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Humanity has officially jumped the shark.

embedded video under the cut ) If anyone ever shows up in that, I want photographs.

auction 1 and auction 2 for cross-stitched Star Trek characters for [livejournal.com profile] help_nz. They look cute framed! If someone on my flist wins one of these auctions for over 25 american bucks, I'll toss in a fic* with it. *of pairings/fandoms I've already written with the exclusion of Snarry because I love you, DJ, but I don't love you that much :P

I'm also offering a a care package from Arizona.

Fry's did not go well. My ankle hurts.

I'm going to the wild wild west steampunk con this weekend (at least, Saturday). It should be amazing. Where better to have a steampunk convention than at an authentic wild west filming location that also features the train from in that awful Will Smith movie of the same name?
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My life is a soap opera. On December 5th, I had a minor accident, making my record 10 car accidents not my fault. Basically, some dude attempted a left turn from the straight ahead lane right in front of me. Only, instead of continuing his turn, he stopped dead. On a green light. Fucker. So I dented my hood. Got a call today from the shop that it's been at since that the adjuster FINALLY came out and wants to total my car. I cannot afford to do that. UGH.

But it gets better. I was in a rental since 12/5. However, on Monday night, I had ANOTHER car accident. This one totaled my rental car. I was heading west in the straight-ahead lane when a fucker made a left turn in front of me. I had the rightaway but he decided to tag along on a dude that was cutting it really close. I was going about 45 mph and ended up with a broken right ankle, a broken middle toe on my left foot, major chest pains, bone bruises on all my ribs and my sternum, a torqued right hip, a torqued right knee, a torqued right wrist. My hips are also shredded from the seatbelt.

I need surgery on my ankle, which I find out tomorrow how bad my surgery will be. I will either need a pin, a plate, or a plate AND a pin. I basically broke my tibia where the little stickyout bit on your inner ankle is. I spent 7 hours in the ER on Monday and liveblogged it for the poor people that follow me on Twitter. They now allow smartphones in the ER. Guess I don't need to pretend to be the nanny anymore? :P

I'm on percoset which keeps making me dizzy but isn't doing much for my ankle. The break wasn't too awful comparatively until I got home from hospital on Monday when I wacked it against concrete. That was followed up by my dad tripping over my foot the next day.

I'm somehow supposed to be using crutches except for the fact that I have a broken toe on my "good foot" and no chest muscles. I can't even wash my own hair. It's the little things you miss, you know? So humbling not to be able to shower without assistance. My mum had to wash my hair. My sister has to lift me in and out of bed. I can barely hobble into the loo.

All this aside, I'm better off than I could've been. There was a dude that OD'd next to me in hospital. Then there was a dude that was airlifted into hospital that was bleeding out across the hall from me. So, in the scheme of things, I'm better than I could've been. Honestly, the worst part (besides the throbbing ankle) is that I was stuck in a neck brace for over 5 hours and I wasn't allowed to pee for 6 hours. I was pretty shocky that first night so the pain didn't really register.

The lolarious part is that they actually had to pry my phone out of my hand to treat me. I freaked when they put it out of reach. Poor nurses having to deal with freaking out wook :( I feel awful for them. My mum stayed with me and did a great job holding it together. She only cried once. I guess I looked pretty bad at first.

The best part is that I've been inundated with lots of love, some from very unexpected sources. Coworkers at both jobs have sent flowers and stuff. If only they would send frozen Snickers bars :P

Anyway, I could use some good thoughts out into the universe because, srsly, I am having the worst karma ever right now.


Oct. 10th, 2010 10:08 pm
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You ever read a book and think, "this shit is so bad that I have to share it with the world"?

Below, is a c/p of a sex scene in a book called Bareback Mountain by Frank Sol. It is, hands down, the worst sex scene I have ever read. I laughed so hard I started choking. I scared my dogs as my laughter echoed off the walls of my room.

armpit licking, man-juice, gobbling, uncut prime piece of meat and when no means yes, all for the opportunity to slurp everything out of a fleshy tube )

I'm suddenly feeling a lot better about my own writing...

"Poke, poke, poke," Clint said. "Oh, I just love poking things. Poke, poke, poke, WHAM!" and Clint shoved his hard dick up Jesse's ass.



Nov. 18th, 2009 11:23 pm
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I had one crazykakes old man come in tonight to Fry's. And I lost my temper at him. And he complained to management about me.

See, the conversation started out normal. As with most of the older folks in my area, they always ask what a nice, college educated young woman like me is doing working at a grocery store. So I told this guy the same as I always tell people, I'm working to pay off a mortgage and bills but I'm starting back to school to be a lawyer. Well, oops on that part because he launches into a diatribe about how I shouldn't go into criminal law because it's all "browns and blacks" down here but do you know who makes the best lawyers? The Jews cause they're all liars and you have to be a good liar to be a good lawyer. moar racism and bigotry and my shitty response. Under a cut to spare you if you'd rather not be exposed to anything further. )
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My team won gold! SWEET!

Title: Tombstone, the Town Too Tough To Die
Author: [livejournal.com profile] wook77
Team: Snitch!
Genre(s): EWE
Prompt(s): Hunger or Alchemy, Go West
Rating PG-13
Word Count: ~2790
Summary: Some of the things you find in Tombstone – copper, cowboys, rattlesnakes, sunshine, wooden sidewalks, gunfights, and one Severus Snape (the man too tough to die).
Author Notes/Disclaimers/Betas May thanks to [livejournal.com profile] djin7 for encouraging this and hosting the [livejournal.com profile] snarry_games. Also, many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] raewhit for beta'ing my work. Obviously, all mistakes are my own. I appreciate the opportunity to participate! I must admit that this was partially inspired by [livejournal.com profile] anathema91's recent visit with me to Tombstone. She now has Snarry Cooties on her.

Tombstone, the Town Too Tough to Die )
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Interviewing process: Still interviewing people. Have three more interviews tomorrow. Out of 8 people, I sort of liked 2 of them. They didn't wow me but they didn't horrify me, either. One woman reminded my favorite coworker and myself of Marisa Tomei's character in My Cousin Vinny - big hair, ridiculous shoes, way too much perfume, awful sweater dress. She even had a bit of an accent. And she was pushy as all fuck, making salary demands and adjustments to our benefits package and shit. One guy, he was so nice but I'd eat him alive in about 5 minutes. He was very meek and skittish.

Work: closed the month in a shorter period than my boss has ever done it with 4 people. And I only had 2 of us. Take that. Also processed payroll, did interviews, did payables and a shitload of other special projects in there, as well. Who needs my boss anyway?

Life: I keep having the strangest dreams. Last night, I had the same dream 4 times. I was 2.5 months pregnant and I knew it was a girl. I decided I was going to name it "Mardigan Elizabeth". When my mother asked me why, I replied "because everyone should have a child named after a Val Kilmer character". WTF?! Cause, yanno, if you're going to name a baby girl anything, you should name her after Mad Mardigan from Willow. Oh dream logic, you so crazy.

Tonight was my only night off all this week. So rather than write or watch a movie, I've done 6 loads of laundry, stripped my bed, rotated my mattress, made my bed, cleaned the bathrooms (all 3 full baths), cleaned my room, alphabetized my books, and baked. Well, at least my productivity level has yet to flag. I plan on sleeping on Sunday. I can wait that long, right?

ETA: Awesome! I'm now caught up on commenting on all my tabs that I've had open for over a week. *happy dance at fandom productivity*
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A follow-up to the Rob, Arnie and Dawn fiasco.

I read this article about previous FTC complaints against the Rob, Arnie and Dawn show and I'm appalled and disgusted. I cannot believe that people didn't act before this.

These two men are absolutely appalling. I have no other word for it other than disgusted noises and keyboard smashes. I thought it was bad enough that these men thought it was funny to joke about beating a transgendered child. But to read over their previous statements? Gah. What a bunch of douchenozzles (word stolen from an unnamed source to protect the innocent).

They've "joked" about SIDs, SUV saftey for children (calling the woman in question a "whore"), incestuous relationships between a father and a son and more. Dude. WTF.

As I've said recently, they have every right to say what they want. I have every right not to provide them with corporate sponsorship or an audience. I have every right to not support them with my money through those corporate sponsors. I have every right to think that they deserve to be fired. That's the way that freedom of speech works. They can say it. I'll defend their right to say it. What I can't and won't do is to endorse it or not respond.

That being said - I'm anxious to see how Thursday, June 11th is going to turn out. It looks like they're finally realizing what they said was wrong. They've realized it before, however, and continue to make horrible statements. So I'm not too trusting of what they're going on about.
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As a follow-up to this set of letters -

Dear Law Enforcement, Radio Decency People, Radio personalities and, specifically, the management at KRXQ,

Just so I understand how this works, a white supremecist shock jock says violent things directed at politicians and he gets criminal charges but Rob and Arnie say violent things directed at transgendered/gender-questioning children, and it's just lulz? They're shock jocks and equal opportunity offenders?

Huh. I still don't get it.

In conclusion, FUCK YOU.

Dear Snapple, Sonic and Chipotle (now with added Nissan, AT&T, Verizona, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and McDonalds,

Thanks for being awesome. I had Chipotle at lunch today, bought some Diet Dr. Pepper at Circle K on the way back and am planning on Sonic for lunch tomorrow. I appreciate your willingness to pull your advertising from a popular radio program in light of such hate speech. It takes a lot to make such a stand in this tough market so I appreciate your willingness to do so.


list of advertisers if you want to contact them - UPDATED )

As always, no need to ask permission to link to this or repost the list of advertisers for your own usage on spreading the word.

text of my letter )

Dear Flist,

You know, we write a ton of kinks. Genderbend is all over quite a few fandoms. Can we all please take a few minutes to send a few emails to these advertisers?

I bcc'd each of them and then wrote the above letter. You are more than welcome to c/p the letter and the bcc distribution list.


procity@procitymortgage.com, info@LASIKworld.com, heidi.barker@us.mcd.com, theresa.riley@us.mcd.com, enewswire@fypower.org, info@fypower.org, trcigar@aol.com, public_relations@homedepot.com, david.m.oliver@supervalu.com, steve.j.bloomquist@supervalu.com, Dawn.fones.cv9s@statefarm.com, dbouffard@jewels.com, dale@sleeptrain.com, kschopp@purina.com, Keoni.Wagner@hawaiianair.com, pdugan@mcneilwilson.com, mediarelations@pepboys.com

Send an email and let people know that this sort of hate speech isn't allowed. Please?


ETA: HOMG GUYS! Bank of America just pulled their advertising! We're doing it! I'm now in tears of happiness. You guys! This is AWESOME.
text of the Bank of America Letter I just received )

ETA2: Two things in this ETA. 1) looks like Albertson's Grocery store is not the Albertson's formerly listed as an advertiser (link). So, I'm removing them from the distribution list. ETA2.5: New Albertson's Contact information has been added to the distribution list.

Secondly - It looks like Carl's Jr/Hardee's has pulled their advertising from KXRQ. Folks. This ROCKS!

Text of email from Carl's Jr./Hardee's )

ETA3: Verizon pulls advertising! w00t!

ETA4: Nissan and Wells Fargo are out as well. That's eight companies. Just a few more to go. And any new ones they find to replace the ones that have pulled out.

As a personal aside - keep the updates and the links coming but I'll be at work where I will have no ability to update this post. So any ETAs will come when I get back from my second job.

ETA5: McDonald's and AT&T are out Plus new contact information for Albertson's.

Investors and Financial Media:
David Oliver, 952-828-4540
Steve Bloomquist, 952-828-4144

I have edited these into the distribution list and also above with the contact information.

GLAAD has also asked That we continue to contact the station with our concerns. Let's remember to keep it polite and we'll get heard better. I'd rather they realize that intelligent people don't think this is acceptable. That it's not just a stark-raving mad (and I mean that in the pissed off sort of way) mob coming after them.

Contact information )

BCC list for the show:

imfox@krxq.com, jgeary@entercom.com, kwong@entercom.com, dfield@entercom.com, jboyle@entercom.com, patmartin@krxq.com, jfield@entercom.com, sfisher@entercom.com, wkramer@entercom.com, nmccormack@entercom.com, bpasha@entercom.com

ETA6?: I've had a request for the text of my letter to the radio station. Below the cut is what I sentmy letter to the radio station )

From the most recent update on the GLAADblog:

The pressure seems to have caused a stir at the radio station. Today at 5:28pm EST, we received an email from the General Manager promising a phone call this Monday with a possible resolution.

Me: Amazing what losing 10 corporate sponsors will do to a radio station. Suddenly they're not so funny, huh?

Also - when I wake in the morning, I will add a list of the people that have removed their advertising from this station so we can send off thank you letters, as well. I'll also respond to comments. Right now, though, I'm knackered after working 19 hours straight. I hope you all understand. Go forth and eat burritos and Sonic and Carl's Jr/Hardees. Keep your Verizon and your AT&T cell phones.

You guys are seriously the best thing ever.

ETA6: So I've had requests for a new distribution list.

The only new emails I've been able to find are for the Albertson's people. I will update this list, as well, if anyone can track down email addresses for the two new corporate sponsors/advertisers.

david.m.oliver@supervalu.com, steve.j.bloomquist@supervalu.com, Dawn.fones.cv9s@statefarm.com, dbouffard@jewels.com, dale@sleeptrain.com, kschopp@purina.com, Keoni.Wagner@hawaiianair.com, pdugan@mcneilwilson.com, mediarelations@pepboys.com

Updated! Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] stitchesandlace for finding all this for me!

Also - I've had a request for a list of whom to send thank you notes to. Below is the distribution list that I've put together (will be updated should anyone new be added):

corpcsf@wellsfargo.com, heidi.barker@us.mcd.com, Debra.Lewis@VerizonWireless.com, john.britton@att.com, joseph.l.goode@bankofamerica.com, Darryll.harrison@nissan-usa.com, pr@ckr.com, astrohm@barkleyus.com, mediarelations@chipotle.com

Please note that I cannot find an email address for Snapple. They do have a Contact Us form, however.

Finally (for this ETA) - Googlecache of the sponsors. Anyone finds an email address they'd like added to the distribution lists, let me know.

Red Bull - Still no working email address for them but I do now have a fax line (thanks [livejournal.com profile] morgandawn
RBNA Headquarters

1740 Stewart Street
90404 Santa Monica
+1 310 393-4647
+1 310 230-2361
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Dear Rob, Arnie, KRXQ Management, Radio Talent and Supporters,

FUCK YOU. [warning: trigger material regarding child abuse and transgendered issues] No, seriously. FUCK YOU. [audio of the rant and omg, it is AWFUL]



An apology? That's it? Really? Howard Stern gets fired for talking about sex. Don Imus gets fired for saying "nappy haired hos". These guys just get to apologize and move the fuck on? Seriously? They need to be fired, not given the opportunity to say some heidipology and move the fuck on.

Disappointed in you,

A quick summation of some of the things said during the rant. Do me a favor and don't do what I did and read the comments to the article. You'll be better off.

Dear Chipotle,

I knew there was a reason I eat at your place once a week.

Much love,
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I was rearended by a stolen KIA minivan driven by an illegal alien who subsequently walked off into a nearby wash. I did make the traffic reports as I was on one of the busiest roads in Tucson. Also 'crazy' by aerosmith was on the radio. And my mum drove past me on her way to the vets.

I'm fine... Just a few aches and pains. Car is mainly fine.

Crappy photo )

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Title: Keeping Time
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Snape/Teddy, Remus/Sirius
Rating: Hard R
Warnings: sexual!Snape, adult characters with crossgen of a major age gap (~40 years)
Wordcount: 5600 words
Summary: A watch, a kiss, a spell, a chance encounter, a hidden voice.
A/N: Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] elanorofcastile for putting up with my flailing as the first file disappeared on me and the beta and [livejournal.com profile] djin7 for her beta and AWESOME suggestions. Written for [livejournal.com profile] chibitoaster's birthday. Way back at Terminus, I promised her a Snape/Teddy story for her birthday and this is what came of it. I'm not at all certain this is what she was envisioning but... even though the story isn't all that happy, I wish you the happiest of happys, [livejournal.com profile] chibitoaster!!! May you have plenty of success, love and happiness in the future! To reiterate, both characters are of adult and legal age of consent within the United States. (Teddy is ~23 and Snape is ~60)

Keeping Time )
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#1 news - I haz new bumper! The front bumper on my car has been dangling for years. see? it used to hang on by duct tape. ghetto? yep. So I bought the bumper kit off of ebay and then crossed my fingers that I wouldn't get ripped off. I didn't. It's so gorgeous and now I really need to get the car painted. My paint has been baking off in the Arizona sun so it's time to get a new paint job. Found a place that will do it for dirt cheap too. *BEAMS*

After getting the bumper, I went to Pep Boys to buy armor-all and assorted vehicle sundries (new wiper blades=ftw). Which leads me to -

#2 news - I was in line at Pep Boys when this person behind me goes [wook]? And I looked back and stared in shock. I had this annoying girl that used to cling to me when we worked at a science center together way back in university days (so like 1998ish). She had the most annoying voice. I'll have to do a voicepost to do my imitation of "Sarah". Anyway - so she also looked really freaky. And when I turned around, she looked EVEN WORSE. OMG. She had this super kinky perm (which she always sort of had but now it was way worse) and it was dyed a really fake black and it looked like a femmullet (yanno, a female mullet?). omg. just omg. I did NOT want to acknowledge her because a.) she really knifed me in the back for a job at the science center years ago and I had severed the ties back then and b.) she looked like a 50 year old Harley chick who's had too much to drink at Sturgis (you know the one - the who didn't know that she shouldn't be wearing those leathers, basking in the sun that much and dying her hair like that). Dude. And to top it off, she was wearing those lycra bicycle shorts from the 80s. Ok, one or two of the above? I could deal. All of it? No thank you.

But instead - I bit the tongue and was polite because she lives up in Gilbert and is currently unemployed (mwahahahaha, KARMA BITCH) and has a shittier life than me. I'm glad I was nice. (yes, I am just that shallow at times)

#3 news - You all are going to laugh at me but... here goes. So I finish at pep boys and while I'm chatting with "Sarah", I try to pop my hood. It doesn't pop. After FINALLY getting rid of "sarah", I go around to the side to get my new wiper blades installed and ask the mechanic to look at the hood. They go on and on and on about how I'll have to buy parts from the dealer and it'll be over a thousand bucks and I'm like aslkdfa;sfdj WTS?! So I go back to the hot guy friend who put on the bumper kit for me. Hood pops just fine. He has me do it - hood doesn't pop. Well, it turns out that if you go to pop your TRUNK, your hood doesn't open. *facepalm BLUSHOMG* I ... am a moron of the first degree. I blame "sarah" as she followed me out to my car and wouldn't stfu. Or the lack of food. Or the lack of sleep. Anything that doesn't make me seem like the idiot that I really am.

#4 news - I am feeling wicked amounts better. Like - stomach barely churns at food now. I had a chicken sandwich with (my version of) a salad at lunch and numnumnum. It was the first complete meal I've had since Tuesday at lunch. SOOOO Good. I think I'm back :D. I lost 4 lbs from being sick, though, so w00t.

#5 news - Penguins in Stanley Cup Finals. a;lsdfj;lasdfj YES! Game starts in like 20 minutes. You can bet your ass that I'll be biting my nails and cheering my boys on. It's going to be a tight series and here's my prediction - it's going to go all 7 games and end in overtime. Both teams are just so fucking good.

ETA: Dear Speshul Snowflake Flower Fleury - STOP FUCKING SCORING ON YOURSELF ASSHOLE! This is hockey, not wanking. The goal isn't to score on oneself. No love, me.

#6 news - [livejournal.com profile] elanorofcastile pwns me so hardcore. She's doing so much work with the websites and stuff. omg. Without her? I'd be totally insane.
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Today was the workday from hell.

It started with an email from the payroll company telling me that they were unwilling to do further research and that I should seek legal counsel to sue an employee to get the duplicate paid funds back from said employee. Only catch? Said employee only got the funds once, as I've been saying from the beginning. It was clearly apparent that the fucktard hadn't bothered to look at my email let alone the email attachment showing the employee's bank statement illustrating that they only got the funds once. Fucking fucktarding assholes.

Then, we have our annual audit going on right now. work babble )

Fandom-wise, I'm writing for fun and that is very very nice. I have a huge deamus that will eventually go along with the [livejournal.com profile] 100quills claim I made for Deamus but for now, I'm just tweaking for canon compliance before I start sending to beta and then posting. It's sitting at about 27000 words right now with IDK how many more to go.

[livejournal.com profile] rs_small_gifts is making me feel like the nose-picker in elementary school that's last to get picked for dodgeball. I thought I made relatively open requests but no one's claimed any of them. *le sad* All I want is kissing. That's it. However, I claimed something that is made of win and the only problem with it that I shall have is keeping it small. Plus the mods are made of win and have promised everyone who claims will get something so I still have something to look forward to, regardless of said nose-picker status.

UGH, speaking of nosepicking, brief rant about Tucson drivers ) Sorry about that, now on to the rest of the post...

[livejournal.com profile] thescarletwoman and I have assumed the reins at [livejournal.com profile] rs_prophet and we're looking to revitalize and relaunch it. If you have any current Remus/Sirius writers you think we should watch, leave a list here, please. Also, if you're interested in being an editor, email me? wook77[at]livejournal[dot]com.

Typing my email up there reminded me that my paid account is expiring soon. I'm really sad to be losing my icons and that whole LJ email thing.

Finally, a couple of recs.

Because I'm finally able to put coherent thought into it. At [livejournal.com profile] hpslashnotsmut, I received Observance and it's Dean/Seamus. Brilliant composition and form, unique and lovely. Add in that this mystery author's characterisations are spot-on and I'm in love. It entwines within the Deathly Hallows canon and it's seamless, really. Just little bibs and bobs of canon that I just love so much. It's extremely well done and I can't tell you that enough. There's these little idiosyncratic observances that really make the story completely full and vibrant. It had me from the first sentence, really. I wanted to know more and the author really gave me just enough to fill in the blanks ALMOST to the point of being satiated. I absolutely love a story that does that for me. I'm gobsmacked that it only has 2 comments on it. Surely more people have read it and enjoyed it.

[livejournal.com profile] kaalee wrote a stream-of-consciousness drabble-ish Dean/Seamus for my birthday - Deadly Perfection. We've had these conversations about how I'm a bit of a stream of consciousness author, I like giving insights into their heads and writing exactly what the characters are thinking and [livejournal.com profile] kaalee claims that she can't do that. Personally, I think and have thought, she's full of shit. This right here is my physical proof. It flows really nicely and gives you a fleshed out picture simply by what it implies in between the thoughts.

Go forth and heap the love by telling the creators of these (and more) works that you enjoyed them!
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I've been collecting links to share for like 3 weeks now so here goes:

The List of Fail:

Dear Orlando -

You win! You're the fail of the post! FAIL that words cannot describe. In what world does it make sense to criminalize people feeding other people. Oh wait, but if we criminalize feeding the homeless, they'll go away. Yeah, cause it worked so well in the 80s. In conclusion, triple fail.

No love, me

Army Colonel Cheats on Wife, Fakes Paternity Test Oh fuck off, you twunt. Suck it up, accept responsibility and move the fuck on. Also - if you were any sort of smart, you wouldn't be in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. (Disclaimer: I was born there. I'm smart, I left.)

Truth behind puppies at pet stores (Video by the Humane Society of the United States). Then again, who really needs to see the parents of the animal anyway? Also - I've had this discussion before, please note the large amount of Amish people at these things (and using microphones!). The Amish are some of the worst offenders when it comes to puppy mills. Oh but that puppy's so cute, I must have it! MY puppy doesn't come from a puppy mill, it's all the other pet stores that do it.

Way to go, RIAA - With PR like this, who needs album advertising?

Senior citizens who happen to be gay get shunted off with the insane because they're offensive - huh. Assholes. Plenty of stories in the NYT article which I cannot direct link to.

What sort of world do we live in that A bullet-proof hoodie is needed?

And people wonder why I don't like riding in hot air balloons or ferris wheels. Because you can fall out and die.

Larger List of Win:

7 year old climbs into a toy machine. HEEEEE

Instructions on how to create your own ringtones for your cellphones SCORE!

Campaign to have Peter Jackson direct Deathly Hallows He has to be able to do a better job.

This weekend is International Clean Up Weekend!

Mr Potato Head is a drug smuggler. Yes, kids, it's true. I hope he goes to rehab. It's worked well for Britney and Lindsey, after all.

DUUUUDDDDEEEEE, a 21 Foot Long X-Wing Model that FLIES. Win all around. In fact, Win of the Post.

The Killers cover Joy Division. At first, I was all, no frikken way. I adore Joy Division and I love the Killers but both? But it's serious win. First runner-up of Win.

Me Wants

Small List of Other:

I have a large list of recommendations but best fic I've read in weeks - Combat Rock which is Remus/Sirius and just brilliantly painful and poignant and so amazingly visceral. I am in love with this story. Go read.

I'm watching two tv shows right now: Moonlight (which always makes me want to say Moonlighting but then it'd be Bruce Willis and I might have to gouge my eyes out). It's alright, I'm more watching for the pretty.

And, best show ever. It's like Mel Brooks meets friends - Big Bang Theory. It's nerdy and funny and awesome. In the second episode, the one nerd comes out of his bedroom wielding a green lightsaber to protect himself. They play world of warcraft and omg, it's just fucking awesome. I laughed so hard, I had pop coming out my nose and I fell off the couch. Check it out if you're even semi-sort of geeky because it's seriously just AWESOME.

7 Quirks Meme )

In the past week and a half, I have finished 4 stories and have another 3 to go before I go on vacation (ZOMG TWO WEEKS). smutty_claus, daily_deviant and two lines are all due the beginning of November and I'd rather get them out of the way before vacation and nanowrimo. BTW - if you want to keep up with my nanowrimo writing, you will have to friend [livejournal.com profile] tryntje as nothing will be posted publicly.

Right. Back to writing. Anyone wanna distract me? I don't think [livejournal.com profile] yodels is around with her giant stick of deadlines to smack me.

Voice Post

Sep. 18th, 2007 06:11 pm
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Really pisspoor impression... now with more valleygirl!wook!
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True story from the workfiles of wook -

I was sitting at my desk, innocently listening to my very large playlist. I'm working on balancing payroll and my boss, his boss and a member of our oversight and financial boards come into my office to go through our payroll balancing spreadsheet and an overview of what I work with.

and then the most embarrassing thing happened... )

To make me feel better, what embarrassing as fuck things have happened to any of you at work? Please to be sharing.
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I need a happy place. Please... my coworker seriously just pissed herself and now the office smells like piss and I really really need a happy place to escape to.

Link me fic...link me art... link me smut... link me DOM... link me MONABOYD... link me pretteh boys... link me anything that will take me away from this wretched place. I don't give a shit about what fandom they're from... if it takes you to your happy place, then share it with me.

And because I know my flist... if you link me to watersports I will be very very unhappy...

Please, for the love of wook, spam my journal with anything that will take me to a happy place.

Current Fic: Billy's Girlfriend
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Smutmas assignments just went out and excuse me for this but...


Just too unbelievably wonderful. I had one person I really really really wanted to write for and I got that one person and just OMG YAYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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If the world is going to end today since fake number of the Beast and all that...

why did I have to wake up early and come in and do payroll? Seriously?

This end of the world shit is so disappointing. First it was Y2K and that was a bust.

Now it's 6-6-06. The only thing that makes today hell is that I had to be in at work by 7am when I left work last night past 7.

Then again - perhaps the world ended and I really am stuck in hell... it just happens to be on Earth.

Oh well... I have pr0n and donuts and diet coke. I guess I'll enjoy the apocolypse. And payroll.

We do still get paid post-Apocolypse, right? Cause if we don't, I might be even more mad that I'm stuck doing a payroll that doesn't mean anything.

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