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So my problem employee left which is awesome. The best part, though, is she left me with much lulz had. She gave me a card, stating "I'm sorry that you thought I was a bad employee and did not reach your performance requirements. You are really unhappy and I know that you have a hole in your heart and I think that Jesus can fill it. Please visit [list of churches and websites] to help you fill the hole in your heart that you're suffering from." So, lol. Those two sentences were RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER OMG LOL. Obviously, the only reason that she didn't reach my crazy high performance requirements of "let me know where you're at on a project" and "cut checks in a timely manner" was cause I didn't have Jesus filling a hole in my heart.

I bit the bullet and signed up on match.com. I'm certain it will be as lolarious as okcupid for crazy people telling me that they want me to be their sexual slave and service both of the married couple and carry their children. (Yes, I've gotten multiple emails similar to that) Plus, I can only hope that match.com sends me old men in nylon granny panties posing all luridly. (why yes, I've gotten that, too)

I'm writing something that will feature the disclaimer of "I am not responsible for the google image search results should you choose to google the apparatus used in this fic".

I'm rather addicted to this song (link goes to youtube). It was featured on Sons of Anarchy and I love it.

My [livejournal.com profile] ac_bigbang fic was submitted, only a day late, and I've got three awesome pieces of artwork for it. The mod was amazingly laidback and full of helpful communication about deadlines and such. the [livejournal.com profile] biowarebang mod did the same and I really enjoyed participating in both of those fests. I like laidback mods who keep in communication with people. I guess I'm kooky that way. You can find the fic here.

It's really really hard not to judge Republicans by the Tea Party asshats lately. Like, seriously, people? Rick Perry kills a shitload of people and you cheer? He's not only put an innocent man to death based on faulty science but he then fired the investigators and you think that's a reason to cheer? And THEN to cheer about killing someone without insurance cause they're in a coma? Really? You'd kill him? So then you supported Terri Schiavo's husband in his quest to end Terri Schiavo's life, right? You totally supported him on ending a coma patient's life and didn't side with the parents, then, right? UGH. Hypocritical assholes cheering for bullshit things. Awful Christian of them, isn't it?

Until the fandom wank post, I had no idea that Michael Fassbender suffered from domestic violence-itus. I feel sort of gross for finding him attractive, now. Dammit.

Final note - people. Seriously. STOP WITH THE INCREASING YOUR RATING DUE TO "mild homosexuality". That suddenly put a fic to "Teen" to "Mature"?! Oh fuck you. I'm not reading your fic just because of your asshattery. Which pisses me off as it sounded mildly interesting and it's in a fandom that barely ever gets fic.
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Finished and submitted by [livejournal.com profile] biowarebang fic but it looks like my artist dropped with no notice to anyone. So, um, yayes? This always seems to happen to me. I am normally the one that gets the pinch hit and, in all attempts to not be snarky, you can sort of tell the pinch hits.

The post office is fucking with me, yet again. I don't understand how they can continue to justify their existence when they fail so miserably.

I had a professional photographer come take pictures of my dogs for the "Hot Dogs of Tucson" calendar as I won the page for June. You can see my dogs here. You also get to see bits of my backyard. I'll prolly post a link to the calendar when it's available cause my puppies are the cutest.

I saw Deathly Hallows. As far as I'm concerned, Deamus is now movie canon. I had my qualms with HBP but this one really hit the mark. There were disappointments but for the most part, best acted and best part of the series. I enjoyed it a lot.

I'm writing for [livejournal.com profile] bb_shousetsu for this round. I'm about 90% done with it. Anyone up for a beta of original fic? It's sitting at about 11k right now.

I'm playing through Fable 3 again. I love this game.

Work continues to stress me out. We're closing the fiscal year and it's the worst close we've ever had. I was basically in tears by the end of Friday. So fucking horribly stressful. The weather isn't helping as it's really humid (shut up, 50% humidity is awful) and we've been having major air pressure changes and my head aches all the time from it. I've had a migraine and/or headache since last Saturday and it doesn't look like that's going to change anytime soon.

Date didn't happen. He wussed out about 45 minutes beforehand so whatever. Fuck him.

Thank you for all the chocolate heads, guys! I sent out about a billion of them because they're totally fun :D
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I am so not running the board with this one but we'll see how well I do...

kinkbingo card )
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Title: Warn Children of the Risk of Death by Electrocution or Dammit, Man, I'm a Doctor and a Secret Agent
Artist: [livejournal.com profile] elanorofcastile
Author: [livejournal.com profile] wook77
Rating (both art/fic): Hard R
Genre/Pairing: AU genre, Kirk/McCoy pairing
Word Count: ~21200
Warnings: Mentions of terrorism and 9/11.

Art Thumbnail:
Fic Summary: After waking to see a strange man sitting in his apartment, Leonard McCoy goes down the rabbit hole and into the Enterprise Organization with a bunch of genius secret agents. Events steamroll until Leonard is no longer just a doctor but an agent at a top-secret government organization trying to save the world from terrorists. He probably should've thought twice about ripping off those safety tags.
Link to Art: Artwork
Link to Fic: Fic Starts Here
Link to Mix: Mix
Author's Note: I cannot possibly thank my beta, [livejournal.com profile] djin7, enough, who went above and beyond as I sent multiple rough drafts and begged her to help me fill plot holes and rewrite parts. I'd also like to take a moment to thank the mods at [livejournal.com profile] trekreversebang for coming up with an awesome fest that turned the traditional model on its head. I've had a brilliant time participating and thank you from the bottom of my heart. It's been great fun and you've been a fantastic bunch of mods. Finally, thanks also to my artist, [livejournal.com profile] elanorofcastile. I lucked out and got my braintwin which, yanno, I think proves the whole "braintwin" thing completely. It's been a joy to work with her. She dealt with my crazy idea inspired by a warning tag as I was getting ready in the morning and not only encouraged it but offered multiple ideas to compliment her artwork.

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My team won gold! SWEET!

Title: Tombstone, the Town Too Tough To Die
Author: [livejournal.com profile] wook77
Team: Snitch!
Genre(s): EWE
Prompt(s): Hunger or Alchemy, Go West
Rating PG-13
Word Count: ~2790
Summary: Some of the things you find in Tombstone – copper, cowboys, rattlesnakes, sunshine, wooden sidewalks, gunfights, and one Severus Snape (the man too tough to die).
Author Notes/Disclaimers/Betas May thanks to [livejournal.com profile] djin7 for encouraging this and hosting the [livejournal.com profile] snarry_games. Also, many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] raewhit for beta'ing my work. Obviously, all mistakes are my own. I appreciate the opportunity to participate! I must admit that this was partially inspired by [livejournal.com profile] anathema91's recent visit with me to Tombstone. She now has Snarry Cooties on her.

Tombstone, the Town Too Tough to Die )
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So, [livejournal.com profile] bigbangblackout is now live. For a list of all the offerings, go here.

If you're interested, mine is:

Title: Tom Jones (A Love Story).
Summary:The story in which Remus is a street musician, Sirius is a self-important banker that spends more on his coat than Remus makes in a month, James is James, and Peter likes Tom Jones.
Pairings: Remus/Sirius, James/Lily, Peter/Marlene McKinnon
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Non-Magical AU
Wordcount: ~23,800

I've received an interesting manip/art fusion from [livejournal.com profile] meghan70 to illustrate the fic.

At this time, this is my last planned HP fic (though not the last to be posted yet). It was an interesting journey to write this story. I started it over a year and a half ago, once I saw this piece of artwork featuring a young Remus playing the guitar (luckily enough, the same artist that did the manip/art fusion!). I gave up the fic under an onslaught of exchanges, fests, wank and moar. Once [livejournal.com profile] bigbangblackout was announced, I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to finish the work. The original artwork of Remus strumming the guitar is stunning so go take a look in addition to looking at the artwork with the fic. I highly recommend that you tell the artist how much you love her work.

I'm well-satisfied with the fic. It ended up better than I'd hoped, especially near the end when one could tell (at least, originally) where the love of HP died a horrible, pain-filled, wank-induced death. With the help of quite a few people, the fic got really cleaned up to the point where I'm happy with it.

For reference, the paintings that I mention Sirius having are:

Dennis Hopper by Andy Warhol
Mick Jagger by Andy Warhol
Still Life With Twat by Georgia O'Keeffe.

I cannot mention enough how awesome the mods of this fest were and are. I had nothing but problems with getting this sucker beta'd and they really stepped in and helped out. Truly above and beyond the call of duty with the way that they came through for me when I had multiple others that didn't. Truly a fantastic moderation team. <3
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Other than a short 5 hours at Fry's so as not to lose my health insurance, I've had the past 2.5 days off. I've spent them all in my pajamas. I've been reading a lot, which is epic awesome. I'm attempting to work from home today but, alas, the remote login website is not allowing me to log in. I'm stuck with only email access where I'm exchanging emails of this sort:

me to boss: plz pull back EmployeeX's check. The payroll company shouldn't have cut it as it's the reimbursement for the ARRA COBRA payments.
boss to me: are you talking about a payroll check? I distributed all of them this morning?? [yes, double question marks]
me to boss: Yes, she's a [departmentP] employee. Her check is blank but I'd like the paperwork to submit to the payroll company since this was cut in error.
boss to me: But I distributed all these this morning?? [yes, double question marks again]
me to boss: You should still be able to retrieve it from the manager.
boss to me: Oh. Right. I'll do that.
me: a;ldskjfa;ldfja;jf *did not hit send*

But I'm the moron who can't be trusted with anything to the point that she brought in the Director of HR to oversee the next two weeks even though the Director of HR can't even enroll people in the health insurance let alone do anything unrelated to HR. Thanks for that vote of confidence.

In other non-work related issues, I talked it over with EOC and the awesome idea we have will just not fit within the bounds of the STBB. It's all these disconnected scenes and the BB fic should have some sort of cohesion. The fic simply wouldn't work for the fest with the structure of the fest and my own ideas of said structure. It's just that I was putting all these limitations on myself not that there was anything wrong with the fest.

Thankfully, she agreed with me and, thus, that idea is still being written but not for the STBB. This is, hands down, my favorite idea evah. Now to see if I can pull a 20k fic outta my ass in 15 days so I can still have a submission. I think I can do it :D

Speaking of fic - dude. Where is it? I have all this time off to read fic and there isn't any :(:(:(:(:(:( I've been forced to read books and work-related stuff. This makes me a sad wook.

Speaking of sad - Nala, my shih tsu, is ill. Again. I think her tick fever is back which means lots of expensive testing and medications. Thankfully, the meds are sort of cheap through work but the testing is just a bunch of giant hoops to jump through to get it done. But, that's how we'll be spending our time together. At least this means that she can come into work more often. She enjoys coming in to my job and hanging out and snarling at everyone that comes in to the office (she loves my coworkers but everyone else has to work for her affection).

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