Dec. 8th, 2011

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I like to do the Fandom Stocking thing so here's mine:

1.) Comment on everything you read/view and like during the holiday fests season, especially. It's a busy time right now and lots of people (me included) are frantically trying to finish shit up. A comment is golden, even if it's on an old piece of fanwork(s). Give a gift and pass it on.
2.) Did you know that $5 will feed 50 dogs at your local shelter? Leave a Donation somewhere for me. Look through your pantry and clean it out to give to the local food bank. Donate to your local animal shelter. Clean out your closets and give to your local homeless shelter. Buy a coat for someone and donate it. Buy blankets and donate them.
3.) Make me a cool icon or fanmix or upload your favorite holiday song and share with me why it's your favorite song. (Darcy the Dragon by Roger Whittaker and Emmanuel by Janis Ian are my favorites)
4.) I won't turn down gift cards. Or or
5.) Hold the door for someone. Take an extra moment to say 'thank you' and 'you're welcome' and 'please'. This is one of my biggest pet peeves so you'll be giving me a gift by not being a dick.
6.) Write me a random fic. Or draw me art.
7.) Paid time for my LJ would be lovely.
8.) Give to your local library. They're all hurting for dollars. Even better than giving, check to see what their LGBT section looks like and donate some LGBT books that they can use.
9.) I wouldn't turn down any of the more recent The Editors albums. I need "Papillon", "You Don't Know Love", and "In This Light and On This Evening".
10.) I wouldn't mind some LGBT books either. Say, "Hero", "The Obsidian Man", "Masks Rise of Heroes", "David Inside Out", or "Boy Meets Boy".

Because I'm too lazy to do a new poll - here is my poll for Christmas/Holiday cards from last year. Feel free to sign up for one this year. I love sending them though they'll be cutting it close to get there for Christmas. I have about 60 boxes of cards so help me clean out my stash. I promise I won't show up at your house unless you invite me. EDITED TO ADD: If you don't plan on sending, that's cool! I love sending them so please don't worry about reciprocating! Also, if you're international, I don't much care, I'll send international.

I love getting cards, too, so if you have my address already, please send me one. I missed all the polls due to work. If you wanted to send me one, could you link me to your poll? Danke!

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