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For the fourth year, I'm participating in the Southern Arizona AIDSWalk. If you wanted to donate, please go here. Any little bit helps. This year, your donations are going to support free HIV/AIDS Testing to everyone that comes to the event and wants to be tested in addition to expanding their version of Meals on Wheels for AIDS patients in Southern Arizona.

I'm on the team of one of my friends, Team Ti-To, which is named after her father and a family friend. Her family friend passed from AIDS while her father has been living with HIV since 1997. We're a small team and hoping a few more people from our circle of friends join us so all your support would be appreciated.

This is my first year of not walking with one of my dogs. Unfortunately, my dogs are simply too old to walk 5k. It's going to be weird not having to stop to pick up dog poop and almost get run over.

Anyway, shameless pimp to get you to donate here to help HIV/AIDS patients in Southern Arizona.

And for those in the area - if you were thinking of walking/attending/volunteering, please let me know! I'd love to connect with you!


Feb. 9th, 2011 10:18 pm
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Since I have a lot of booklovers on my flist - this clothing store has some amazing book-themed shirts available in mens, womens and kids. They also have sweatshirts. I know a bunch that I would love to have.

Anyone else really annoyed at the new Samhain Publishing website? It takes way too many clicks to even get to the fucking books let alone find the books that are new releases rather than the ones that haven't even been published yet. I sort of think I'm done buying from them with the redesign. Way too much hassle to buy books there now.

I'm in love with two songs that are either not available and/or iTunes wants way too much money for them. Anyone got software that will allow you to rip music content off of Youtube? My software stopped working. Airborne Toxic Event All I Ever Wanted is a fucking AMAZING song. The other is Changing from Airborne Toxic Event. Both of them are just breathtaking. (Links go to best quality of audio rather than related video images) Or if someone has a copy of the Live from Disney album for Airborne Toxic Event? *puppy eyes* My usual places are leaving me hanging :(
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Know what I want? I want a fic where kirk and McCoy travel back in time and have all sorts of crazy kinky sex with kirk's dad. I want double penetration or bj/anal combo with McCoy in the center of a kirk sandwich.

Amyone want to make me a very happy girl?

I read a great kirk/kirk fic [ETA: A Good Man by [livejournal.com profile] brighteyed_jill is the fic in question. Cannot embed links on my phone, unfortunately so apologies for delay in linkage]/eta but I want McCoy in there too. *wants liekwhoa*

Another thing I want... Where's a good resource for info on the characters? Like a great wiki where I can trust the information. The wiki I found doesn't even show the new movie as out. :/

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So, yeah, [livejournal.com profile] slashfest opens tomorrow (tonight) at midnight EST for requests... have you all thought of your requests?


I've spent all day coding the posts and getting them ready for posting tonight. Boy howdy was that fun. Now I get to spend all weekend coding the requests in... that'll be fun. No, really, I'm looking forward to this because it seems to be getting bigger every time and that makes me very very happy.

Remember: The big change is that all RPS is welcomed this round.

Going into [livejournal.com profile] slashfest IV - there are 339 unfilled requests from previous rounds. That's a huge daunting number that I'd love to see get sliced down significantly. I know it's holiday exchange season but think of it this way, you're fulfilling someone's dream scenario... isn't that a gift in and of itself?

So remember, one request per pairing per fandom and you're allowed up to five requests. I already know what mine are...

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