Aug. 9th, 2011

wook77: (Star Trek: kirk/enterprise OTP)
Has anyone had any luck getting gasoline/petrol smell out of jeans? I was fueling up this morning and spilled all over myself. In my defense, the machine was shut off and asking me to replace the nozzle and the autoshut off thingy had turned the nozzle off. When I pulled it out of the car, the damn thing spewed all over my brand new jeans :(

I was told to soak them in Coke, per a few websites but the Coke isn't working. I was also told to wash them with apple cider vinegar (which I will be doing shortly). Are these jeans a lost cause? I hope not, they were really comfy for the hour I got to wear them.

I walked around in a sari today, instead, and boy was that comfortable and fun to wear. I may have to go get some. My boss, luckily, had extra clothes in her car and I didn't have to go around smelling like petrol all day.

I'm off for Star Trek Las Vegas tomorrow with [ profile] elanorofcastile. Here's to having an amazing time without my amazingly comfy jeans! I just have to pack. And find my suitcase.

Anyone else going to Star Trek Las Vegas? Or in the Vegas area? I'd love to meet up with you!

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