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OK, I've locked this down to flist because I'm really going to seem a like a whiny baby.

I signed up for the holiday fic exchange at [livejournal.com profile] hp_fan_fics. Here is what I said:

What you want: Art preferably but I'll take a fic as well. I'd prefer H/D or Neville/Harry as the couple. Err, Something holiday-ish as the theme. Fluff is ok but not necessary. Just not something depressing and dark. It can have angst but I'd like a happy ending.

What you can do: I may not be able to draw but I can write. I'm willing to write slash of H/D, Harry/Lucius, Harry/Neville, Sirius/Remus, Regulus/Severus or Femmeslash of Ginny/Luna. I'm sorry to limit it to those pairings but I'm unfamiliar with other characters and don't want to ruin the gift. I'm ok with anything ranging from non-con/dubious con through to BDSM, Fluff and mpreg.

What you can't do: I won't write the traditional squicks (chan, goldenshowers, bestiality, etc). Also, I'm pants at drawing.

Anything you don't want in the gift you receive? please none of the traditional squicks, please no non-con or dubious con. It's a holiday gift and I'd like it to be semi-holiday related.

Are you willing to create a back-up gift if needed? Sure, just let me know.

This is what I received:

What I want: I would love a femslash fic involving menstrual blood and a Slytherin girl. Any rating, which means it can be low as G or as high as NC-17. Preferably with a Gryffindor female, but I am not picky. If that squicks people too much, I'd like either a mind-f*** (not sure if you can swear on this board yet)with Snape and Harry, or hate-sex with James/Snape.

Again any rating goes. And even if you don't want hate-sex with James/Snape, I would love to see some sort of emnity toward each other.

Harry/Neville would be appreciated, but I'm a little about picky it. I would like Neville coming out into his own power, and not being so portrayed as the weaker of the two.

Or anything with Trelawney. I love the old bat.

I don't mind newbie writers as I am a newbie myself.

More character interaction the better.

What I can do: I can write fic of up to 2000-4000 words. I can do art, but it is not as good as my writing and I have scanner issues so it might be a little rocky there. Would prefer not to write anything too racy as I have only attempted to write porn once, and it ended up horribly. Most slash and femslash pairings accepted. Het is okay too. I like to draw parallels between characters for anyone who likes that sort of thing. I believe my skills are in character dialogue and tone of the story.

I will not write Older man/Younger female fic. Also out Harry/Ginny, any pairing with Slughorn, anything with Sirius Black, and Harry/Draco. I will not do BDSM or scat. Chan is fine, except for the formerly mentioned olderman/younger female. I will not attempt to do Dumbledore/anyone. Lupin/Harry is out too. That seems to me to be a huge breach of trust. I will not write necrophilia either.

What I don't Want: Scat, golden showers, BDSM, all sex fic (I want some char interaction)or any of the pairings I won't write.

Backup Gift?: No. I think I will be rushed already even with one fic.


Hmmm, it doesn't seem a very good fit to me. Out of everything the person requested, the only thing that fits is this other person's picky "Neville/Harry". Hmmm.

Am I a baby for thinking that this fic exchange doesn't seem like a good fit? How the fuck am I supposed to write a femmeslash with menstrual blood (um, eugh)? I guess I was not specific enough on the "traditional squicks" definition. Just the thought of having to write for this has now stressed me out to the point that I don't want a frikken thing to do with this.

I emailed the moderator about the poor match and was basically told too bad so sad.

I'm going to write a story but I'm sure this person is going to hate it as none of her pairings other than a picky one fits. The pairing that I personally feel I excel at is on her "don't write" list.

Sorry to rant. I seriously feel like a whiny baby being upset about this but I'm so upset I could cry. Talk about over-reactions - I want to pull out and say forget it.

Feel free to tell me that I'm being a whiny baby because I feel like I am for being so upset about this.

Ok, /rant and whiny baby-ness.

Solutions - I will simply not volunteer for a fic exchange run by the same person. I will write a Neville/Harry fic and not get upset when she doesn't like it. Mature reactions, which is what I need.

Again, apologies for being a baby and putting this crap on your flist. I just wanted the thoughts out there.

EDIT: Just heard back from the moderator who apologized for the 'tude. Basically, I was the only one willing to write ANY of the requests so that's why I got it. The mod was quite nice about the explanation the second response. So, I shall write the Harry/Neville and if she doesn't like it, too bad so sad for her *smirk*.

EDIT 2: Heard back from the moderator again... I am now writing a Remus/Sirius comedy instead. There was someone actually willing to write menstrual blood femmeslash. Say it with me - EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW
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