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Rest in peace, Chubbs.

???-January 24th, 2010


Help Haiti

Jan. 13th, 2010 10:23 pm
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I have volunteered to write fic for [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti. Minimum bid is $5. fandoms are Star Trek, Harry Potter, Departed, Boondock Saints, X-Men. Limited to pairings I've already written.

You can bid on me here.

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Just realized I skipped nablopomo for two days. Oops.

Am at a concert waiting to listen to mostly bears, an awesome local band that you should all check out.

At HP con

Jul. 20th, 2009 06:02 pm
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Watching Star Trek. We're hardcore.

See? )

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There's an episode of TOS that has the crew of the enterprise stuck in a casino. I have this memory of Jim gambling and playing craps or roulette. What episode is it? I really want to rewatch it liekwhoa. It's research dammit *winks*

it's been found and it's TNG. <3

Prompt me?

Jun. 10th, 2009 10:57 am
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Prompt me with some 5 things (ie the five times kirk kissed mccoy, 5 times kirk stole a car or whatever similar) you'd like to see.

Fandoms; Star trek (kirk or bones centric plz but i'm willing to try sulu or chekov or Spock but no kirk/Spock). hp - deamus only.boondock saints. Departed. Green street hooligans.

Brain won't focus and I need the inspiration.

Normal limitations apply - may not get to all of them, probably won't turn out how you imagine them.

ETA: I'm a bad fangirl. Added fandom: xmen origins wolverine. Or gambit.
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Know what I want? I want a fic where kirk and McCoy travel back in time and have all sorts of crazy kinky sex with kirk's dad. I want double penetration or bj/anal combo with McCoy in the center of a kirk sandwich.

Amyone want to make me a very happy girl?

I read a great kirk/kirk fic [ETA: A Good Man by [livejournal.com profile] brighteyed_jill is the fic in question. Cannot embed links on my phone, unfortunately so apologies for delay in linkage]/eta but I want McCoy in there too. *wants liekwhoa*

Another thing I want... Where's a good resource for info on the characters? Like a great wiki where I can trust the information. The wiki I found doesn't even show the new movie as out. :/

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Dear California,

Fuck you.

No love,

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A long time ago, [livejournal.com profile] yodels asked me for pics of my cow collection. I literally just unpacked part of it today. I have about fifty Cow Parade cows but I could only find nine so far. So, I'm finally fulfilling the request from the one pic meme.

Pics under the cut )

So... Anyone want to see anything? With the phone, this is wicked amounts easier. :D

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[livejournal.com profile] elanorofcastile makes me happy. She's got a big win, I don't think I'm talking out of turn here.

X-men tomorrow night!

My new lawn art makes me happy. This guy makes art out of found objects.

Pics! )

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Larry McMurty was just in my office. It was so hard to keep from flailing at him. It was really, really hard.

I have stalker photos to edit into the post but they show his car's license plate so I have to edit the pictures first.

Oh man awesome.

Oh and he thinks my laugh is AWESOME! He said it was "an expression of true joy". Dude. The fangirl is strong right now!
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Day 3 daily happiness:

I had the day off from Frys (but not the main job).

My hair still looks fabulous.

I went to bed early.

Day 4:

I've had another 4 productive meetings and, even though the CEO and the operations director think that I'm incompetent, the managers and other directors don't.

My savings account went over three digits. Not a bfd for most of you but a huge deal for me.


[livejournal.com profile] slashfest vii.5 is coming. The half round will have about 450 outstanding requests just waiting for people to grab 'em.


Omg I forgot the best part!!! I have tastykakes!!!! Omnomnom
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Daily happiness day 2 -

Um... I'm not getting my car fixed so there's 500 bucks in my pocket.

The floors at work finally got cleaned.

Before and after photos )

I'm working a few less hours at Frys so I'm going to get more sleep!

I had my first safety committee meeting and the people on it thought I rocked.

Some of it is a stretch as, on the whole, today sucked. But I found some happy:D

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Will be posting my offerings from [livejournal.com profile] hp_springsmut tomorrow but for now... I feel totally redneck right now. I had a hangnail and instead of buying nail clippers to cut it, I whipped out my box cutter and sliced that bad boy off. :/ oh boxcutter... I wish I knew how to quit you.

I have 4k of a post-wolverine origins fic started. I cannot wait to get back to it:D

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I let my boss have it with both barrels and stun guns set to kill. Yet I don't feel any better. I thought telling your boss you hated her and everything about your job was supposed to be freeing? Instead, I feel as crap as I did before.

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I was rearended by a stolen KIA minivan driven by an illegal alien who subsequently walked off into a nearby wash. I did make the traffic reports as I was on one of the busiest roads in Tucson. Also 'crazy' by aerosmith was on the radio. And my mum drove past me on her way to the vets.

I'm fine... Just a few aches and pains. Car is mainly fine.

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