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The Pittsburgh Penguins!

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Terminus :D. I flew home this morning and a;dlfj;dlfjkad;flj oh my god.

Last night, I had a lot to drink. Like alot alot. It was fun and I hope I didn't annoy anyone with my rambling ways but the squee was definitely flowing. I woke up this morning and, well, I'm sort of dumb in the morning so I thought it'd be a good idea to make myself puke so I wouldn't fly with alcohol in the tumbly. This plan failed. Miserably. Instead, all I did was end up feeling queasy and gross. Is this what you guys get when you get hungover? If so... epic fail, body, epic fail. I think I shall consider this my first hangover ever. I ended up taking a taxi to the blue line station and then riding the El in. Once I got to nap on the El, I felt fine :D.

I friended as many people as I could remember and I can only hope that if I forgot you that you:

a.) forgive me for forgetting
b.) friend me anyway so that I can friend you.

ETA: Terminus Friending Meme (omg. what do I put here? I was the loud one that kept drinking all weekend? wait. don't answer that :P)

Also - [livejournal.com profile] autumnlecroix is made of suck and crotch. I've nicknamed her lecrotch and there is a reason for that :P.

[livejournal.com profile] anathema91 and I will be hosting the "Fandom - Claim Your Tits" photo gallery. We took lots of tits and ass shots. Oh yes we did.

I needed a button that said "I am the Deamus Get Together". But I did con beg solicite some Deamus artwork. Oh yeah, no shame for getting the Deamus. I figured everyone else was adding mucho H/D and Snarry art so I had to represent for the Deamus. We need a Deamus get together at Azkatraz.

I want to do a bunch of panels with people. One on RPGs, one on Best Mates and Homoerotic Subtext and adlfk;adf;lj Lots.

At Terminus, I went to a few panels that made me boggle.

The Fandom Wank panel was dry and boring and BLERGH. Too many quotations, not enough knowledge.

The Questionably Queer panel was very interesting. I disagreed with the one presenter that there was an opportunity in the books for Dumbledore to mention that he was gay to Harry but, all in all, very interesting.

I got a major ego check from [livejournal.com profile] accioscar when she looked at me during one of the drabbling rounds and asked "do you write?" Ouch.Burn.

Terminus photos will be trickling in though. I just need to get them uploaded. I was supposed to go in to work but my flight was delayed just EEEEEEENNNNOOOOUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHH that I can skip it. Sweet :D

Better wrap-up to come. For now? Nap.

ETA: Anyone know how I should treat a swollen leg that will not stop swelling? My left leg started swelling on the plane and I've had it elevated since I got home but it still aches and hurts and is swollen liekwhoa. Should I wrap it with an ace bandage or something?
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#1 news - I haz new bumper! The front bumper on my car has been dangling for years. see? it used to hang on by duct tape. ghetto? yep. So I bought the bumper kit off of ebay and then crossed my fingers that I wouldn't get ripped off. I didn't. It's so gorgeous and now I really need to get the car painted. My paint has been baking off in the Arizona sun so it's time to get a new paint job. Found a place that will do it for dirt cheap too. *BEAMS*

After getting the bumper, I went to Pep Boys to buy armor-all and assorted vehicle sundries (new wiper blades=ftw). Which leads me to -

#2 news - I was in line at Pep Boys when this person behind me goes [wook]? And I looked back and stared in shock. I had this annoying girl that used to cling to me when we worked at a science center together way back in university days (so like 1998ish). She had the most annoying voice. I'll have to do a voicepost to do my imitation of "Sarah". Anyway - so she also looked really freaky. And when I turned around, she looked EVEN WORSE. OMG. She had this super kinky perm (which she always sort of had but now it was way worse) and it was dyed a really fake black and it looked like a femmullet (yanno, a female mullet?). omg. just omg. I did NOT want to acknowledge her because a.) she really knifed me in the back for a job at the science center years ago and I had severed the ties back then and b.) she looked like a 50 year old Harley chick who's had too much to drink at Sturgis (you know the one - the who didn't know that she shouldn't be wearing those leathers, basking in the sun that much and dying her hair like that). Dude. And to top it off, she was wearing those lycra bicycle shorts from the 80s. Ok, one or two of the above? I could deal. All of it? No thank you.

But instead - I bit the tongue and was polite because she lives up in Gilbert and is currently unemployed (mwahahahaha, KARMA BITCH) and has a shittier life than me. I'm glad I was nice. (yes, I am just that shallow at times)

#3 news - You all are going to laugh at me but... here goes. So I finish at pep boys and while I'm chatting with "Sarah", I try to pop my hood. It doesn't pop. After FINALLY getting rid of "sarah", I go around to the side to get my new wiper blades installed and ask the mechanic to look at the hood. They go on and on and on about how I'll have to buy parts from the dealer and it'll be over a thousand bucks and I'm like aslkdfa;sfdj WTS?! So I go back to the hot guy friend who put on the bumper kit for me. Hood pops just fine. He has me do it - hood doesn't pop. Well, it turns out that if you go to pop your TRUNK, your hood doesn't open. *facepalm BLUSHOMG* I ... am a moron of the first degree. I blame "sarah" as she followed me out to my car and wouldn't stfu. Or the lack of food. Or the lack of sleep. Anything that doesn't make me seem like the idiot that I really am.

#4 news - I am feeling wicked amounts better. Like - stomach barely churns at food now. I had a chicken sandwich with (my version of) a salad at lunch and numnumnum. It was the first complete meal I've had since Tuesday at lunch. SOOOO Good. I think I'm back :D. I lost 4 lbs from being sick, though, so w00t.

#5 news - Penguins in Stanley Cup Finals. a;lsdfj;lasdfj YES! Game starts in like 20 minutes. You can bet your ass that I'll be biting my nails and cheering my boys on. It's going to be a tight series and here's my prediction - it's going to go all 7 games and end in overtime. Both teams are just so fucking good.

ETA: Dear Speshul Snowflake Flower Fleury - STOP FUCKING SCORING ON YOURSELF ASSHOLE! This is hockey, not wanking. The goal isn't to score on oneself. No love, me.

#6 news - [livejournal.com profile] elanorofcastile pwns me so hardcore. She's doing so much work with the websites and stuff. omg. Without her? I'd be totally insane.
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Verbotene Liebe Squee. Skip if you feel like it (of course :D)

cut to spare the uninterested )

So there it is. More squee. Now to find and/or make a background for my computer that's WS with Christian in his orange shirt and Ollie not in that awful red-striped shirt.


Dec. 3rd, 2007 07:02 am
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Before I head in to work (sans shower due to this fic), you all simply must go read the story I received at smutty_claus on journalfen. War Wounds which is Neville/Lavender. OMG, I'm aflail. I requested the pairing on a lark. To be honest, I needed a third pairing in my request and, after scrambling, I thought, huh, well, Neville/Lavender then. This story is post-DH and is simply made of win. The way that the mystery author has characterised Neville and Lavender, the way they deal with their insecurities and the scars (SCAR LICKING, did I mention it had scar licking?) and Neville's sudden-ish popularity, everything about this story is made of win.

They're not perfect in the story, they're real. Neville isn't hung like a horse and Lavender isn't so amazing that she might as well be a Veela. The sex is fumbly first time and it's brilliant, absolutely brilliant because it's hot just the way it is.

There was even a quick cameo mention of Seamus!

This author totally hit all of my favorite kinks (and, dude, I was only expecting like one of them let alone almost all of them). Heck, she/he even hit my secret kink of handholding! This is just absolutely brilliant beyond words and takes me straight into flail mode.

Please go read and tell the mystery author how much you love it!

Dude, I've been getting so lucky on festfics! I'm not sure what I did to deserve all the shiny but whatever it is, I really want to know so I can keep it up. This is, at least, two in a row! Last time was Observances by [livejournal.com profile] acromantular and now this one! I cannot wait to find out who this is so I can shamelessly fangirl them.
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Got dropped from a newsletter with no notice whatsoever. No discussion, just looked and there they were advertising for someone to cover my day. I haven't received a response to my email yet. I guess I wasn't active enough in the fandom or something :/.

Submitted my [livejournal.com profile] rs_small_gifts and emailed my [livejournal.com profile] yuletide to beta take 2. I'm pwning the deadlines. Started working with [livejournal.com profile] kethlenda on our project which is, also, pwning. I had this idea brewing just after reading DH, shelved it and then both of us came up with the same idea when chatting. We rule.

I've started working on my January daily_deviant story and though the pairing is sort of cracky and so is the premise, the story, so far, is made of win and not of crack.

Just passed the 38k mark of the monster Deamus-ish story from Hades. You guys will read it, right? Even though it's a rarepair and stuff?

Also just realized that I forgot to post the update on my vacation. That shall get written up tomorrow. Unless I have fic to beta. You know who I'm looking at Icee. And just now realized that I forgot the final resolution reviews. Crap, I really am failing at this whole updating thing, aren't I?

Spent the day shifting boxes of financial records around. There were over 130 boxes and the stacks go up about 10 or so feet. So, lots of time on ladders with heavy boxes. Gee, I have an exciting job, don't I? But, at least, things are now organized so that when purging 1999's records, I can find them all together and then slide 2008 right in there. So, a little work now saves a lot of work later. But, gah, my back and neck ache. And I'm sleepy. And dirty. God, that storage unit is absolutely filthy. There were dead bugs, 7 years worth of dust in places and mouse poop. (and in case you're wondering, yes, I really am the only one in the office capable of moving these boxes. Everyone else I work with in the office has health issues that keeps them from doing it.)

I'm getting the most horrendous cold. My throat is really really sore and I'm sniffly. *whinges*

SLL is getting sacked. This means that right before Christmas, I will have assloads of work to do. It's a good thing I didn't plan on taking a vacation between the holidays. However, I will now be supervising the two other people in the office (obviously I won't be supervising my boss *winks*). So, management experience here I come.

The girl I tutor is amazingly smart. She's just a smart cookie (I make her say that when she uses the word 'stupid' as I HATE that word). Tonight, I walked into her house and without even saying hello, she spelled out the hardest spelling word she had from memory. She is 2 for 2 weeks at getting 100% on her spelling tests. Plus, she got all of her subtraction right. I'm so proud of her! AND - her mum baked me cookies cause her mum thinks I'm a smart cookie *beams*.

I bought stamps for the christmas cards today, so, if you want one - fill out the poll. Go on, I won't stalk you unless you want me to. I will be emailing my address to those that asked for it tomorrow, hopefully. Cards will go out in December so you have some time yet. Don't be shy, please!

How the heck is everyone?
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I've not done a rec post in awhile but I have to say... I just read THE most perfect story in the entire universe. OK, maybe not the entire universe but in my corner of the world? GAH, PERFECTION, seriously.

This is the sort of story that I wish I could write. It had me stunned and flailing from about five sentences in. From there, I fell in love and omg, I want the reveal at [livejournal.com profile] merry_smutmas to be NOW NOW NOW so I can find out who wrote it!


Moving on away from shameless fangirling (and I'm mildly embarrassed at the level of squee), I'm housesitting at the house from hell (the one with no technology? yeah, that one) through Christmas so updates and flist checking shall be sporadic. I'm going to be posting pix of my puppies on Christmas Eve or Christmas depending on when I make it home but until then?

Happy Holidays to all!
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Dear Arizona:

I moved here not only for the sunshine but for the warm weather. There's a reason that transplants to Arizona are called Snow Birds. We're FLEEING the snow. We left our winter coats in remote far-off possibly snow covered places like Pennsylvania to be able to crow on about how warm we are while the rest of the country freezes under a mantle of white powder (and I'm not talking cocaine).

The fact that I got stuck driving in it yesterday pisses me off and makes me want to sue for false advertising. I don't give a shit that it was rain when it hit the ground. On my windshield, it was still snowflake-shaped.

In conclusion, fuck you, Arizona. Fuck you and your promises of sunny weather and no snow.

No love,

That's right... there were wet drippy and disgusting SNOWFLAKES hitting my windshield yesterday afternoon! GAH!!!!!!!!!!!! *kicks Arizona*

So, since today was supposed to be super cold too, I pulled out a pair of cordoroys I haven't been able to fit into for almost 2 years. I looked at them longingly, almost put them back in the drawer of doom but then decided I should try them on. Not only did I get them closed, they fit comfortably! They're also SIZE 10s!!!!! I haven't fully fit inside of 10s in 2 years!!!! They're also the smallest 10s I own! BWEEEEE!!!!!!!!! Though this makes me kindasorta disappointed in myself for not going to the gym in 2 weeks.

As I haven't squeed over [livejournal.com profile] nothing_goldrpg in like 2 days, let me take this opportunity to *squee*. The play has really picked up and it's sooooooo good. If you're looking for a post-war semi-dark RPG to watch, we've loads of plot twists and turns to watch.

examples and more squeeing and semi-ranting about my favourite rpg evah and then more squeeing )

Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] hill_ for the absolutely amazingly beautiful card! I also got awesome cards from [livejournal.com profile] coffeejunkii, [livejournal.com profile] original_lie and [livejournal.com profile] wendy and a CD and card from [livejournal.com profile] yodels. The awesomeness of that cd can be summed up in one set of initials - NKOTB.

Also - I fail at being a friend because I totally forgot to squee over the Bushisms and Countdown Calendars from [livejournal.com profile] best_of_five and [livejournal.com profile] coffeejunkii. Let me now *SQUEE* over how amazingly awesome and funny and wonderful these things are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (you all get the exclamation points of too much caffeine and excitement)

Advent fics? Um, yeah *shifty look* I'm writing but every idea is well over 1k now and not finished so they're delayed.

I'm sitting here at my desk freezing, by the way.

How are all of you?
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You all are following [livejournal.com profile] deanandseamus right? *glares if you aren't*

Gah, the update today? OMG. SOOOOOOOOOoOOOoooOOooOooooOOOOO hot.

An excerpt of a convo with a friend about it:

[livejournal.com profile] wook77:have you seen the update to london calling? OMG
[livejournal.com profile] ficlette: NO i'll go look right now!
[livejournal.com profile] wook77:DUDE I'm A BOXER STEALER!
[livejournal.com profile] ficlette: 1. BWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
[livejournal.com profile] ficlette: 2. i need a cold shower something like immediately
[livejournal.com profile] wook77: OMG ME TOO
[livejournal.com profile] wook77: just OMG so hot
[livejournal.com profile] wook77:hot hot hot
[livejournal.com profile] ficlette: holy moly, was that ever hot
[livejournal.com profile] wook77: just omg, it was fantabulous...the dancing and all that skin and omg
[livejournal.com profile] ficlette: i know, i'm in a cloud of omg

I shall have to frame those boxers and keep them as a prize. *puts boxers under pillow* (I wonder if Seamus got me that mistletoe in my userinfo because I stole the boxers that he hated? *ponders*) (also - big ball of squee over that mistletoe!!!!!)

*sighs* Dean makes Seamus a better man even if he won't admit it and Dean is just so in love with Seamus... *sighs again*

I'm still worried about Ada though... I don't trust Liam further than I can throw him and considering if I tried to pick him up, we'd both fall backwards... that ain't very far, my friends.
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My Birthday recap - (under a cut as I get a bit verbose)

Why I have the best flist ever )
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Ok - promised update about the LOTR Ringers event yesterday...

and so I made an arse of myself )
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So, I'm doing that final run around and get packed thing for Lumos.

A few things of note... on Tuesday, my boss had me leave early so I could run a package downtown. Let's just say that walking around for over an hour in heels with a rock in your shoe is going to fuck up your feet. I have a blister on my left foot that goes the whole way across. I'm in pain, let me tell you.

I couldn't sleep last night and, instead, kept leaving awful rambling messages/comments in other people's journals. I'd also wake up yelling things like "swimsuit" and "journal" and "monaboyd" and stuffs.

Expect picspam cause I finally joined the 21st century and bought a digital camera. That being said, because the pix are going to be of other people, expect this to be flocked. I don't much care if you all know what I look like but those that I'm hanging out with might care so I'll do my best to get permission. If you want to be on the flock, please comment here and I'll do my best.

I've decided on my tattoo but now I just need to decide on location. [livejournal.com profile] wendy and I are getting tattoos and if I pass out and puke again, I will never live it down so consider this a trial by fire.

I'm going to be pining for so many of you that I will probably be checking in way more often than is healthy. That and/or voiceposting.

Finally - if [livejournal.com profile] wildegirl_05 or [livejournal.com profile] starrysummer see this, I arrive in Vegas around 2 on Southwest Airlines. However, I have no idea what airline you all are coming in on so I can tag along to the hotel.

BWEEE FABULOUS LAS VEGAS, HERE I COME!!!!! You all will never be the same :)
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Happy Birthday, Robin!

(and err, *squee*, *giggle*, Thank God, *BWEE*. /cryptic but OMG thank the maker)

(oh and yes, I am at work at 7:30 in the morning on my day off and I've been here for over an hour now but that's ok because the news that caused the squee and giggle make it tolerable because otherwise, I wouldn't have found out this news until really late tonight so I much prefer to find out this morning)

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