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A year ago today, I bought a paid account and officially and completely joined the HP Fandom. I actually posted my first story on 8-11-05 and it was One Last Fare - A H/D story set in a cab and inspired by the song - Taxi by Harry Chapin.

Before that, I read alot of H/D stories. I did (and still do) my best to comment on everything I read. I've made some amazingly brilliant friends along the way so far.

Just some statistics for you as I do this retrospective -

I've written 120 stories/drabbles that I claim (there are a few out there that I'm mildly embarrassed about and won't claim) - ranging in word count from 85 to 6401. A total word count right now is 125313.

Of those 120 stories - 68 are H/D. There are 5 different fandoms represented there, including an ongoing introspection into my life for [livejournal.com profile] 30_memoirs.

The story I'm most proud of is Moments - A darker story with an ambiguous ending.

I've always been open to concrit and I hope that you all feel comfortable enough with me that you'll always be willing to give it to me.

Anyway - just thought it was a good time to put this out here as I've renewed my paid account and my extra icons for another year. My fandoms and pairings might be constantly increasing and changing but I'm glad you're all here for the journey.

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