Jun. 4th, 2011

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Spent today working at the main job as my boss is in Bali and I'm doing her job plus mine for three weeks. A bit stressed, can't think, blahblahblah. I literally pulled my hair out in frustration/stress the other day. I watched hair sprinkle down onto my paperwork and realized it was time to take a break.

Today, I came home, and in a fit of "see? I can do shit well, sometimes!", I vanity-googled (as you do. Come on, you know you do it) and found that, a long time ago, I won Best Kiss at the Charlie Awards for a Charlie/Lavender fic I wrote. More to Life. It's a fic I wrote for Daily Deviant awhile back. I sort of like the idea of Lavender haring off to go be a Dragon Tamer. YMMV, of course.

But that got me to thinking about some of the stories I've written. There are two that I've written that sort of squick me at the same time that I sort of really love them. Both are Star Trek. One is Lead Me Not Into Temptation which features Jim Kirk at 13 having sex. Which, um, ew, but... hot. And the other is If It Please Your Father which features George Kirk/Leonard McCoy/Jim Kirk in an incestuous DP(one hole) fic. The idea of dad/son cocks rubbing together in my body is GROSS but in McCoy's? Please and thank you.

So what about you? What fic have you written that you're especially proud of? What one has you wondering WTF you were thinking? What one pushes your limits and/or comfort zone?

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