it for the poor people that follow me on Twitter. They now allow smartphones in the ER. Guess I don't need to pretend to be the nanny anymore? :P

I'm on percoset which keeps making me dizzy but isn't doing much for my ankle. The break wasn't too awful comparatively until I got home from hospital on Monday when I wacked it against concrete. That was followed up by my dad tripping over my foot the next day.

I'm somehow supposed to be using crutches except for the fact that I have a broken toe on my "good foot" and no chest muscles. I can't even wash my own hair. It's the little things you miss, you know? So humbling not to be able to shower without assistance. My mum had to wash my hair. My sister has to lift me in and out of bed. I can barely hobble into the loo.

All this aside, I'm better off than I could've been. There was a dude that OD'd next to me in hospital. Then there was a dude that was airlifted into hospital that was bleeding out across the hall from me. So, in the scheme of things, I'm better than I could've been. Honestly, the worst part (besides the throbbing ankle) is that I was stuck in a neck brace for over 5 hours and I wasn't allowed to pee for 6 hours. I was pretty shocky that first night so the pain didn't really register.

The lolarious part is that they actually had to pry my phone out of my hand to treat me. I freaked when they put it out of reach. Poor nurses having to deal with freaking out wook :( I feel awful for them. My mum stayed with me and did a great job holding it together. She only cried once. I guess I looked pretty bad at first.

The best part is that I've been inundated with lots of love, some from very unexpected sources. Coworkers at both jobs have sent flowers and stuff. If only they would send frozen Snickers bars :P

Anyway, I could use some good thoughts out into the universe because, srsly, I am having the worst karma ever right now.
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I was rearended by a stolen KIA minivan driven by an illegal alien who subsequently walked off into a nearby wash. I did make the traffic reports as I was on one of the busiest roads in Tucson. Also 'crazy' by aerosmith was on the radio. And my mum drove past me on her way to the vets.

I'm fine... Just a few aches and pains. Car is mainly fine.

Crappy photo )

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I have week in the life photos. Just haven't uploaded them. Instead, I've been working assloads of hours. Which means money for vacations so I'm not complaining.

Today, though... I went to bed about midnight last night, woke up about 11 this morning and was fast asleep by 230. Then I woke back up about 5 and got a shower. In the time I was awake, I watched:

Hooligans/Green Street Hooligans. Charlie Hunnam is hot and other important parts of a review )

9 out of 10

Tonight at Fry's, I wrote over a thousand words of a fanfic set in the Green Street Hooligans universe. The movie hit but IDK why it hit hard enough to cause ficcage.

Spent the Fourth working. Had a chance to dressdown but forgot. I blame chatting with [livejournal.com profile] best_of_five.

Am testdriving the Mazda 3 and the Mazda 6 tomorrow/later today.
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I dropped my car off at nine am. So noon goes past and... no call. At two, I called. Turns out that it took 2 guys 4 hours to get my hood to open. They ended up completely breaking my latch to get it to let the hood go. The latch was jammed which is why it wouldn't open. The cause of this headache and nightmare? A teeeeeennnnyyyyy rock. Like super teeny, smaller than my pinky nail.

That teeny rock cost me 310 dollars. But my hood works, I changed the fuse for my turn signals and got an oil change. Plus, they also put a screw in my gear shift so that it would stop popping off. It kept freaking me out when the gear shift wouldn't spin for me as I was driving. I got way used to the gear shift being a certain awkward angle. Now it's all where it's supposed to be and I couldn't understand why I couldn't get into reverse until I realized that I was pressing down on the gear shift and I didn't need to do that.

But - it definitely could've been worse. As it is, well, there goes, literally, the last of my money. However, I have also figured out that I'm not nearly as upside down on this loan as I'd emo'd about. I'm only about 3k (worst case) to 700 bucks (best case) so I think I can afford a new car in January.

Spent what little time I was actually at work watching Shelter on youtube before it gets taken down again.

For those of you following Memories as a Teacup - would you guys be interested in seeing the Dennis backstory and some of the stuff that will be happening offscreen? I've bits and pieces sketched out and I'm curious if you'd want to read it.

Still insomniac. Still no sleep. I'm dogtired, too. I just need like 8 hours all in a row. Maybe I need to lecture my body like I did my car?
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Am getting ready to head to the garage to have my hood release looked at. I've my fingers crossed that it's just because of gunk build-up that the latch won't open. Don't burst my bubble until the garage does, yeah? I'm hopeful they can get it opened and do the oil change I need and switch out my turn signal fuse, too.

I've had pretty bad insomnia this past weekend and into last night. I've gotten about 6 hours of sleep in dribs and drabs since Friday. Just little catnaps. Stupid stress.

However, that only means that I've watched a metric asstonne of movies. After cruising the flist, someone rec'd Shelter and then linked to someone who had the download. Of course Firefox crashed before I could thank the person so I've no idea who I ganked it from BUT - omgsogood. It's a very lovely story that has a nice pace to it. spoilery thoughts and rambling review )

10 out of 10

I uploaded it to share the love. Definitely go out and buy it though as there are some really brilliant cast commentaries and special features on teh DVD that aren't on the download. here is the download. It's a zip so you'll have to unzip it and it's rather HUGE (almost a gig by itself). I also converted it to the iPod so I can watch it on that when I get bored at Fry's.

I made the mistake of watching The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. Run, do not walk, away from this movie )

2 out of 10 and it only gets that because the camera peeps deserve a spot of love.

Random observation - there are certain words that should never be used in a sex scene. I read one fic this morning that utilized the word "girth" as a name for a cock. ie - "He sucked the girth into his mouth and sucked". Um, bwa? When I think of girth, I think of my fat ass and how girthy it is. I don't think of a giant cock of doom. In conclusion, girth is not a sexxehtiems word. Stop using it. Plz.
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#1 news - I haz new bumper! The front bumper on my car has been dangling for years. see? it used to hang on by duct tape. ghetto? yep. So I bought the bumper kit off of ebay and then crossed my fingers that I wouldn't get ripped off. I didn't. It's so gorgeous and now I really need to get the car painted. My paint has been baking off in the Arizona sun so it's time to get a new paint job. Found a place that will do it for dirt cheap too. *BEAMS*

After getting the bumper, I went to Pep Boys to buy armor-all and assorted vehicle sundries (new wiper blades=ftw). Which leads me to -

#2 news - I was in line at Pep Boys when this person behind me goes [wook]? And I looked back and stared in shock. I had this annoying girl that used to cling to me when we worked at a science center together way back in university days (so like 1998ish). She had the most annoying voice. I'll have to do a voicepost to do my imitation of "Sarah". Anyway - so she also looked really freaky. And when I turned around, she looked EVEN WORSE. OMG. She had this super kinky perm (which she always sort of had but now it was way worse) and it was dyed a really fake black and it looked like a femmullet (yanno, a female mullet?). omg. just omg. I did NOT want to acknowledge her because a.) she really knifed me in the back for a job at the science center years ago and I had severed the ties back then and b.) she looked like a 50 year old Harley chick who's had too much to drink at Sturgis (you know the one - the who didn't know that she shouldn't be wearing those leathers, basking in the sun that much and dying her hair like that). Dude. And to top it off, she was wearing those lycra bicycle shorts from the 80s. Ok, one or two of the above? I could deal. All of it? No thank you.

But instead - I bit the tongue and was polite because she lives up in Gilbert and is currently unemployed (mwahahahaha, KARMA BITCH) and has a shittier life than me. I'm glad I was nice. (yes, I am just that shallow at times)

#3 news - You all are going to laugh at me but... here goes. So I finish at pep boys and while I'm chatting with "Sarah", I try to pop my hood. It doesn't pop. After FINALLY getting rid of "sarah", I go around to the side to get my new wiper blades installed and ask the mechanic to look at the hood. They go on and on and on about how I'll have to buy parts from the dealer and it'll be over a thousand bucks and I'm like aslkdfa;sfdj WTS?! So I go back to the hot guy friend who put on the bumper kit for me. Hood pops just fine. He has me do it - hood doesn't pop. Well, it turns out that if you go to pop your TRUNK, your hood doesn't open. *facepalm BLUSHOMG* I ... am a moron of the first degree. I blame "sarah" as she followed me out to my car and wouldn't stfu. Or the lack of food. Or the lack of sleep. Anything that doesn't make me seem like the idiot that I really am.

#4 news - I am feeling wicked amounts better. Like - stomach barely churns at food now. I had a chicken sandwich with (my version of) a salad at lunch and numnumnum. It was the first complete meal I've had since Tuesday at lunch. SOOOO Good. I think I'm back :D. I lost 4 lbs from being sick, though, so w00t.

#5 news - Penguins in Stanley Cup Finals. a;lsdfj;lasdfj YES! Game starts in like 20 minutes. You can bet your ass that I'll be biting my nails and cheering my boys on. It's going to be a tight series and here's my prediction - it's going to go all 7 games and end in overtime. Both teams are just so fucking good.

ETA: Dear Speshul Snowflake Flower Fleury - STOP FUCKING SCORING ON YOURSELF ASSHOLE! This is hockey, not wanking. The goal isn't to score on oneself. No love, me.

#6 news - [livejournal.com profile] elanorofcastile pwns me so hardcore. She's doing so much work with the websites and stuff. omg. Without her? I'd be totally insane.
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Dear Construction Crew,

Could you please not have nails in the street? Please? My tires are really expensive and I really didn't need to wake up super early this morning to replace one of them because of the three nails in it.

Also, speaking of nails and waking early, on the weekends? Could you please not start working on all those houses until after 8? I mean, 7am is really early and you deserve to sleep in too.


Dear People I'm Housesitting for,

How can you live in today's world and not have internet? I mean, ok, I'll get that you don't have hi-speed cause I don't either. But, see, the thing is, you don't even have a phone line so I can't even make use of my crappy dial-up. How do you live?

Also - speaking of "how do you live", where are your dvds? Your cds? Your cd player? A RADIO, for god's sake? Something that broadcasts music of some type would be lovely because the barking of your dogs is not melodic and, instead, is driving me slowly insane.

When you said I could eat/drink whatever I wanted... did you really mean to leave only a bottle of water, three bottles of barbeque sauce and a bottle of ketchup in your fridge? Cause, err, that sucks man. I guess you eat out alot, don't you?

Finally, the little green recycling bucket that you got with your trash service? That's for recycling stuff, not for storing your random electronic crap. Honestly, I don't get why you have all those cables when you don't have things to plug those cables into (see above). I really hate that I'm forced to bag up my recyclables and take them to my house to recycle. I'll even give you a box for the old electronics! How about that? Then, we'll be saving the environment together and that will be fun!

Your house is lovely and your dogs are alive,

How was everyone else's weekends?
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As many of you know, I have a Mitsubishi Eclipse. I financed through Mitsubishi because they were offering some really kick-ass financing deals.

TMI about my car loans...but I do have a funny line at the end...) )

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