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Some [livejournal.com profile] yuletide recs from me:

Quill from Assassin's Creed. This was my gift and oh man. Srsly. It's so good. It's got a lovely timeline and a wonderful Salai. Leonardo da Vinci is lovely in this. It's so well-written and deserves much more love than it's received.

Anyone else playing Glitch? It's an awesome game and if you're playing, let's be friends...

Fic from Glitch: A Glitch in Time is an evolution of Glitches fic and it's brilliant. So witty and in keeping with the feel of the world.

A Giant Baker's Dozen fleshes out the world of Glitch and the Giants. I loved this so much.

Dead Like Me: Sisters in which George gives Reggie a surprise on her 21st birthday. It's a great fic that shows an awesome grasp on George.

Hollyoaks: Love is a Doing Word with John Paul and Keiron in it. The Keiron is especially lovely. I'd forgotten how much I loved these characters until this fic.

Sons of Anarchy: Passions in His Heart, Reason in his Mind has an AWESOME Juice in it plus an amazing Chibs. It's a great fic from a fandom that deserves more fic.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Logan/Remy) which is my first slash ship and oh man. These fics. The Gambler has an amazing Remy in it. He's so freaking blase and impish. Then there's Low Life which also has an awesome Gambit in it who is completely at his wit's end with himself and his altruism. Love it.

Brent Week's Night Angel Series: Escape from It All is a treat featuring Viridiana Sovari and oh man, the fact that there's fic from this book series is awesome but to have such a great take on Viridiana? <3<3<3xabillion

And leave a comment for the authors, yeah? They worked hard, especially my gifter for Quill. When I saw my name pop up on the pinch hit list, I was all OHNOEZ but this fic, gah, awesome.
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