Apr. 19th, 2011 11:50 am
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Name me a character! I will tell you:

* How I FEEEEEL about this character
* All the people I ship romantically with this character
* My non-romantic OTP for this character
* My unpopular opinion about this character
* One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon.

Work is work is work.

On my third playthrough of DA2. I've romanced Anders, Fenris and now, Isabela. I'm sort of enjoying all three and would love it if the game would give the opportunity for an orgy (excluding Merrill, cause that's just creepy to me).

I'm so beyond annoyed at the lady that rolled over my 401(k) into an IRA. I was told that it was a Roth IRA, received tax paperwork and filed said tax paperwork. Now she tells me that I shouldn't have received the tax paperwork and that my IRA is not a Roth IRA. I've had to ask her, four times so far, to send me the paperwork to make this into a Roth IRA. This has been going on since April of LAST YEAR. She didn't even think of following up until October when I emailed her back that I thought it was done. She then didn't follow up until I told her that I couldn't contribute to it correctly. Stupid fucking idiotic asshole. I got snippy on the phone with her. By snippy, I mean forceful and laid out all of my concerns in a polite manner even though I wanted to curse at her. It doesn't help that her style of communication bothers me. It takes her about 5 minutes to say something that should only take 30 seconds because of all her "um", "uh" and draaaagggggging out of random words. Plus, she has this really soft, insipid voice that does nothing to inspire confidence in knowledge.
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You know what's awesome? Hawaii Five-0. You know what's even more awesome? Sharing it with people.

Friending meme time.


If you feel like pimping, here's the code (and a smaller banner):

Fill in whatever you feel like filling in. If you want to suggest a different piece of information, just include it.

danke to [ profile] elanorofcastile for doing the banners for me and hosting them!

Voice Post

Jan. 11th, 2011 07:17 pm
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The words “roof”, “aunt”, “direction”, and “naturally”; to which list the Q family appended “school”, “book”, “g’day”, “castle”, “grass”, “aluminium”, “herbs”, and “caramel” - and Shoc added "dynasty", "theatre", "adult", "garage", advertisment", "fertile", "anaesthetist", "banana", "Berkshire", "Derby", "Hertford"... and Kerry added, "water", "KERRY", "CARRY", "MARY" , "goat" and "goal". I added "yellow", "fire", and "truck" in a Carlisle, PA accent. I also added "Forrester Street" from Harrisburg, PA.

What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?
What is the bug that when you touch it, curls into a ball?
What is the bubbly carbonated drink called?
What do you call gym shoes?
What do you say to address a group of people?
What do you call the kind of spider that has an oval-shaped body and extremely long legs?
What do you call your grandparents?
What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket?
What do you call it when rain falls while the sun is shining?
What is the thing you change the TV channel with?
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omg, with the memes again. wtf, self?

Sorry, I have fic coming, promise.

Until then... stolen from someone on the flist...

Go to google and type in "you know you're from [state]" and bold the things that apply to you

you know you're from Pennsylvania if... )

I am so embarrassed by all the language ones. I say all those things if you get me especially shitfaced and around someone from PA. It's awful. I start sounding all PA Dutch when I've worked so hard to get that crap outta me. [ profile] kerryblaze - don't even try this the next time we get together. I will hurt you :P

And I really miss chicken corn soup from a firehall. Like bad. Like bad enough that I'm actually talking about a "food trip" with my mum wherein we visit tons of our favorite food places and eat and eat and eat and eat.

Funny story tying in to You live within two miles of a plant that makes potato chips, corn chips,pretzels, candy, or ice cream, or that packages turkeys, beans, or bologna.

I grew up in farming country near Carlisle, PA. For a school field trip in third grade, we went to a cemetery to see the Molly Pitcher Memorial. Did I mention the fact that there was an entire group of small children being dragged through a cemetery? Then, for lunch, we walked across the street to the Kunzler Hot Dog Factory where we got to watch them grind up the beef (they had artwork featuring farm animals hanging on the walls, too. So, just in case you weren't certain what they were grinding up, there were cute little pictures of pigs, chickens and cows on the walls as helpful reminders), "slide" it into the intestinal sheaths before steaming them and then the factory manager trooped us all upstairs where we got to eat the hot dogs we just watched get made.

Not only did I have one of the worst field trips ever, but I didn't eat hot dogs for years afterwards. It was that traumatic. What's the worst field trip you ever had? Let's compare childhood traumas.


Aug. 15th, 2010 09:38 pm
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I want to play!

Ask me my Top 5 things :D
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It's been probably about a year since I did this meme so I thought I'd do it again.

The "Getting To Know The Flist Random Things Meme"

Under the cut - 10 Random Things about me. Feel free to comment with a random factoid about you!

10 Random Things )

What about you? What's an interesting factoid?
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I'm writing three really really long fics but I'd like to work on something shorter. Thus, meme.

1. Pick a letter, then pick a word that starts with that letter
2. Supply a character or pairing (fandoms: Reboot Trek, VERY limited HP, Departed, Boondock Saints, Four Brothers, Green Street Hooligans, KOTOR, X-Men Wolverine Logan/Remy) (if you want something in an existing universe, feel free to name it as well) to accompany that word
3. You can duplicate a character or pairing that someone has already suggested, but you cannot duplicate a letter
4. You can be as random as you'd like.
5. I will then drabble (drabble being in the eye of the reader).
6. Profit

List o' Letters )


Jan. 9th, 2010 09:50 am
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I like this meme so I'm following along.

Countdown Meme )


Sep. 27th, 2009 07:49 pm
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I'm curious and avoiding writing...

Post a picture in my comments of what you think describes me when you think about what/who I am. Give no written explanation. Just an image.

Post this in your journal and see what images you get.
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I'm going to respond to comments right after this, I promise.

I just sent off my extremely rough draft of my [ profile] bigbangblackout fic. Thankfully I have until August to tweak it. That's one thing off my mind, however.

I'm going tubing down the Salt River tomorrow. I have to be out of the house no later than 630am.

Went to see Transformers and The Proposal today. Both were good movies for what they are. However, the popcorn I got was definitely not good as I'm now lying here completely ill. I had to call out at Fry's because my stomach is so upset. Thankfully, I avoided talking to the manager who tries to guilt trip me into coming in and, instead, lucked out and got the manager who doesn't give a shit.

I have 3k of Kirk Sammich fic done. Am working on it right now as I lie here trying to keep my dinner down. Of course, my simple little PWP turned epic and angsty. :/ wtf, brain, wtf. PWP, it ain't that hard except for the part where it is.

[ profile] elanorofcastile and I will be beboping hotels on the 21st as we're going to be in town until the 22nd. Anyone around that might be able to drive us to the new hotel? *puppy eyes* We're going to try to do something touristy. Anyone around then that might want to hang out? Maybe go see Alcatraz or something? Bueller... bueller...

Also - wtf, San Francisco?! Highs in the mid-60s? Really? I'll be packing my sweaters. :/ Dammit.

I bought 4 bottles of vodka for Azkatraz. Yes, I only remember the important shit. I also have Pucker that I'd bought and realized, afterwards, that I didn't much care for. I'll be bringing that, as well.

I got my hair cut and colored. Forgot to take photos. Must rectify soon.

This mockery of Rob Liefeld will never not be funny. I didn't give two shits about Shatterstar but now that he's finally coming out of the fucking closet with Rictor, I'm really interested. (See here for a summation of what I'm talking about) I'm glad that Marvel is finally having some gay superheroes that snog. Bless you, god of comics. Now if only Logan and Remy would come out of their closets and fuck like rabbits with each other, I'd be complete.

Finally, a meme - Any fics you guys would like to see a "dvd commentary" of? I'm sort of tempted to do this and I'm curious if there are any that you guys might be interested in hearing my thoughts on. However old, I don't really care. Just tell me the title and fandom (as I repeated a few titles).


May. 28th, 2009 11:28 pm
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As I continue to scribble away at copious amounts of Star Trek, I thought I'd do that meme that's floating around. Except there's no way I can pick just 10. So I broke it down into het and slash and posted them in no discernable order.

Choose your top 10> 15 pairings from any fandom:


1.) Dean/Seamus (HP)
2.) Kirk/McCoy (ST:XIverse)
3.) Connor/Murphy MacManus (Boondock Saints)
4.) Bobby/Jack Mercer (Four Brothers)
5.) Bryce Dignam/Billy Costigan (The Departed)
6.) Pete Dunham/Carl Buckner (Hooligans/Green Street Hooligans)
7.) Tyr Anasazi/Seamus Harper (Andromeda)
8.) Harry/Draco (HP)
9.) Remus/Sirius (HP)
10.) Matt/Mohinder (Heroes)
11.) Chekov/Sulu (ST:XIverse)
12.) Logan/Remy (X-Men)
13.) Agent Zero/Bolt (X-Men)
14.) Luke/Wedge (Star Wars)
15.) Wedge/Tycho (Star Wars)


1.) Spock/Uhura (ST:XIverse)
2.) Colin/Parvati (HP)
3.) Seamus/Lavender (HP)
4.) Neville/Ginny (HP)
5.) Seamus Harper/Andromeda (Andromeda)
6.) George/Mason (Dead Like Me)
7.) Dean/Luna (HP)
8.) Logan/Jean Grey (X-Men)
9.) Iceman/Rogue (X-Men)
10.) Revan/Malak (Star Wars:KOTOR)
11.) Carth/Revan (Star Wars: KOTOR)
12.) Exile/Atton (Star Wars: KOTOR)
13.) Revan/Canderous (Star Wars: KOTOR)
14.) Wedge/Winter (Star Wars)
15.) Han/Leia (Star Wars)

Also - after reviewing the business plan for my main place of employment, I've come to the conclusion that it is as follows:

1.) Get offered retail space for store.
2.) Think about opening store.
3.) ???
4.) Profit!

They had no cost of goods sold or payroll expenses factored into the budget. None. So they're going to sell shit that, um, doesn't cost anything and is sold by elves in the middle of the night? IDEK.
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A long time ago, [ profile] yodels asked me for pics of my cow collection. I literally just unpacked part of it today. I have about fifty Cow Parade cows but I could only find nine so far. So, I'm finally fulfilling the request from the one pic meme.

Pics under the cut )

So... Anyone want to see anything? With the phone, this is wicked amounts easier. :D

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Daily Happiness Day 8!

1.) This meme is over!

2.) [Rules/Regulations] [Fandoms: #-C] [Fandoms: D-H] [Fandoms: I-R] [Fandoms: S-Z]

3.) WOLVERINE IN LESS THAN THREE HOURS! *spazzes* Supposedly there are multiple aftercredit thingies so stay after the credits, people! Tell me what one you got! Also - join me in spazzing!


5.) Did I mention Wolverine opens tonight?

6.) And that it has Gambit in it?

7.) Just in case that I didn't - WOLVERINE AND GAMBIT

ETA: Spoilers in comments.
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[ profile] elanorofcastile makes me happy. She's got a big win, I don't think I'm talking out of turn here.

X-men tomorrow night!

My new lawn art makes me happy. This guy makes art out of found objects.

Pics! )

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Daily Happiness Day 6:

Another safety committee meeting, another awesome meeting.

I got a birthday gift to someone EARLY. This while birthday gifts for the past year languish in a box up in my room.

I've discovered Whatever, Martha - where two snarky women watch old clips of Martha Stewart. One of the women is Martha's daughter. It's hilarious. Plus - they call each other "douche". Srsly awesome. Also - seeing Martha's daughter fail at crafts is so so so worth it.

Also - proof that the apocalypse is coming - Arlen Specter of the "fuck Anita Hill, she was asking for it" bullshit is now a Democrat.

The paint shop guy that I visited today to get a quotation on painting my car didn't mock the fact that my chosen color is also the color of my nails on toes and fingers.

I started writing an H/D fic with [ profile] neversleeps. It's looking awesome.

ETA: And I forgot! Rumor mill has it that there's going to be a Gambit spinoff movie! EEEEEEEEEEEE
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Larry McMurty was just in my office. It was so hard to keep from flailing at him. It was really, really hard.

I have stalker photos to edit into the post but they show his car's license plate so I have to edit the pictures first.

Oh man awesome.

Oh and he thinks my laugh is AWESOME! He said it was "an expression of true joy". Dude. The fangirl is strong right now!
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Day 3 daily happiness:

I had the day off from Frys (but not the main job).

My hair still looks fabulous.

I went to bed early.

Day 4:

I've had another 4 productive meetings and, even though the CEO and the operations director think that I'm incompetent, the managers and other directors don't.

My savings account went over three digits. Not a bfd for most of you but a huge deal for me.


[ profile] slashfest vii.5 is coming. The half round will have about 450 outstanding requests just waiting for people to grab 'em.


Omg I forgot the best part!!! I have tastykakes!!!! Omnomnom
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Daily happiness day 2 -

Um... I'm not getting my car fixed so there's 500 bucks in my pocket.

The floors at work finally got cleaned.

Before and after photos )

I'm working a few less hours at Frys so I'm going to get more sleep!

I had my first safety committee meeting and the people on it thought I rocked.

Some of it is a stretch as, on the whole, today sucked. But I found some happy:D

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Was tagged for the 8 Days of Happiness Meme and as I've only really been pissing and moaning lately, I thought I'd do it.

1. Post about something that made you happy today.
2. Repeat for eight days.
3. Tag eight people to do the same: (you don't have to)

Not going to tag.

Things that make me happy -

1.) There's this little known movie that's coming out. I don't think I've mentioned it here before but it's about these people with special powers and they can do some kick ass stuff. It's called X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Yeah, I'm sure I haven't mentioned it before but the US premiere is in Tempe AZ and I'm going. a;dslfkjasd;flkas;kdflj HUGH JACKMAN! LIEV SCHREIBER! RYAN REYNOLDS! TAYLOR KITSCH! DOM MONAGHAN (maybe)! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG Best thing ever!

ok so that one is cheating. How about -

2.) Heroes. The consumption continues. omnomnomnom BTW - I read this amazing story with Mohinder's mum visiting Matt/Mohinder. Now I can't find it! Help?

3.) I'm getting my car's body damage fixed tomorrow. I also get to drive a shiny rental car for awhile. I hope through until Tuesday so I can take that up to Phoenix for the US FREAKING PREMIERE OF X-MEN ORIGINS *spazzes again*

4.) Writing. I've started an original m/m story and am working through a few other epics including a dean/seamus and harry/draco fic, a Sirius Big Bang fic, the prequel to Memories as a Teacup, an X-Men Wolverine/Gambit fic, and a Matt/Mohinder in Heroes.

5.) The budget at work is almost done which means I can go back to being lazy. Err, working.
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I just took a four hour nap. It was lovely.

I've been working crazy amounts of hours (err, duh) and I'm sort of at the end of my rope. I'm thinking of moving into town and getting an apartment by myself. It'd be cheaper and I wouldn't have to work crazy amounts of hours. IDK. It's just all thoughts right now. All I know is that my family is driving me nuts here and I'm driving myself nuts, too.


I tried to find the rules, I give up. Thus, a c/p of one line of a few of my wips.

1.) They're talking about Dean and how he's murdered Seamus.

2.) "Hi, Pete. Had a good day, you?" Remus looks up as the waitress approaches and orders his tea and sandwich. "Ham on rye, please."

3.) His tongue darted out as he angled the camera and she wondered what he would taste like as they kissed, if he'd be slightly minty like he'd just brushed his teeth or if he'd have the taste of his favourite curry on his tongue.

4.) When Sirius opened his eyes, he thought, at first, that it was Christmas morning. The only illumination in the darkness were thousands of fairy lights as they twinkled in a myriad of colours.

5.) As Draco crosses a street outside of the Ministry of Magic in the middle of Muggle London, a doubledecker bus's brakes fail and it hits the man next to him, making him bounce off the bus like a pinball in a machine.

6.) In a moment of rare poetic thought, Seamus thought that all the incandescent beauty of the dress couldn't possibly rival the beauty of Lavender herself. The saccharine sentiment made Seamus snort out loud, drawing a few gazes his way.

7.) "Cat got your tongue?" Fabian asks from across the table, a cocky expression on his face that Sirius wants to remove using any means possible.

8.) It's been years since Parvati saw Dennis. After the battle at Hogwarts, after Lavender healed, after Colin's funeral, all Parvati had wanted to do was hide, burrow deep into the comforts she knew so well and hide from everyone and everything.

9.) They'd been drunk (doesn't it always start with 'they'd be drunk'?) and one drink had led to a kiss had led to a touch had led to sucking had led to handjobs had led to sleeping together had led to waking up together and staring.

10.) Seamus turns and glares at Dean. "'Hey, Harry, I know we've been mates for years now so I'm certain that you won't have a problem with the two of us being queer for one another and keeping our jobs, yeah?'"

11.) It's the fourth night in a row and the whore is still refusing to go upstairs with him, refusing to do anything but flirt and occasionally sit on his lap.

12.) There are a few things that are constants in Dean Thomas's life. The sky is blue. The grass is green. Seamus Finnigan never stops talking.

13.) Gambit much prefers the pace of New Orleans. The sights and sounds of it, the way that music is always in the air, the spice that accompanies the music, making his mouth water and his brain conjure images of Tante Isabel cooking in the kitchen.

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