Oct. 27th, 2009 12:29 am
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Like everyone else, I had a rather, err, interesting geocities webpage series. Mainly, it was a bunch of sites about my various dogs but it also had a few of my first online get togethers on there. Before I entered fandom and went to cons, I was part of a group called the TriviaRegs and, before that, The Brats. We dominated the trivia chatrooms of Yahoo. We were elitist jerks and we loved it. We had our own set of rules on how to interact with others and woe to the person that violated those rules (NO NUMBER QS). In 2000, we had our first get together in Chicago and I just spent an hour or so revisiting memories from that get together. Oh man, the memories.

From there, it was Pleasure Island and Vegas and San Fran and Chicago once more. I organized the Vegas one and omg, so much fun to do. I still have my t-shirts with and without signatures. There was wank and the occasional kerfluffle but, all in all, a brilliant bunch of folks. You could almost say that this was my first online fandom, even if it was random trivia. I still talk to some of these people years later. I just found one of the last photos of a friend of mine and her husband. He had a massive coronary like a week after the photo was taken.

I'm feeling super nostalgic and I'm sort of sad that geocities is going away, even if I rarely visit.

I grabbed photos off my webpages as that's all I really had to lose. I'm sad to see some of the X-Men fic disappear because that's only on geocities.

I'm all super nostalgic right now, which is all right since it was my birthday and I always turn introspective and contemplative around then. I've been mainlining Knights of the Old Republic and I'm falling in love with Canderous and Carth all over. I love the slash, don't get me wrong but in this fandom, het is the OTP. I have such a tough time choosing between Carth and Canderous. Canderous is all ubermale and Carth is the touchyfeely angstflyboy. They're both lovely but I cannot see anything with them together.

And ugh, finished Korriban but, dude, what a waste of time because there was no Dustil and I can't have no Dustil because Dustil makes Carth happy :( (yeah, like all of 3 of you will get what I'm angsting about here). So, off to Tatooine and then to redo Korriban.

Why, yes, this is how I've been spending my vacation. :D I have one more day and then right back into 60-70 hours a week of work again.
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I have done nothing productive today at all. I slept in until 11, ate, took a nap from 1-5, ate and then cruised LJ. And, ok, I read three books.

One of the things I did tonight was to look at [ profile] crack_broom and see a rec. That lead me to cruising this artist's deviantArt portfolio and omg. So much awesome art.

HP Artwork:

Jestino -
Original Rec - Dean/Seamus

Brilliant Remus/Sirius (slightly NSFW due to bare chests)

Andromeda Black and Ted Tonks oh man. This is a lovely lovely thing. It makes me even sadder about what happens in DH :(

Pansy/Luna that's so dreamy and fits with Luna.

Lily/James - the happiness in this is just utterly infectious.

And then you know how it goes - you link and link and link. So here are some more of the art I've enjoyed tonight -

Marauders by Gold-Seven I love that they're not classically beautiful. I totes see the Marauders as nerds so it's awesome to have that there. I see James and Sirius as the pocketprotector wearing sorts at times so <3 for a non-model look.

Harry Gen Piece by Gold-Seven. "I Open at the Close" - one of the saddest scenes in the whole book. Beautifully rendered.

Weasley is Our King by Gold-Seven. Awesome Ron artwork.

Another Weasley is Our King by Gold-Seven. Poor Ron :(. I think it's cause he just found out his cock doesn't work :(

Lupin sleeping on the train by Gold-Seven. I so want to snuggle up with him.

Gold-Seven has lots of LOTR artwork, as well.

Star Wars Artwork:

Wedge Antilles by Callista1981 Is it any wonder he's my favorite? Look at that intensity.

Male Exile - as much as I'd like to believe that both Exile and Revan were girls, this artwork makes me wonder if I should just change my mind on Exile :/

Baron Fel by Callista1981 oh man. I so want to ship Wedge/Fel.

Wedge, Corran and Tycho by Callista1981. Did I ever tell you the story of how knowing who Tycho Celchu got me a date? No? I'll have to tell you about it sometime :D.

KOTOR Wallpaper Featuring Atton and Kreia bitch

Female Revan. GAH. So pretty. I now want to go and read all the Revan/Carth stories I can omg.

Her KOTOR gallery As this post is getting so long - just look at all this awesome KOTOR artwork. Only complaint is that it needs more Canderous. God, I would so shag Canderous.
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Title: Untitled
Fandom: KOTOR (Knights of the Old Republic)
Pairing: Implied FLS Revan/Carth
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 503
Warnings: Angst
Summary: She doesn't want to be like this, doesn't want to want what she can't have.
A/N: I've been *meh* about writing so I tested myself by seeing what I could write in 15 minutes. This is the result. Self-beta'd.

She doesn't want to be like this... )
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Title: Stagnation
Fandom: KoToR
Author: [ profile] wook77
Rating: G
Character: Juhani centric
Wordcount: 266
Warnings: Sketchy timeline
A/N: Day 10 of the Fic Advent Calendar. Also - written in honor of [ profile] albur's birthday. Timeline's sketchy as I can't quite remember when the Council was destroyed... I'm out of practice writing KoToR so my apologies.

There were mornings that she wondered if it was worth getting out of bed... )
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Title: Intentions
Fandom: KOTOR (Star Wars)
Characters: Revan-centric
Genre: Gen
Wordcount: 1129
Warnings: Implied violence, non-major character death, possible spoilers for KOTOR
Rating: PG-13 (to be safe)
Summary: It started off innocently enough. The mask was getting more comfortable each and every day. Each tremble in the Force ate just a little bit more of her soul.
A/N: This story was written for the KOTOR Fan Media Villians challenge. It is meant to be a prologue to the events of KOTOR. As always, I'd love to hear what you think.

Intentions )
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The following is my proposed entry for [ profile] 1character. The premise is that you have fifty prompts and you write one sentence for each prompt. This is KOTOR (Knights of the Old Republic-centric).

A little about KOTOR <i>spoiler alert</i> )

Title: Musings
Fandom: Star Wars (Knights of the Old Republic)
Character: Carth Onasi
Theme set: Epsilon
Disclaimer: Not mine, never has been, never will be. All copywrited characters, scenes, etc belong to Lucasarts and associated businesses.
Rating: PG

Musings )

Finally - as a forewarning to those on my flist that are only HP-centric (i.e. - not kotor nerds such as myself), I will gradually be posting my large KOTOR WiP here. This does NOT mean that I'm leaving HP and/or ignoring it. I've just rediscovered my love of KOTOR and Star Wars.
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First - a wonderful piece of artwork...Inches from a kiss. It's labeled as Snape/Black. Personally, I'm thinking Regulus cause otherwise, blech but still amazing work. You all know, by now (hopefully), that I don't like Snape in any type of sexual situation. Sorry but the man's willy shrivels and dies whenever it's used for anything other than urination.

The fact that I'm pimping a piece of artwork with Snape kissing has got to tell you how amazing I find this piece of artwork.

Moving on - your crack for the day - Ice Skating Slash Cowboys! Um, yeah, yum anyone?

Ranty-rant-rant-rant aka Spongbob Rant-Pants (aka you don't need to read) )

I feel better. You may all continue on with your days. Anyone doing anything exciting for the weekend?


Mar. 27th, 2006 08:35 pm
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First - many of you have asked for me to post my "Villians" entry. It's part of the Villians Challenge at KOTOR Fan Media. The Link above will take you to all the wonderful entries. To vote, you need to be registered as a user on the website. It's very secure and the people are awesome.

My story is - Intentions and goes through the fall of Revan. Contains spoilers for the end of KOTOR. I will post this on my LJ after the voting period is ended.

I totally planned to have a few random thoughts about SW in general but I've lost most of them.

Just a cute story, instead. My nephew (1 1/2 years old) and I were watching SW:ANH. He was a little worried as he watched the Tantive IV get swallowed and the Rebel soldiers falling all over the place. So, when Darth Vader was getting ready to enter, I went "uh-oh" (his signal something fake scary is coming). Well, Darth Vader enters the ship and my nephew points his finger and starts making little blaster noises. It was the cutest thing. We also danced to the Cantina band, growled with Chewbacca and did a fairly good impression of Han Solo's swagger. I think I have a new convert.

How's everyone?
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My car

Last night, I was bitching, pissing and moaning telling a friend about my car issues. He says... try this other place. It's been around forever and they won't rip you off.

Got there and he was right. Ends up that some pinscrew was loose or something and I needed a new battery. So, my total bill this morning was $66.66. The scary part was that last night I went to Costco and got out of there for...$66.66. It's all weird and freaky with the numbers.

Car is now running like a dream (well, except for the head gasket leak, the coolant leak, the rough idle, the shitty breaks and the blown fuses). So, hi-ho hi-ho it's off to Phoenix I go...

My weekend

I'm going to Phoenix this weekend to babysit my nephew. He's 1 1/2 years old. Cute as a button and will probably wear me out. I plan on watching Star Wars (OT Baby) on my brother's hugearsed widescreen tv. I also plan on playing with his Xbox 360. I will be on sporadically this weekend. It all depends on the munchkin.

Finally -

I'm really going to limit what I volunteer to do from now on. No more 6 exchange/challenge fics due by the end of a month. I'm overly stressed and there are certain lovely patient members of my flist who put up with my wibbling over it. It's my own damn fault.

I've decided, 2 at a time at the max in a 3 month period. So, for the summer, I signed up for the SW fic challenge for either Luke/Wedge or LSF Exile/Atton Rand. So, SW peeps - go sign up!!!

As some of you have asked about the "Villians" fic for KOTOR - I will let you all know when the stories are posted. Or, you can always check back the beginning of next week at kotorfanmedia.

How's everyone else?
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dayfromhell )

For all those KOTOR fans - have you seen [ profile] vrookletters? It's sodding hilarious. OMG, I'm dying laughing. Just found it today and oh man, the love!

[ profile] vu_network is up and running and pretty darn entertaining. We're still looking for players and it will be H/D eventually.

How's everyone? I submitted a story to the KOTOR fan site for the "Villians" challenge. [ profile] jehnt kept me on the straight and narrow. [ profile] akakat - I didn't get your message until today after I'd submitted it! I will definitely send you stuff in the future, though!
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*feels slightly productive*

I have updated What Dreams May Come with a teaser. Now I just need to re-write parts of it and continue the huge undertaking that it is. Anyone familiar with Knights of the Old Republic (I and II) and would be willing to toss ideas back and forth with me?

I've written my first [ profile] smut_69 fic. *grins* Now I need to find a beta for it...

I've outlined the rest of Voice in the Dark.

I'm suddenly productive again and I adore it.

Then again, it probably has something to do with my modem dying and me not being able to get online at home.

Update on the Slash version of Jade Empire - my boys have started to fall in love but I had to be rude to Dawn Star to do it. *feels mean*

How's everyone else? Any more thoughts on What Makes You Read or Not Read?
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What a load off my mind. I finally updated "What Dreams May Come" on

It only took me over a month to figure out the chapter but at least it was a nice sized one. Glad I got it going...
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Ok, for those that are getting upset with me for not updating "What Dreams May Come", I will apologize to you. I had some of the next chapter written when that evil bitch known as writer's block whacked me upside the head and knocked me out. Then, I got some inspiration and continued. Most of the chapter was completed when I realized I'd written myself into a corner and needed yet more inspiration to continue.

So, I had to scrap what I'd written and start over. I now have about two-thirds written. I'm not sure that people are really going to like where I'm taking it but I hope that you all do...It's finally going where I want it.

For "Exiled No Longer", I'm about three quarters done for the next two chapters. I will be sending them out for beta'ing shortly and they should be posted within the next two weeks. I have no excuses for not getting these done faster except that I'm lazy.

Stick with me and I promise to do better.

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