Sep. 10th, 2011

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I've seen quite a few good movies lately and I've enjoyed them but, I don't really have a lot of thinky thoughts as to why I liked them, for the most part.

For example, Captain America, the First Avenger was brilliant and poignant and lovely. Plus, lots of exploding things and muscles and an evil character and bombs and stunts and a kickass chick in it and Tommy Lee Jones. But I don't have deep thoughts over it. I just really liked it. 10 out of 10

For the Bible Tells Me So is a documentary about the Bible and what it has to say about homosexuality. It takes a look at literalists versus those that interpret the Bible. It features families that are very religious and how they cope with having a homosexual child in their midst. It's got commentary from Archbishop Desmond Tutu in addition to Dick Gephardt and others. I really felt for Tonia Poteat, especially. Her family has this weird dichotomy of the "hate the sin, love the sinner". Her father is a self-important asshole, IMHO. It made me think about my own spiritual path and my own views of the Bible and religion. 10 out of 10

Hunger with Michael Fassbender was very good if quite disturbing and deep. I was expecting to think about it afterwards and I definitely got that. It's worth watching. 10 out of 10

Centurion with Michael Fassbender was fairly awesome. Etain was kickass awesome. I didn't expect much out of it as I hadn't read any reviews and I hadn't really cared about the story. I originally started watching for Michael Fassbender so it surprised me that the story captured my attention as much as it did. 10 out of 10

The Ninth Legion was another that I hadn't expected much out of but, since I'd just watched one 9th Legion movie, I thought I'd watch another. It was fairly slashy, had some interesting moments and was fairly decent. I went in with low expectations, mainly because it had Channing Tatum. He's pretty but I don't expect him to act. He did a decent job of it. It's not a movie that will change the world with its plot, acting and script but it was a fun movie to watch. 10 out of 10

Tangled was also fun. I've been watching a lot of movies that are mainly brain candy and this filled that need. I really enjoyed the movie but I don't really have any other thoughts than "bwee, fun" for it. 10 out of 10

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