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Found: 9 tubes of chapstick. (yes you read that right. I have FOUND 9 tubes of fairly new chapstick in addition to the 3 I have in my purse at any one time)

Found: two unopened packages of black socks (when did I buy these? I don't remember this at all)

Found: My high school year books. (omg, what was I thinking?!)

Rediscovered: A care package of stuffs from Prophecy last year from my Feei. (omg, it's like Christmas for a third time! Dude. The stuff looks so awesome! I knew that it had been in my fancy knickers drawer but still! It's so awesome looking through it again. I'm now even MORE excited for Terminus.)

Rediscovered: Smutty Deamus and H/D artworks that I cannot hang on my walls but am hoarding in my fancy knickers drawer.

Still Lost: One small black Cruzer-brand thumbdrive with lots of porn and photographs on it.

I have cleaned and cleaned and still have not found that blasted thing. My car? is clean. My room? is clean. My desk? is clean. I even sent around a mass email at work going "if someone found it, plz to be sending it back to me, no questions asked". GAH. Dear thumbdrive, I love you lots and lots, please come home. Please. I really need you. You have all my stories on you and I miss you and them. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ me

I'm going through and reconfiguring my various copies of MAATC. It seems that the beta'd version is in the ether. So, it'll need rebeta'd. Thus... delay until tomorrow so I can rebeta it today.

ETA: OMGOMGOMG! I FOUND IT! Ok so I had this pile of laundry I've been ignoring it. And it's stacked on top of a pile of bedding that I've been ignoring. And below that are a pile of stuffed animals I've been ignoring. And below that is a toybox I've had since I was a baby. So, I grab the laundry, finally tackle it and the bedding. I notice my one stuffed cow is dropping trou and so I pick him up and give him a shake to get him BACK into his trousers when my thumbdrive fell out of his trousers. SUCH A RELIEF OMG!
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