Apr. 12th, 2009

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I want to get all het up about Amazon's latest round of failure. I'd like to claim that I'm boycotting them for that reason but I'm not. See, Amazon has been full of fail for a very long time. Ask Reba Belle - a former Amazon user who was suspended for having the audacity to review a book and give it three stars and then *gasp* protest having all her personal information outted by the author of the book she reviewed.

Amazon fail? Totally and completely expected. Only surprising bit is that it took them this long to fail on this scope. I hope that the boycott continues even after they "fix their computer glitch".

In other news, I missed most of the Amazon fail is because of [livejournal.com profile] gryffindor_j. She's a horrible enabler. Srsly. She's awful. Why? Let me tell you. I've been mainlining Heroes all weekend. I got through all of Season 1 (omg, seven disks, wtf). I had to make a couple special trips to blockbuster to replace disk 4 because that stupid thing was broken 3 times. THREE FUCKING TIMES. Then, after finally conquering Disk 4 of Season 1, I got through 50% of Season 2. Someone have a link where I can dl the other half of Season 2? I got through Disks 1&2. I need disks 3&4. Also - Season three? Where is the actual show at? Season 4?

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In summation - anyone got any recs for Matt/Mohinder and/or Hiro/Ando?

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