Oct. 11th, 2006 04:01 pm
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This has been brewing for a bit... I'll try to stay polite but...

I belong to a shitload of comms. Maybe not as many as some but there are lots. Sometimes there are fic searches in those comms. I don't mind them if the searcher isn't spamming every frikken comm related to that pairing at the same time.

In fact, sometimes I re-discover old favourites, discover new favourites and sporking material and, I'll admit it, I've had an ego boost or two when one of my stories was searched for.

What I hate are the posts from people bitching about fic searches. I especially hate when people are all "ZOMG if you don't stop the fic searches, I'm going to leave this comm!!1!1!oneoneone".

Get. The. Fuck. Over. Yourself.

At least a fic search promotes discussion and allows for people to find something new to (re)read. You (and this is a general you) pissing and moaning about the fic searches does nothing but promote wank.

Scroll past 'em. Leave the comm. Piss and moan in your own journal about fic searches. I don't much care. Keep it out of the comm and stop making lurkers/newbies/others feel guilty about enjoying a story enough to want to read it again.

I do realise the hypocrisy of my post as I'm bitching about people bitching about fic searches but it never fails to annoy me. But at least I'm only annoying my flist and following my own advice, right?
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