Sep. 23rd, 2008

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State of the vacation so far:

Wedding? Made of win. Cold but made of win. It was quite beautiful and very [ profile] fiona_fawkes and [ profile] mijan.

Boston? I was lazy and sat on my ass for most of the trip. [ profile] yodels's futon is amazingly comfortable. Also - randomly shopping in Maine with [ profile] janicechess and [ profile] misterchess along with [ profile] yodels was awesome. We went to dinner that night with [ profile] kriken and her boy and some of her boy's friends. I would like to clone the boy. Comics and accepting of slash? Win incarnate.

Took the Chinatown bus to NYC. Met up for dim sum with [ profile] midnitemaraud_r, [ profile] titti, [ profile] ziasudra and [ profile] paranoidsistah. All of them are just about the most awesome people ever. And then we had ice cream at some chinese ice cream factory store and then we had gelati at an Italian place.

Missed out meeting [ profile] nefernat due to a combo of later-than-planned arrival + luggage + needing a shower + trainride back in. Am hopeful that the DC meet-up will happen instead.

Spent the rest of the NYC time sleeping and reading horribly bad stories on [ profile] midnitemaraud_r's couch of awesome. It really is awesome.

Met up with [ profile] miz_thang88 today before I took the bus to Philly. People. She is awesome. (I keep using that word) Not only was she willing to be adaptable to time (I missed my first train and then it took us about 2 extra hours to meet up than what we'd planned) but we laughed the entire time we were together. Srsly so much love for her. Though I have to admit that she made me feel like a liliputian cause that girl is tall. She's also rather beautiful. <3 In addition to all that, she holds doors, lifts luggage up and down crazy amounts of stairs and is all around love.

Took the Bolt Bus to Philly. I will never ride a chinatown bus again. This sucker was basically a brand new bus, clean, efficient, not smelly and it had free wifi and power outlets. Srsly. FREE WIFI on the bus. Best part?! It was even CHEAPER than the chinatown buses. My trip to Philly cost me $7.50 total with all fees and stuffs included. How awesome is that?

My older sister's continued lack of time management meant that I hung out in downtown Philly for an extra hour in the cold (yes, 70 degrees is cold so STFU. My toes were turning blue but thank god for that jacket i bought in Maine).

Am now at my sister's and I get to hang out with [ profile] kerryblaze tomorrow night. I'm really looking forward to that! My sister and I had planned on goign to the Franklin Institute's pirate exhibit but it's fucking expensive and I'd rather just go do the free touristy shit instead. Then on Thursday - we're going to a cross stitch store and then off to a motorcycle jaunt. Then on Friday - it's off to Atlantic City with my dad and sister and then on Saturday, possibly Hersheypark with my dad. Then - Sunday - dad and me head to DC to stay with [ profile] janicechess and to hang out with peeps. Tuesday? Breakfast/lunch/brunch with [ profile] star98hope!

How's everyone?

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