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Dear Yuletide Gifter Person,

Let me just start with this - I'm really looking forward to what you are going to give me, just like I'm certain you're looking forward to what you're about to get.

It's my first time not requesting Mark Wahlberg-related fandoms. So, um, keep that in mind as you go through the next few bits.

So, um, if you haven't played Assassin's Creed: Revelations but you're planning on it - skip the very last paragraph, FYI.

General things - I don't need the smut in any of my fandoms that I list below. However, if you want to add it, I'm not going to turn it down. That being said, I absolutely hate PWP. Loathe it. With extreme passion.

I've got the traditional squicks - I don't like non-con/dub-con, scat, watersports, blood, body fluids of any sort (like, if you say "and they came", I'd be happy but please do not describe how the one dude came with buckets of come and sprayed or whatever. Even just typing that made me ill). I hate the word "cum". Please do not describe lady bits with the words "dripping folds". Rimming makes me shudder. I'm not a fan of BDSM. I'll prolly add to this list so when in doubt, come on back.

For sure-fire kinks - I love witty conversations, canon characterizations, realistic plots/actions/beliefs/reactions, kissing, tattoos, licking tattoos, kissing tattoos, kissing and little intimacies like holding hands and kissing (did I mention the kissing? Cause I'm a big fan). IMHO, I think it's much harder to write an extremely intimate relationship without the sex so with this short of a turnaround, I realize that time might be too short so if you include sex: Condoms where applicable (IE, Sons of Anarchy and Wolverine), detailed preparation, m/m sex doggy style (and if you include a bite to the shoulderblade/neck, I will squee).

If you're aren't certain I'll like something, you can message [livejournal.com profile] elanorofcastile. She knows me inside and out but she also keeps a secret.

My first fandom is KoToR. Knights of the Old Republic launched me into the world of fandom so it's really near and dear to my heart. I love a female!Revan that's a sarcastic smart talker who gives as good as she gets. I freaking loved it when she teased Carth and called him a hairless wookiee. Srsly, it made me giggle and fall in love with the game.

Thing is, though, as much as I love Carth, I love Canderous for her, too. I love that he respects her so much and doesn't guilt her over her past. He's gruff but I think he's got a heart of gold, don't you?

Either way, I love that they both stick with her so, if you feel like it, I'd love a post-KoToR and either pre/post KoToRII with either of them. OR, if you're really feeling it, what I would love you forever and ever and ever for? That would be a fic with Carth and Canderous consoling each other and getting sort of slashy while Revan is off doing what Revan does.

For Sons of Anarchy, I have to admit that I have no idea what to request. I'd be happy with fic from when Opie and Jax were kids and hanging out on the playground together. Maybe Opie helping Jax through the loss of his father? If you have them as adults, something with this season's plotline with Juice would be awesome. Maybe the three of them getting beers and Juice telling Jax about his issues (I'm trying to be general as these are spoilers). Just friends hanging out, yanno?

For X-Men Origins: Wolverine, this was actually my first slash ship. Wolverine/Gambit gah. Srsly. Does it get more awesome? I think not. Gambit is amazing and Taylor Kitsch might not have had the accent but he certainly looked the part. Post Three Mile Island would be amazing. Just one caveat with that - if you start it AT Three Mile Island, please remember that I grew up within the fallout zone so I know the geography really well and it'll throw me right out of the fic if you describe something wrong. Gambit speaking French and Wolverine understanding it and speaking it back? Squeegasm. Motorcycles? Moar squeegasm. Competitiveness? Ded from squeegasm.

For Assassin's Creed, I really want fic that's Revelations compliant but I get it that not everyone has mainlined the game like I have so, first, the non-Revelations compliant request. I love Ezio/Leonardo. The little touches and the open affection plus the absolute joy on Leonardo's face whenever Ezio visits? Ded from awesome. TBH, this fandom is so small that I'll take anything. Handholding? Like, Leo feeling Ezio out by slipping his hand over Ezio's quickly and then Ezio flipping his hand over and entwining their fingers? oh man, that image. Brushing noses over Codex Pages? Plskthx. Here's where the casual intimacies really get me - this pairing.


No. Srsly. SPOILERS.


Don't say I didn't warn you. So, ok. I see that no one nominated Sofia. Which, all right. So in the game, Ezio gets Sofia white tulips, right? I'd love a fic where Leo's favorite flower was white tulips cause Sofia is totally Leonardo. Like, personality and stuff? She's a female Leonardo. Which is why Ezio is falling in love with her. So he finally finds a combination of Cristina and Leonardo and it has to be love which it is because that picnic was the most lovely, amazing, sweet and intimate cutscene of all time (ok, slight exaggeration). Ezio reflecting on his relationship with Leonardo and moving on to Sofia would be awesome.

If you can't have that, maybe a bit of infidelity fic where Ezio is sleeping with Yusuf AND Sofia? I love Yusuf. But if you don't want to slash him, that's cool. Maybe Yusuf could give Ezio a bunch of advice and Ezio could be all "dude, I'm Italian. We're known for our romancing" and then Yusuf could be all "dude, that's why you're still single at your age? Yeah, right". So maybe a lack of slash would be good cause, um, again, spoilers... cause it crushed me when Yusuf died. I actually cried when Ezio found his body. So if you want to deal with that, that's fantastic. I love angst. LOVE IT. Tear my heart out if you slash 'em. Sofia's pretty openminded so I'd say that she'd be understanding and comfort him through it.

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