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An update about moi in the continuing saga of "wook has no luck".

I had my ankle surgery on Friday. It freaking hurts but I started putting weight on it Saturday as I walked around the house. I did stairs tonight! Which means 2 things: 1.) my own bed and 2.) SHOWER! or, at least, partial shower! I just had to wrap the right leg in a garbage bag and tape it off so it doesn't get wet and then I'm able to shower. woooohooo!

I now know how gross my hair gets after 4 days of not washing it. The answer is "very gross".

My chest still aches and so does my left middle toe. My knee, hips and wrist also still hurt but everything is slowly feeling better. I have bruises on my bruises.

I keep falling asleep like an old man. I'll be in the middle of a conversation and just pass right out. Awkward... I think I've gained weight, too, considering that I've been flat on my back for almost a week.

Worst part is that the package I keep trying to ship to Australia keeps coming back to me. So I emailed the poor lady to tell her about the two different accidents and now she's had one of her own. It's like I'm a vortex of suck :( No one else has been dragged in, have they?

I go to pick up my handicapped tag at the DMV tomorrow. I have to finish shopping for my family.

I am finished with classes for the semester. I still haven't completed my background check to take a class next semester. This is rather hilarious in a burning irony sort of way. I am taking a class on sexuality (it has a really long title but it's basically about LGBT sexuality) and the only place that it's offered is on the local Air Force Base. LOL at the DADT and sexuality class collision. Except DADT got repealed! WEEHEE!

IDK if I've ever mentioned this here but my father is a very narrowminded Republican. We had a great discussion on why DADT is a bad idea and why equality matters. I think I actually got through to him. I know, color me surprised.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to finish curling up in my own bed. Me/my bed are OTP *snuggles*
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My life is a soap opera. On December 5th, I had a minor accident, making my record 10 car accidents not my fault. Basically, some dude attempted a left turn from the straight ahead lane right in front of me. Only, instead of continuing his turn, he stopped dead. On a green light. Fucker. So I dented my hood. Got a call today from the shop that it's been at since that the adjuster FINALLY came out and wants to total my car. I cannot afford to do that. UGH.

But it gets better. I was in a rental since 12/5. However, on Monday night, I had ANOTHER car accident. This one totaled my rental car. I was heading west in the straight-ahead lane when a fucker made a left turn in front of me. I had the rightaway but he decided to tag along on a dude that was cutting it really close. I was going about 45 mph and ended up with a broken right ankle, a broken middle toe on my left foot, major chest pains, bone bruises on all my ribs and my sternum, a torqued right hip, a torqued right knee, a torqued right wrist. My hips are also shredded from the seatbelt.

I need surgery on my ankle, which I find out tomorrow how bad my surgery will be. I will either need a pin, a plate, or a plate AND a pin. I basically broke my tibia where the little stickyout bit on your inner ankle is. I spent 7 hours in the ER on Monday and liveblogged it for the poor people that follow me on Twitter. They now allow smartphones in the ER. Guess I don't need to pretend to be the nanny anymore? :P

I'm on percoset which keeps making me dizzy but isn't doing much for my ankle. The break wasn't too awful comparatively until I got home from hospital on Monday when I wacked it against concrete. That was followed up by my dad tripping over my foot the next day.

I'm somehow supposed to be using crutches except for the fact that I have a broken toe on my "good foot" and no chest muscles. I can't even wash my own hair. It's the little things you miss, you know? So humbling not to be able to shower without assistance. My mum had to wash my hair. My sister has to lift me in and out of bed. I can barely hobble into the loo.

All this aside, I'm better off than I could've been. There was a dude that OD'd next to me in hospital. Then there was a dude that was airlifted into hospital that was bleeding out across the hall from me. So, in the scheme of things, I'm better than I could've been. Honestly, the worst part (besides the throbbing ankle) is that I was stuck in a neck brace for over 5 hours and I wasn't allowed to pee for 6 hours. I was pretty shocky that first night so the pain didn't really register.

The lolarious part is that they actually had to pry my phone out of my hand to treat me. I freaked when they put it out of reach. Poor nurses having to deal with freaking out wook :( I feel awful for them. My mum stayed with me and did a great job holding it together. She only cried once. I guess I looked pretty bad at first.

The best part is that I've been inundated with lots of love, some from very unexpected sources. Coworkers at both jobs have sent flowers and stuff. If only they would send frozen Snickers bars :P

Anyway, I could use some good thoughts out into the universe because, srsly, I am having the worst karma ever right now.
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Other than a short 5 hours at Fry's so as not to lose my health insurance, I've had the past 2.5 days off. I've spent them all in my pajamas. I've been reading a lot, which is epic awesome. I'm attempting to work from home today but, alas, the remote login website is not allowing me to log in. I'm stuck with only email access where I'm exchanging emails of this sort:

me to boss: plz pull back EmployeeX's check. The payroll company shouldn't have cut it as it's the reimbursement for the ARRA COBRA payments.
boss to me: are you talking about a payroll check? I distributed all of them this morning?? [yes, double question marks]
me to boss: Yes, she's a [departmentP] employee. Her check is blank but I'd like the paperwork to submit to the payroll company since this was cut in error.
boss to me: But I distributed all these this morning?? [yes, double question marks again]
me to boss: You should still be able to retrieve it from the manager.
boss to me: Oh. Right. I'll do that.
me: a;ldskjfa;ldfja;jf *did not hit send*

But I'm the moron who can't be trusted with anything to the point that she brought in the Director of HR to oversee the next two weeks even though the Director of HR can't even enroll people in the health insurance let alone do anything unrelated to HR. Thanks for that vote of confidence.

In other non-work related issues, I talked it over with EOC and the awesome idea we have will just not fit within the bounds of the STBB. It's all these disconnected scenes and the BB fic should have some sort of cohesion. The fic simply wouldn't work for the fest with the structure of the fest and my own ideas of said structure. It's just that I was putting all these limitations on myself not that there was anything wrong with the fest.

Thankfully, she agreed with me and, thus, that idea is still being written but not for the STBB. This is, hands down, my favorite idea evah. Now to see if I can pull a 20k fic outta my ass in 15 days so I can still have a submission. I think I can do it :D

Speaking of fic - dude. Where is it? I have all this time off to read fic and there isn't any :(:(:(:(:(:( I've been forced to read books and work-related stuff. This makes me a sad wook.

Speaking of sad - Nala, my shih tsu, is ill. Again. I think her tick fever is back which means lots of expensive testing and medications. Thankfully, the meds are sort of cheap through work but the testing is just a bunch of giant hoops to jump through to get it done. But, that's how we'll be spending our time together. At least this means that she can come into work more often. She enjoys coming in to my job and hanging out and snarling at everyone that comes in to the office (she loves my coworkers but everyone else has to work for her affection).
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Penguins. ILU. Dude. Triple OT and then Sykora called the fucking goal. aldfka;dflj ILU SO MUCH.

I also got a random cold five hours ago. Like seriously - my throat just randomly got sore and swollen while I have a half-baked cough. I'd like it to be healthy tiem nao, plzkthx.

I bought these coldeeze things that are supposed to help. Anyone try them? Do they actually work or did I just piss away 7 bucks?

Bought a bicycle to start biking to Fry's from my house. I figure I'll drive home, park the car and then bike in and then bike home. I hope I don't get hit at midnight. Stupid drivers on stupid unlit streets in stupid unlit Southern Arizona where the stupid astronomers actually *gasp* don't want stupid light pollution (I kid on the astronomers thing but not on the lack of street lamps on the main street that people drag race down).

I have to be up in 4 hours and yet... I cannot sleep. Stupid insomnia. It's not like I don't have to process payroll tomorrow today or anything :/.

I want a new moodtheme... I'll have to make one up this weekend if I can find the time.

Halfway done with my RSFQF fic. That's sort of what I did today instead of working.

Bo Diddley passing makes me sad :(. I keep telling everyone about the Bo Don't Know Diddley commercial from the "Bo Knows..." Nike marketing campaign. He really was awesome, wasn't he? God I love his music. RIP, Bo.
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Guess who woke up with pink eye?

Guess who woke up with nosebleeds that have lasted all day?

Guess who still had to go in to work today to get payroll partially processed?

Guess who gets to go in tomorrow to finish payroll?

Guess who called in sick on their FIRST FRIKKEN DAY at her new job?

Guess who has to get a doctor's note to prove that she has pink eye (cause the gunk matting my eyes isn't nearly proof enough)?

Yeah, that'd be me.

I've been "locked" into my bedroom so as not to share the lovely that is pink eye. I really hate being sick.

I'm so NOT a happy camper. I can't even really see properly to read right now. God, I'm so bored.

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