Dec. 1st, 2011

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So a friend of mine has a cat that she loves dearly and it needs some medical care so I thought I'd boost the signal. details are at the blog post that's all about getting Hermione the 9 year old Siamese cross the medical care that she needs. The LJ person that is blessed with Hermione is [ profile] paranoidsistah who rocks.

A quick story about her. See, I went to NYC to visit [ profile] midnitemaraud_r. [ profile] paranoidsistah didn't know me from Adam but she joined up with a bunch of the NYC HPfen to make me feel really really welcome even if she did eat chicken feet at the place we went to eat. We talked comic books and all sorts of things. First time I'd ever met her and she made me feel like a lifelong friend. She volunteered to do a ton of stuff for me when we only ever had that one meeting in common. You don't find friendly amazing people like that every day.

I would donate but, in the past two weeks, I've spent over $2,500 on Cisco for malignant intermediate mouth melanoma treatment (with another 500 bucks of testing bills coming) so I don't have the funds. What I do have is the time to write a few fics. So, if that's an impetus to get you to donate to the Hermione Fund, then leave a prompt here or email me at wook77@livejournal[dot]com with your proof of donation and I'll write a fic for the first five people that comment/email. Size of the fic is dependent on the size of the donation. Hermione needs about five hundred bucks worth of care right now so any little bit helps.

If you'd rather have really really shitty artwork, I'm willing to do stupid artwork for you, too. Keep in mind that I'm a really awful person that can't even make a stick figure look like a stick figure but I'll do it to save a cat.

Normal disclaimers apply - I prefer to write in fandoms that I've written in before with pairings that I've written. I won't write hardcore kinks that I haven't written before unless your donation is amazingly huge. I will write snippets out of fics that I've written before as outtakes/befores/afters.

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