May. 30th, 2011

wook77: (zevran)
Ugh. Life.

I dropped out of the first fest of my entire time in fandom. I just couldn't seem to get a break on the timing to finish up a fic for the Trek Reverse Bang. I'm horrified and upset with myself. I can only hope that the artist gets an amazing fic that would be so much better than anything I could've done.

I just sent off 8k of horribly embarrassingly un-betad fic to the Bioware Bang mods so I can continue in that fest. It only took me since, like, January, to get that far. Artist flistmembers: The [ profile] biowarebang could use more artists. I can promise that there will be at least 1 Dragon Age 2 fic in the queue looking for artists as of June 2nd. So please to be going to sign up if you like any of the Bioware games? and pick me!

I have three betad fics in my inbox and I need to find the time to get through them, make the recommended improvements, and post.

I have another two fics I'm currently working on.

And I want to do them all but work is beyond ridiculous right now. My boss is in Bali for three weeks so I'm doing her job and mine in addition to having way too many hours at Fry's. If it wasn't for the fact that I'm planning three small trips over the summer and need the funds, I would quit there in a heartbeat. As it is, I need furniture for when I move in addition to needing funds for the trips. So, I'll keep working crazy hours and stuff.

Bright spot is that I've been devouring Ezio/Leonardo fic from Assassin's Creed. Thank the maker for my phone having internet because srsly. GAH. I hate stocking shampoo and shit. FYI - if you drop shit in a store somewhere it clearly doesn't belong, every employee will hate you. Cart that shit up front to the register and fess up or put it back yourself. I'm not your clean-up crew. Does it really take that much effort to put shit back on a hook when you are RIGHT FUCKING THERE?! /

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