Dec. 10th, 2011 11:01 pm
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[ profile] slashcast is looking for your fandom new year's resolutions. Instructions at the post on how do it!

Episode 25 is available for download. It's the Holiday One episode where we talk about all sorts of things like Fandom Giving Back, an interview with Astolat about Yuletide and plenty more. Go forth and download.


Oct. 13th, 2011 09:30 pm
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Hey, slashcast! Did you know you can still download it? Plenty of awesomeness on Being Multifandom. Plus, I talked with [ profile] tripperfunster and [ profile] rubytuesday5681 about their multi-fandom experiences. You can listen to us discuss how we keep up, our craziest fandoms (me? Bible. Dude. Bible. What the hell) and more. Plus, the interview is brilliant with [ profile] cjmarlowe is fantastic.

So go forth and download! Then, let us know what you think.
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Yo! Multi-fandom flist members - I'm looking for people that want to talk about being multi-fandom and what it means to them for [ profile] slashcast.

All I'd need from you is:

1.) About an hour of your time
2.) You'd have to have access to Skype
3.) Be willing to go on record and have people listen to your voice.

Comments are screened to this post if you're interested in talking with myself and a few other people about being multi-fandom.

If you aren't willing to go on record, maybe you have someone that's multi-fandom that would be. Feel free to mention this to your multi-fandom flist members, as well.

It'd be more of a chat with multiple people. I'd be willing to send out the list of questions beforehand if that would make you more comfortable with the discussion.
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Originally posted by [ profile] emmagrant01 at Announcement! :-D

Woohoo! Wait until you see what's coming :D
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[ profile] wendy asked everyone to post a "Five Things We're Thankful For" sort of post to make the day flow better and so, of course, I obey. Go forth and do this yourself to get the karma flowing in a positive way.

1.) My job. As much as I might bitch about it at times, it really is the best place I've ever worked (and hey, I have one so there's a bonus as well). I'm going to be sad to see my boss move on as he's an alright sort of guy for the most part (if a bit anal retentive and overbearing and idiotic at times). Besides, I've never had a boss I can discuss the boy-touching love with.

2.) Diet Coke. Yesterday, I used what I thought was the Diet Coke at the fountain at Circle K and they'd hooked up Diet Pepsi to the dispenser instead. If I'd had some warning, I wouldn't have minded. Today, however, it was correct and that right there makes me happy and more awake. Also - my new Circle K has those "add-in" things so there's something even better than just Diet Coke. It's a Diet Rasberry Vanilla Diet Coke this morning and a Diet Cherry Vanilla Coke tomorrow!

3.) My flist. I wouldn't have nearly as much awesome in my life without them! Between bailing me out on the graphics things, sending me music or random mail, you guys are awesome. Then, add to it that there is all that wonderful fic to distract me from work and it doesn't get much better.

4.) My mum. I had a very surreal moment this morning and my mum had the nicest thing to say about it. She always adds a bit of clarity to any situation.

5.) My dayplanner. I've doublebooked dogsitting gigs in the past so I sucked it up and bought a dayplanner sort of thing and I haven't doublebooked since. SOOOO much less stress. I've come up with a shorthand system to track due dates for fic exchanges and such too so even LESS stress. Add to it that it doesn't gleefully announce Valentine's Day and I'm that much happier.

ETA: 6.) SANI-Seats. OMG, after my trip to the ladies room just now, I'm so very very thankful for sani-seats. Whoever invented these deserves to be sainted as it just stopped me from killing the little old lady that used the loo right before me.

my weekend, slashcast and the surreal experience this morning )

[ profile] legomymalfoy has kindly entrusted me with [ profile] hd_falling and I'm very excited for it! My favourite scenario is the falling in love kind so I'm looking forward to helming that comm and encouraging more of my favourite sort *grins*.

I'm also now the Tuesday Editor at [ profile] kotor_holo and so much excitement for that! I love KOTOR so much and am so encouraged to finally rewrite my gargantuan story that needs so much tweaking.

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