Jan. 30th, 2011

wook77: (ANGRY)
I'm getting really tired of men. Like seriously tired of mansplaining and why doesn't anyone care about the man's feelings. Dude, STFU.

On a post on the Huffington Post, I've been mansplained to all freaking weekend about how women need to get a sense of humor and that it's juvenile teasing to tell another man to go buy a bra and get a manicure (hey, Kings of Leon? I'm not going to buy your music ever again, fyi). It's just harmless fun to use female-centric insults for teasing. Besides, the guy telling me this is a feminist male so he would know what feminism is!

Then there's THIS. Hey, you men, STFU. You do not get to decide when a woman has been raped. You don't. A WOMAN gets to decide if she's been raped. A woman gets to decide what to do with her body.

Personally, I'm anti-abortion. Politically, however, I'm pro-choice because I do not have the ability to tell someone else what to do with their body. It is their decision. I'm really really sick of hypocritical Evangelicals trying to legislate other people's morality all while preaching that they hate big government. What the fuck do you think this is?! What do you think telling someone who they can and cannot marry is? And you're pissed that the US government wants to expand social programs already in place? Oh fuck you.

The other part that pisses me off about this is the hypocriticalness of the anti-abortion position. From the article:

A 1994/95 survey of nearly 10,000 abortion patients showed 18% of women having abortions are born-again or Evangelical Christians. Many of these women are likely anti-choice. The survey also showed that Catholic women have an abortion rate 29% higher than Protestant women. A Planned Parenthood handbook on abortion notes that nearly half of all abortions are for women who describe themselves as born-again Christian, Evangelical Christian, or Catholic.

So, gee, it's good for you but it's not good enough for those slutty, awful, other women?

My problem isn't with these women having abortions. They can. It's with the fact that some of them go right back out onto the picket lines and try their slut shaming. How do they live with themselves?

Don't like abortion? Invent an artificial womb. Until then, deal with the fact that each woman has free choice of what to do with her body and she has to live with the ramifications of her decision.

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